Lethal Company How to Meet Profit Quota

Maximize scrap collection and consistently meet profit quotas with our detailed guide, offering valuable insights for optimal in-game success.

Check out the detailed information in our guide to learn how to collect as many scraps in the game and how to always meet the profit quota.

How to Meet Profit Quota

Meeting profit quota can be hard for some players especially newbies, that’s why i have made this guide that will help you meet profit quota or even go beyond it every time!

The Basics

In lethal company, there are 8 playable moons that contain higher scrap metal the more dangerous the moon is. Here are my top 3 most recommended moons for beginners.

1. 41-Experimentation

How to Meet Profit Quota

This map is the easiest moon in all of Lethal Company and is highly recommended for new players. Experimentation contains a pretty good amount of scrap compared to how low entity spawns are in the facility.

2. 56-Vow

How to Meet Profit Quota

Vow is a moderately dangerous moon containing special entities like Forest Keepers, however the risk also comes with high reward.

3. 61-March

How to Meet Profit Quota

March is a pretty dangerous moon containing a high and various amount of entities but can also be handled really well with little to no risk if you know what you’re doing. The reason this moon is my most recommended is because you can easily get enough scrap then fly back into orbit without even THINKING about forest keepers spawning. March’s outside map is relatively small compared to other moons making it a quick in and out sequence.

The Art Of Scrap Collecting

The Art Of Scrap Collecting

The art of collecting scrap in Lethal Company is quick and precise, you do not want to waste too much time or the ship will leave without you and you will lose.

Scrap can be found anywhere in the facility, the goal is to collect as much scrap as you can find and return them to the ship without wasting too much time and losing. To always benefit from your runs you need to learn how to not be greedy and how to collect as much as possible in bulk.

When you are collecting scrap, i recommend holding 3 normal items then 1 hands full item every time. When you have completely filled your hotbar with scrap leave them at the front door of the ship entrance then go back to collect more until your happy with your findings.

99% of the time in these scrap runs you will run into entities that will try to kill you, consider them as roadblocks. Although this guide isn’t how to handle them completely, i will teach you how to avoid them and to not waste time with them.

Most players stop or run away when they hear a sound that is most likely not even an entity, this wastes time. here is how you can tell ambience (also known as red herrings) from entity sounds:

  • Step 1: Identify the sound and locate it’s position.
  • (Hint: if you hear the sound from everywhere, it is most likely ambience!)
  • Step 2: Can you hear any kind of movement or walking?
  • (Hint: if you cannot hear movement, it could still be an entity in it’s dormant mode!)
  • Step 3: Are the sounds consistent?
  • If the sounds are consistent and you can hear walking, it is most likely an entity rushing to your location. Always maintain a calm mentality when you are in this situation

Worst case scenario you are right infront of an entity and it is trying to kill you, If it is considerably fast and is catching up to you as you are running for the nearest fire exit or main entrance out of the facility, don’t hesitate to drop your scrap that is slowing you down. Although i don’t recommend it, you can always go back and get the scrap you lost later. After exiting the facility wait at least 5 -10 seconds before entering back in again. If you can still hear or see the entity go to an alternative entrance like a fire exit and resume your search.

The Rush To Orbit

You have now collected as much scrap as you can and it is getting dark.

The Rush To Orbit

In Lethal Company, Time is strictly against you. the danger of entities and weather conditions skyrocket the more time you spend on your moon making it considerably harder to stay alive.

If you have followed my steps correctly, you have all the scrap you have collected at the main entrance. (or the fire exit of your choice) now you must bring them all back without dying.

To make this process as quick and easy as possible, start with the heavy items so when it gets even darker and danger is more imminent you can move a lot faster with the rest of the lightweight items if something chases you. (3 normal items and 1 hands full at all times while moving your scrap back to the ship!) If it gets too close to midnight and you have already collected the majority of your scrap do not hesitate to leave and fly to orbit.

The Rush To Orbit

Now with danger out of the way you can now route your ship to 71-Gordion to sell all your scrap. All you need to do now is sell your mother load of scrap and reap the 130/700+ profit quota rewards!

Written by compulsivegambler

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