Just Cause 4 – Unlock Supply Drop How to?

How to unlock Supply Drop Weapon delivery at any time of day or night. Just like […]

How to unlock Supply Drop

  • Weapon delivery at any time of day or night.

Just like in the case of fast travels, the supply drops are unlocked during The Illapa Project quest. During the mission, you will have the opportunity to order supplies with a helicopter, so that you can unlock this option and learn how to use it. The operation is very simple. In the supply drop menu, you select the remote control, then choose what you want to order, and at the end, you determine the place of the drop. After a while the supplies will land on the ground. It is worth remembering that after a delivery, the pilot is also unavailable for a few minutes.

You can perform the Illapa Project after completing the quests Operation Whiteout and Wanay Extraction.

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How to Unlock New Equipment

  • With every piece of equipment you’ll see what needs to be done to unlock it.

Immediately after unlocking the supply drop, you will only have access to basic weapons and vehicles. In order to unlock new equipment, you must perform the given activity. When you enter the supply drop menu, you will see all weapons and vehicles in the game, as well as the requirements you need to fulfil to unlock them. For example, complete a specific mission, take over a region or perform a stuntman’s number with a given vehicle. You’ll find all the activities you can perform on the map – to discover more of them, you need to secure more regions.

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