Killing Floor 2 – Matriarch How to Farm?

Killing Floor 2 How to Farm the Matriarch 1: Play Offline, 4 wave, normal 2: When […]

Killing Floor 2 How to Farm the Matriarch

  • 1: Play Offline, 4 wave, normal
  • 2: When on the lobby screen, where you have to ready up to start playing, open the console (F3 by default)
  • 3: Type “showlog” without the quotes. This will open a cmd prompt. Don’t type anything in it.
  • 4: Type “getall kfgamereplicationinfo bossindex” without the quotes in the KF2’s console. Where you typed showlog. Then atl tab and check the cmd prompt. If “BossIndex=4”, good. You’ll fight the matriarch. If not :
  • 5: Type “restartlevel” to restart the level in the KF2’s console. Repeat step 4.


[11474.43] Log: 0) KFGameReplicationInfo KF-BIOTICSLAB.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.KFGameReplicationInfo_24.BossIndex = 4

Ps: You can copy paste the command in the console.

I don’t want to think, Spoonfeed me

  • Class: Support
  • Map: Biotics lab
  • Average time: 5 min 15
  1. Wave 1: Use the 9mm. Skip the trader.
  2. Wave 2: Use your shotgun. Don’t reload when going to the trader. Heal *at* the trader. Sell the shotgun and get the AA12 with all the ammo.
  3. Wave 3: Use the AA12. Skip the trader.
  4. Wave 4: Use the AA12. Reload *at* the trader. Heal *at* the trader. Upgrade the AA12 and get ammo/armor.

Boss Fight:

This location is perfect.

Focus the Matriarch’s head. Throw your nades if you want. When she wants to fire a beam, either:

  • Get behind a wall.
  • Find something to hide behind, like the cluster of octogones on top of tables on the picture.
  • Close a door.

She’ll immediatly cancel her attack and resume chasing mode. Ignore EDARs.
Repeat 10 times, enjoy your FN FAL skin.

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