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Legends Re Written Artifacts Tier List

Welcome to our Legends Re Written Artifacts Tier List guide. All the artifacts ranked from Tier S (the best artifacts) to Tier C (the worst artifacts).

Legends Re Written Artifacts Tier List

Tier S

These are the best artifacts of the game.

  • Spirit: It is a rare drop from Hiei (find him in the first mountain you see the Heights, he also drops the darkness armor set).
  • Heros: Obtainable at Top peak of Roswaal’s Mansion (outisde) every summer.
  • Light: Obtainable at The Temple of Light every summer.

Tier A – Legends Re Written Artifacts

These are above the average artifacts.

  • Lightning: Obtainable above Mining cave, right at where Royal is standing every spring, but only when it is raining
  • Wind: Obtainable at one of the river stones between The Town and Roswaal’s mansion every fall

Tier B

These are average artifacts.

  • Flame: Obtainable at the burning place at the Heights every fall
  • Ice: Obtainable below the waterfall in the Heights every winter

Tier C

These are the worst artifacts in the game.

  • Water: Obtainable below the waterfall in the Heights every spring

Artifacts Moves – Legends Re Written Artifacts


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Spirit Gun: User generates energy on their finger, and shoots it
  • 2nd skill (level 10) – Spirit Sword: User Equips a sword which can be used to attack enemys
  • 3rd skill (level 25) – Shotgun: The User Blast Beams towards their enemy doing big damage
  • 4th skill (level 50) – Darkness Flame: User summons lightning from the skies to fall down and strike the opponent, dealing alot of damage


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Chain Strike: User summons three chains that deal good damage
  • 2nd skill (level 15) – Gate of babylon: User opens a portal, in which swords come out of. Deals alot of damage
  • 3rd skill (level 25) – Chains of Heaven: The user summons multiple chains around one point, trapping anyone in said point


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Light Beam: User fires their finger, and shoots out a long-ranged beam that deals moderate damage
  • 2nd skill (level 10) – Light Shards: User uses both of their hands, and shoots out multiple tiny beams that deal ALOT of damage
  • 3rd skill (level 25) – Light Blast: User shoots out a beam that explodes on impact. Does moderate damage
  • 4th skill (level 40) – Light Kick: The user lifts their foot up, charges Light Mana and kicks it, releasing all the charged mana and explodes on impact


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Chidori: User creates a sphere of pure electricity, and charges towards the enemy
  • 2nd skill (level 14) – Lightning Stream: User creates an Electric Field on the ground dealing damage to the enemies
  • 3rd skill (level 32) – Lightning Blast: User blasts lightning from their hands dealing damage to whoever is hit
  • 4th skill (level 40) – Lightning Strike: User summons lightning from the skies to fall down and strike the opponent, dealing alot of damage


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Rasengan: User creates a Wind ball and charges at the enemy Naruto Running style
  • 2nd skill (level 7) – Razor Wind: User shoots out powerful winds around them, pushing back anyone close
  • 3rd skill (level 15) – Wind Blades: ser creates 3 wind crescents and shoots them in front of them
  • 4th skill (level 30) – Wind Shuriken: Rasengan but it’s ranged and has a bigger hitbox


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Flame Shards: User summons six different flame sword objects and shoots them
  • 2nd skill (level 5) – Flame Explosion: User shoots out a flame ball from their hands. Explodes on impact
  • 3rd skill (level 20) – Fire Spin: User creates a Fire whirlwind, dealing damage to those who are hit
  • 4th skill (level 30) – Giant Fireball: User creates a fireball Genkidama-style and shoots it
  • 5th skill (level 45) – Flame Blast: User creates a fireball that leaves a track behind and explodes on impact


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Ice Shard: User creates Ice Shard and shoots it
  • 2nd skill (level 5) – El Huma: User creates a longer-than-usual Ice Shard that covers a long range
  • 3rd skill (level 15) – Frostbite: User summons a small Glacier, making the enemy stuck inside for a bit
  • 4th skill (level 30) – Ice Spikes: User spawns Ice Spikes from their legs, creating a huge cluster of spikes that deal alot of damage
  • 5th skill (level 45) – Glaciate: User freezes the ground, anyone who touches the ice gets frozen themselves for a few seconds.


  • 1st skill (level 1) – Water Pulse: User creates a water bullet that explodes on impact
  • 2nd skill (level 7) – Water Pillars: User infuses Water magic with the ground, making anything that is close to the user erupt a water Geyser
  • 3rd skill (level 20) – Surf: User summons a small wave of water, pushing enemies away from the user
  • 4th skill (level 30) – Water Strike: User prays to the rain, washing down on the enemies the user faces

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