Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders – Extracting Game Sound

Extracting Game Sound Prerequisites You will need: The Game downloaded. Have a general Idea of what […]

Extracting Game Sound


You will need:

  • The Game downloaded.
  • Have a general Idea of what you want extracted.
  • The Programm below to extract the sound.
  • A Brain

Section not used yet (reinserting game sound that was changed)

The File Layout

First of all I would like to talk about the different formats. The game uses XACT as their sound, which are very heavily compressed .wav files. The general file type for this is called .xwb. Some of you that looked around in the files may be wondering what the .xsb files are for. They are general pointers for the game, so it knows what point to play from the heavy decrypted .xwb file.

So in short:

  • .xwb = has all sounds in it.
  • .xsb = pointer for the game, so it can play .xwb files.

Now, we go to our Game folder located at usually
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/KUF Crusader

Because it would be a chore for most to look at every folder, here is a general list where you can find what:


General Music that plays on Maps, title screen and world map.
Sounds from different things. For example in Geralds file is his sword *ding* sound. Or in Catapult the sound when they prepare a shot and also things like the Infantry charging sound.


Two types of Sounds:

  • Cmd = When you switch your troop to another one, they will usually say something like “Archers Ready” or something like that.
  • Reporting = Enemy uses a Spell or anything else that a troop can get hit with and gets reportet in from of a voice.


Everything that the main heroes say during a Mission. (during cutscenes, intro, or generally making fun of each other)

The Actual Extracting

Extract the downloaded Extractor with all it’s files on a new folder. Now, choose what you want to extract, you can do multiple files at once. Put all of the .xwb files into the folder of the extractor and hit extract.bat. The opened cmd window will now warn you with 2 format errors and another warning with the wrong tool&format version. You can safely ignore all that. It will now start to create one or multiple folders (depends on how many xwb files you had in there) with all the extracted and encrypted .wav files. You can listen to any of those without any problem.

I would like to thank Liandril from the xentax forums for having the initial program made, otherwise I would still have trouble figuring out what actual format KuF uses for it encoding.

Reinserting a modified version of the .wav files is coming soon, just have to figure out the pointers of the .xsb files, so we may expand them later on.


For reinserting.

Downloads and Final Words

Download for the extractor:



Note: Since it autoruns, it detected it as a worm, but main Anti-viruses said it’s all alright, up to you to use it.

Note2: When you change formation of a scout it says they have been captured. It also says captured if you try to agro enemy troops. It kind of helps new players realize they are in danger of being captured, but perhaps there’s another sound file that can suit these situations better or even just silence it?

It’s no big deal that a general tells troops to “gather together” when expanding from “gather tightly” formation, because “gather tightly” and “gather together” are distinct commands.

If only the voice actors recorded “phalanx” or “testudo” since infantry does indeed block arrows in testudo formation and “gather tightly” is phalanx in this game.

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