Lethal Company How to Kill Monsters

Confront and conquer monsters in Lethal Company! Learn effective strategies for dealing with and defeating these foes in the How to Kill Monsters guide.

There are some monsters that you have to deal with and sometimes even kill as you progress through the Lethal Company. And what are these monsters? What are the ways to deal with them and destroy them? Here we have explained for you all the details in this Lethal Company How to Kill Monsters guide!

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Lethal Company How to Kill Monsters

How do you kill monsters and become a boss as a result? This is Lethal Company How to Kill Monsters guide to show you how to deal or kill with most of the monsters in the game!

Buy the Shovel!

Absolutely a must have weapon when first starting the game, really underused. People overstimate it’s power and often goes on sale for a good price of 15 credits! even 9 CREDITS!!

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

Know your Surroundings

Great! Now that you have the shovel here are somethings you must know about some of the parts of the facility on which you explore..


Stuff like railings or most of the pipes parts you see on the walls have collision, use this to your advantage against some enemies. it will save your life, trust me we’ll get more to that soon.

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss
How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

You can jump on these and being able to have the high ground and likely to survive if you don’t have a shovel on you.. If you do..

The Monsters

There are a plenty of monsters in the game that are quite dangerous or make your job more difficult than it needs to be. Some of them are impossible to kill but others can be killed simply with you not getting hurt (kinda). Lets analyse the killable creatures..

Hoarding Bug – Difficulty: Easy

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

These little guys are passive unless you provoke them by stealing the materials or simply being in their way but they are a complete joke and you can just smack them 3 times, you’ll likely not gonna get hit by one if you hit them first. You shouldn’t be struggling if you deal with 2 of them at the sametime. Is it possible to not get hit by them at all if you stay on top of places like railings or pipes? unlikely since they can fly. (but inform me if they can’t hit you if you are on the railing, havent tested that yet)

Snare Flea – Difficulty: Easy

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

Snare Fleas are really easy to deal with if you pay attention in the ceiling while exploring, they can hide in good spots. if one is onto you then remember to have a buddy on your side to help you deal with it by simply hitting the creature with the shovel, only takes 3 hit. If you are doing solo then run to the exit and it will die immediately. Simple as that.

Bunker Spider – Difficulty: Cakewalk

Bunker Spiders has been feared by many but all of that will change now! They place webs all over the area near them but you can remove the webs by simply hitting it with a shovel. Does it make them charge to you? uncertain, but what is it certain is that once one of them chases you, go to a nearby railings or pipes, stay on top of it and crouch so it will stay right infront of you, begging you to kill him with easy 5 hits.

Thumper – Difficulty: Cakewalk

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

This can also be said with the thumpers, stay on a railing or pipe, let it stand still infront of you and hit it a few times with a job well done.

Bracken (Flower Man) – Difficulty: Hard?

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

By far the most feared Creature in the game and can simply be KILLED (that’s right) with in 2 ways. One of which is to be in a good position in the railings, provoke it and you should be able to deal with the flower man without your neck not getting snapped (hopefully) but be warned its AI is quite smart and will usually try to avoid you if you stay on railings. the other way to deal with him is by having a buddy on you carrying a zap gun, let your buddy stun the creature and begin to beat the out of it.

Eyeless Dog – Difficulty: Medium

How to kill (some) of the monsters and become The Boss

There isn’t really much any other way to kill a eyeless dog with only using a shovel but you can kill them easily if you have a buddy on you that uses the zap gun. With it you can easily clear out the area full of these buggers.

This video is a good demostration on how to clear them out:

Become The Boss

Congratulations, now you know how to deal with most of the creatures! Make the company proud and reach the Boss rank.
Always have a shovel on you and beat the hell out of these creatures.

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