Kingdom Two Crowns – Winter

Kingdom Two Crowns Winter

During Winter, all grass is gone, no more deer spawn, and farms are frozen over, leaving you with no easy way to make money for the duration of winter. Your best bet is to prepare to last it out beforehand.

Please, take a look at the winter mechanic

Currently the winter period is boring and tiring I’ve been sitting on the fifth island for over an hour and nothing is happening. I earn too little gold to expand and attack portals and I have enough fortifications to not worry about raids.Either shorten the winter or give us some special activities during this period to be able to do something besides being afk.


I made a mistake and moved to another island just as winter was starting. So now I have to sit and wait out the entire winter. I have enough troops I might be able to hold out unless the blood moon wipes us out. I was did not have enough gold to upgrade to a bank or spearmen.

Yeah, Winter is a problem. I guess I could just suicide? Might be better than this slow death of staring at my screen with nothing to do.

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