Layers of Fear 2 – Padlock Code

Padlock Code

On this page of our guide to Layers of Fear 2 we have described in detail the padlock code, which has to be solved during the first act of the game. You will learn where to find the combination to open the padlock, and how to enter it correctly.

This puzzle takes place when you reach a poorly lit room with a cage for birds – as shown in the image.

Look at the birdcage with a pirate bandage. After some time part of the ceiling will collapse. Check the missing piece of the ceiling to find the combination – 295. You can hold down the zoom button to easily read the code.

Go to the closed gate and enter into interaction with the padlock. You can switch between the three rotating mechanisms in order to enter all the numbers correctly. Solution to this puzzle is shown in the attached image – choose the correct combination of 295 to unlock the passage for further areas of the ship.

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