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Lethal Company Scrap Spawning

Master scrap spawning in Lethal Company with our guide. Gain insights into the details and characteristics of scrap production for a strategic advantage.

Scrap spawning is an important point for players in the Lethal Company. By using the information in our guide, you can learn the details and characteristics of scrap production.

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Lethal Company Scrap Spawning

The very basic premise of this starts with Map Generation. Once Random Seed: appears on your screen the map layout itself is already generated with no scrap present. Scrap spawning itself occurs on the first frame that Random Seed: disappears from the screen. Spawning in a set amount of scrap based on the Min/Max scrap range defined in the SelectableLevel class file.

All scrap spawners have a set range in which they can spawn scrap, and only certain rooms used in map generation contain scrap spawners. We call these the Primary Spawners, there are other types of spawners aswell which will be covered in later examples.

The map tiles that generate with scrap spawners are as follows:

  • LargeForkTileB (Giant room) (Actually has 2 primary spawners with ranges of 23 & 15 respectively)
  • CatwalkTile2x1 (Catwalk) (20)
  • CatwalkTile2x1Split (Parkour Jump) (20)
  • 4x4ServerRoomTile (Server Room) (20)
  • 4x4BigStairTile (Big Square Room with hole in middle) (20)
  • DoubleDoorRoom (Apparatus Room Spawns) (20)
  • MHallwayB (Other Apparatus Room) (20)
  • SmallStairTile (Stairwell) (15)
  • SmallLRoom (15)
  • SmallPillarRoom (15)

Map tiles that don’t generate with scrap spawners include:

  • Hallways
  • StartRoom (Main Entrance)
  • SmallRoom2 (The backrooms looking room)

The image below is a visulization showing areas where scrap spawners are located

Take note of the black outlines, these are to show you the individual rooms.

In this instance there are 12 Primary Spawners that are located on the map.

  • Areas highlighted in Green contain a Primary Spawners
  • Areas highlighted in Reddo not contain any scrap spawners.
Detailed Guide to Scrap Spawning

Primary Spawners

As mentioned in the first page of the guide, Primary Spawners are the main spawners that generate alongside certain room tiles used in map generation. These spawners also have a set radius for where they can spawn scrap.

The Primary Spawneritself is referenced internally as GeneralScrapSpawn which will only spawn item’s that are listed under the group GeneralItemClass. Every scrap in the game falls under this category. The scrap itself that spawns depends on the selected map as every map has a a set loot table, with set rarities for individual pieces of scrap.

There are also Secondary Spawners which are additional spawners that generate in certain rooms. We call these Loot Rooms, as they have extra spawners, which increases the likelyhood that scrap may be present. Additionally, the radius of these spawners are very small which makes it easy to find scrap that is spawned from a Secondary Spawner.

Radius of Primary Spawners are marked with a blue circle

(Note #1: As covered in Basics, certain map generation tiles have different ranges for the Primary Spawners that are generated in them. Stairwells for instance have a radius of 15, whilst other rooms such as catwalks, apparatus room, L shaped room, server room ect. Have a radius of 20)

(Note #2: The circle radius’ in this image are not the exact scale, the circles represented are roughly the radius for spawners that have a radius of 20. This image is to give you a rough idea on the visualization)

Detailed Guide to Scrap Spawning

Secondary Spawners

Some specific rooms have Secondary spawners that spawn alongside the Primary Spawner.

The types of Secondary Spawners are as follows:

  • TablePropSpawn – only spawns TabletopItems (Spawn Radius: 4)
  • SmallItemsSpawn – only spawns SmallItems (Spawn Radius: 15)
  • GeneralScrapSpawn EPV – spawns any scrap (Spawns at “exact” location of the spawner)
  • FancyPropSpawn – spawns any scrap. Exclusive to Mansions (Spawn Radius: 15)

Secondary Spawner Descriptions

  • TablePropSpawns are secondary spawns most often associated with wooden pallets in specific rooms, the apparatus itself always has a TablePropSpawn aswell (Note: Only certain pallet configurations have a TablePropSpawn attached to them)
  • SmallItemsSpawn are secondary spawns which are associated with the lockers in the big square room that has the hole in the center. Each locker has 2 spawners inside of them. Some shelves in the L shaped room and the Big Apparatus room also use these spawners.
  • GeneralScrapSpawn Exact Position Variant are secondary spawners associated with shelves in the specific rooms which will always spawn an item exactly on their location.
  • (Note #1: Only certain shelf configurations have an Exact spawner attached to them)
  • (Note #2: The small pillar room, has an oversight with it’s exact spawner. Unlike how all other spawners of this type have the spawner attached to the shelf model itself, this one is not attached the shelf model itself. So everytime you get the small pillar room, it will always have the spawner active. As a result even if the shelf model itself doesn’t decide to spawn in the room, it is still possible for it to give you an exact scrap spawn which is directly in front of one of the entrances to the room)

The circles below show the Secondary Spawners

  • 4x TablePropSpawns (Purple)
  • 2x SmallItems (Orange) (Note: Both of them are directly on each other)
  • 1x Exact (Blue)

Detailed Guide to Scrap Spawning

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