Lethal Company – Using Terminal, Terminal Codes

Unlock doors in Lethal Company with terminal commands. This guide simplifies using the terminal for access to key areas and loot.

Navigating the treacherous confines of Lethal Company requires more than just combat skills and quick reflexes. One critical aspect of survival is understanding how to utilize the ship’s terminal to open locked doors with terminal commands. This guide will delve into the nuances of using the terminal effectively, ensuring your team’s access to restricted areas and valuable loot.

Understanding Terminal Basics

Before tackling locked doors, familiarize yourself with the terminal’s basic commands. Simply type ‘help’ into the terminal and hit enter. This action will display a list of commands. Familiarity with these commands is essential for efficient navigation and utilization of the terminal’s features.

Unlocking Electronic Doors

Electronic doors are a common obstacle in Lethal Company, often guarding high-value areas. The radio operator plays a pivotal role here. First, identify the door’s designated two-character name (like e7, a1, b2) displayed on the team map monitor. Once identified, the radio operator should:

  1. Interact with the ship terminal.
  2. Enter the door’s name.
  3. Observe the “Broadcasted Special Code” confirmation on the terminal screen. This indicates the door is being remotely accessed and will open shortly.

Beyond Doors: Disabling Proximity Mines and Sentry Guns

The terminal isn’t just for doors. You can also use it to temporarily disable proximity mines and sentry guns:

  1. Locate the device name on the team map monitor.
  2. Enter this name into the terminal.
  3. Monitor the progress bar on the map screen to know how long the device remains deactivated.

Remember, this is a temporary solution. Sentry guns and mines revert to their active state after a set period.

Limitations and Precautions

While the terminal is powerful, it has limitations. It cannot permanently disable sentries or mines, and it’s ineffective against monsters. Also, it only works on electronic doors. For other locked areas, players must find keys scattered throughout the bunker.

Safety First for Radio Operators

Radio operators must remain vigilant. The presence of Eyeless Dogs poses a constant threat. Operators should devise strategies to distract or evade these creatures to avoid fatal interruptions during critical terminal operations.

All Terminal Commands in Lethal Company Game.

All Terminal Commands

Navigating the Terminal in Lethal Company is crucial for mastering the game. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you use key commands effectively.

Moons Command

  • Function: Lists planets for travel, including the Company Building.
  • Usage: Type ‘Moons’ into the console and hit enter. Then, type the desired Moon’s name (omit hazard level), followed by ‘confirm’ or ‘C’.

Moons List:

  1. Vow (Hazard Level C)
  2. Experimentation (Hazard Level B)
  3. Assurance (Hazard Level D)
  4. Offense (Hazard Level B)
  5. March (Hazard Level B)
  6. Rend (Hazard Level A)
  7. Dine (Hazard Level S)
  8. Titan (Hazard Level S+)
  9. Company Building (Com)

Store Command

  • Function: Lists items for purchase.
  • Usage: Enter ‘Store’ in the console. To buy, type the item’s name and then ‘Confirm’. Cancel with ‘Deny’. For item info, type ‘[Item Name] info’.


  • Function: Provides information on monsters.
  • Usage: Type ‘Bestiary’, hit enter, then enter the monster’s name to get details.

View Monitor

  • Function: Shows a radar map of a selected player.
  • Usage: Enter ‘View Monitor’. To switch players, type ‘Switch’.


  • Function: Displays items available on the current Moon.
  • Usage: Type ‘Scan’ and hit enter.


  • Function: Activates a sound near a Main Entrance if a Radar Booster is placed.
  • Usage: Enter ‘Ping’ followed by the Radar’s name, like ‘Ping Freddy’.

Secret Commands and Easter Eggs

Lethal Company is filled with hidden commands and Easter eggs:

  • Lore Entries: Typing the first three letters of an unfound lore entry returns a ‘corrupted/error’ message.
  • Creature Entries: Entering the first three letters of an undiscovered creature indicates ‘no data’ and suggests a scan.
  • Mistyped Commands: Incorrectly entering a command triggers a unique error message.

By mastering these Terminal commands, you can enhance your gameplay experience in Lethal Company, unlocking new dimensions of strategy and exploration.

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