Last Stop – Achievements Guide

Last Stop Achievements Guide Welcome to our Last Stop Achievements Guide ! I recommended you enjoy […]

Last Stop Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Last Stop Achievements Guide ! I recommended you enjoy the game without worrying about achievements for your first playthrough. There are only 15 missable achievements which are pretty easy to get with chapter select which unlocks once you finish the game.

Spoilers ahead.


You get an achievement for every chapter you complete, the following are unlocked through story progression:

Chapter 1 – Last Stop Achievements Guide

Shots Fired:

While playing as John and walking alongside Molly on a path within a grassy area with trees, Molly will ask “Why don’t you and Jack be friends”, answer with “What about Shazia?”.

Molly will respond with “Yeah but she’s a work friend” to which you pick “Dime a dozen” and the achievement will unlock.


While playing as Meena, she enters her house and sits infront of 3 bottles to choose from. Pick the right most one, the green bottle.


While playing as Donna, you will meet up with Vivek and Beck and have a conversation on an elevated walkway. After you see a certain someone walk across the street, you are presented with a minigame where you have the throw bottles at specific targets. You have to hit each target without missing for the achievement to unlock. My tip is to aim the cursor towards the bottom of the target before throwing, as particularly with the rubbish bin, you can still miss when you time the button press right if your aim is too high.

If you end up missing a shot, quit out and reload checkpoint, you won’t be set back too far.

Chapter 2 – Last Stop Achievements Guide


While playing as John/Jack, you will walk Molly to school and come across Shazia at the school entrance. Shazia will end up asking what John’s phobia is, to which you need to reply “Cotton Wool” for the achievement.

Dan Honnold:

While playing as Meena, you will come home to your Husband and Son. During the conversation Meena’s husband will say to the son “Mum has a really important job. It’s like a big competition where the best win, and mum is the best”, the son will say “you’re the best as well” to which you reply with the dialogue option “He was the best”

Roast Becky:

While playing as Donna, after buying supplies with Becky, you will come back to Viv near the swimming pool. Vivek will eventually say “Donna. You okay staying here while we’re gone?” Pick the option “Be fierce” for the achievement

Chapter 3

A good imposter:

Whle playing as John/Jack, you will end up speaking to a small room of people while standing infront of a large television, and will have to correctly remember which person has which job. The correct options are:

  • Jonah -> Cream Cakes
  • Letisha -> Retirement Homes
  • Tobias -> Funeral Procession
  • Maja -> Rumbling


While playing as Meena, you will be in a taxi early in the chapter. You will get a text from Felix to which you pick the option “Block” for the achievement

Everyone needs a name:

Playing as Donna, you will eventually walk upstairs with the prisoner and have a conversation in a sort of party setting. A little after taking a photo of him, he will ask “What do you want to know”, pick the option “What do I call you?” He will reply “Why do you assume I have one?” Pick the option “Call him Starey McStareFace” for the achievement

Chapter 4


This achievement is awarded for just completing the piano minigame without missing a button. It’s quite simple but if you miss, quickly quit out and reload your checkpoint to try again.

Can’t keep a secret:

Playing as Donna, you will be walking alongside Becky really early in the Chapter. You need to confess your relationship with Vivek, specifically when Donna asks “What’s that mean?” You reply with the option “Tell her”

Chapter 5


Playing as Meena, you will visit your Father to find his place trashed. This achievement is awarded for completing the shelf minigame correctly. The correct options are:

  • 19th Century Europe -> Politics and History
  • The Highlands: Paintings -> Arts and Entertainment
  • A Footpath Guide to Sweden -> Travel
  • 1001 Film Facts -> Arts and Entertainment
  • The Adventurer’s Guide to Iceland -> Travel
  • Left to Right: A Guide to UK Politics -> Politics and History
  • The Lost Photos of Lucas Fairfax -> Arts and Entertainment
  • Hawaii: A Ticket to Paradise -> Travel
  • Kama Sutra -> Arts and Entertainment

Strong as an ox:

As Donna, you will be handcuffed to a fence, to which you need to complete a simple minigame to pull loose. Just press the corresponding button once the rotating stick is in line with an outside circle without missing for the achievement. If you miss, quit out and reload checkpoint to try again.

Chapter 6

True Detective:

This can be paired with the achievement “You were never here”.

Playing as Meena, right at the start of the chapter, you will be investigating a house. Go into the nearest door which is the bedroom. Opposite the foot of the bed is a brown Dresser, open the bottom drawer to find a file, read it and take it. Turn right to see a blue laptop on a big chair near the window, read it and put it back. Go to the right bedside table, open the bottom drawer, read and take that file too.

Travel to the living room, immediately turn left to find a file ontop of a table, read and take it.

Go to the kitcken, the file is on the table on the right side, read and take it, you will also find a key.

Use that key to open the door next to the bedroom. Interact with the laptop in that room and the achievement is yours.

For this achievement just make sure that before you enter the locked room in the house that all drawers and doors you opened are closed. Make sure you see them close before moving on as the prompts aren’t always responsive.

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