KOF 2002 UM – Neo Geo Mode Unlock

Neo Geo Mode Unlock

Unlock and fix KOF2002 Original Neogeo Mode on the KOF2002UM Steam Edition.


  • Currently version is 1.0.3.
  • Welcome to report bugs.

Thank to:



  1.  Added Neogeo Mode option in main menu.
  2.  Enabled start button to select hidden or random character.
  3. Added a practice menu in Neogeo practice Mode.
  4.  Added all character’s skill which were from PS2 in Neogeo Mode.
  5.  Fixed background color bugs.
  6.  Fixed background color bugs when iori use max2 skill.

Download Link: https://mega.nz/file/rok3jDJZ#IFX-Zvwftc9ulPxYQNX80imm3fAeiz_kC4JXCTwJPZI

  • Password: hack.by.Eddie(04.01.2020)

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