Last Epoch: Loot Filters

Detailed guide about how to make your own loot filters.

By taking into account the details in this guide, you will be able to make your own loot filters.

The Money Shot

Loot Filters Done Simple

The Strategy

I’m simple. Loot filters can get crazy and Last Epoch has the best built-in loot filter I’ve seen.

Translated: There is more than enough room to shoot yourself in the foot, the leg, and probably your other hand — somehow.

The basis of this filter is to hide everything but what you need. So we hide everything but set items and uniques at the bottom.

  • Don’t worry about selling for gold, by the time you run to the shop and sell everything, you could have advanced another half a map and made all that money back in the form of gold drops.
  • As a bonus, you don’t have to sift through a pile of useless items, wooo.

At the top, we show only the item types we care about. I’m playing a mage, so I don’t care about swords for example.

Loot Filters Done Simple

And we also show all of the “Personal” affixes. No, I don’t know what they are, but they seem cool and non-descript, so I want to see them if they drop.

Loot Filters Done Simple

The meat of all this is the middle bit.

Loot Filters Done Simple

Filter by the affixes you care about and use a simple color system to see how many affixes an item has. In the beginning of the game (because you’re simple minded like me and don’t need a build guide to enjoy a game), you’ll be playing around, so you’ll probably have a lot of affixes in your filter. But as you play, you’ll start to hone in on what you care about.

To tune the affixes you’re looking for, delete all the middle parts except the yellow, or lowest. Update the affixes, then duplicate it and reset the colors to effectively copy the affix list to the others. (If this isn’t clear, then yell at me in the comments to explain it better).

Salvage the drops you don’t need to get the shards for the affixes you care about. As you level up and start getting better drops, you’ll run out of money if you try to salvage all the yellow drops or will quickly run out of inventory space.

  • This is your sign to start trimming your loot filter further
  • Trim the shown item rarities (especially normal once you fill out your equipment slots and magic soon after)
  • Delete the yellow affix tier (and eventually orange when you get far enough) so you only look for red and purple drops
  • Hone in on those affixes and the type of gear you are looking for

The final part is that white filter.

Loot Filters Done Simple

This just highlights the exalted affix drops that you care about (tier 6 & 7 affixes) so you know to grab them for legendary crafting.

As you enter the late game, you can specialize the middle set of filters for each specific item you are farming for. Like create a set of filters for the different kinds of gloves and the specific affixes you want on them. Then create another set for your amulet and so on.

Questions? Get it? Got it? Good.

Written by __reth__

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