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Lethal Company Ghost Girl Theory

Dive into theories about the ghost girl in Lethal Company. Explore the Ghost Girl Theory guide for insights into her coexistence with the late game planet.

In this Lethal Company Ghost Girl Theory guide you can find theories about why the ghost girl co-exists with the late game planet.

This is the guide Wormweed it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Lethal Company Ghost Girl Theory

This guide will show you a theory as to why the Ghost Girl exists along with the 3 toy-based entities and late game planets.


Let’s start out.

My basic theory is that the dad was rich and owned titan and built a mansion (on rend) for ghost girl to live in, with him occasionally visiting after his work on Titan. He made machinery such as the Nutcrackers (using his biological knowledge) to guard her from creatures like eyeless dogs or forest giants when she went outside while he was gone. He also made Jesters and Coil-heads to keep her entertained (they wouldn’t have killed her, see below for evidence). He also had a personal mansion on dine that was more heavily guarded with less toy-like machinery to protect it, as his daughter didnt live there and he didnt have to make the machines look nice anymore. The same scrap from the mansions appear on Titan, and they were presumably created before being transported to Rend and Dine for decor (along with the biological toy entities, as they also appear on Titan).

Eventually his daughter died to hypothermia while outside (explanation further down) and the dad also eventually died (probably suicide from the mental anguish of his daughter dying), leaving titan and the mansions suddenly and his corporation that worked at titan to also die out. Eventually the toys degraded a bit, turning the jester’s head into a skull, and the coil-head’s necks to burst out eventually from rust and not being used for a while. The nails coming out of the coil-heads are probably from when the Ghost Girl played with them, because if she finds jesters with absurdly fleshy necks to be entertaining then she was probably already deranged.


Ghost Girl probably died to hypothermia on Rend. If you look at her skin, you’ll see it’s especially pale. No wounds are present on her body either. And, if the nutcrackers really were to protect her, then you would already know that even if they followed her and guarded her outside they wouldn’t be able to save her from a lack of heat. In the description of Rend (where she presumably lived and died, from how she appears there most out of every other planet), it says that several professional explorers went missing there and were presumed dead. If several trained and prepared explorers couldn’t survive hypothermia, I doubt a small girl could.


Her dad (or mother, still up to interpretation but i’ll just say dad. only one parent for reasons I won’t go into) probably owned Titan. If they had enough money to build TWO entire mansions along with the biological toys to house them, then they probably had to own a planet with a huge profit. Alongside this, the Ghost Girl appears at Titan, Rend most of the time, along with Dine. If her dad went to Titan alot, she probably went along with him occasionally. Or, maybe it’s just because her dad went to Titan and Dine in his free-time that she wants to haunt those areas too.


All 3 of the toys are biological. And obviously, they all have distinctly human parts, such as the Jester’s skull and veins, the Coil-head’s entire shape and body, and the Nutcracker’s human eye and human(-esc) shell. This might be a bit of a stretch, but I believe that the toys are fully sentient and use human intelligence. The reason they want to kill is because their brains have degraded over time, after so much waiting for the girl to return, which is why they have such animalistic instincts. Or, maybe, it’s their old will to protect the girl that they still search the house to find some kind of intruder to “protect” the girl from. This is also why the Nutcrackers kill other creatures such as the Bracken or Thumpers, trying to protect the house from intruding lifeforms. Maybe they mistake you for one such creature, or the fact that they’ve never seen you before and taking you for an intruder. There are many reasons and theories.

Written by Wormweed

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