Lethal Company Version 47 Patch Notes

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Lethal Company Version 47 Patch Notes

This guide will show information about the version 47 of Lethal Company.


  • Added repayable challenge moons.

These are weekly moons that use the same random seed for everyone, based off the current week using the UTC time zone. The profit you make at the end of the challenge day will be uploaded to a leader board so you can compare your efficiency to your friends.

The challenge moons also have randomly generated names, increased amounts of scrap, random starting credits, and other randomly tweaked properties.

The point of this is less for competition and more to give us all a shared experience. It will also give even the most seasoned employees a challenge; I have no idea what moons will be generated for the months to come, but some of them will surely be crazier than others

If you’re using a modded client, turn off all mods to guarantee you get the same moon as everyone else.

  • Added a new type of hallway to the factory map type.
For now I'll continue to add more rooms and variety to the current indoor map types, rather than adding new map types.
  • Added a new journal entry.


  • The thumper’s movement has been reworked so its animations and acceleration should be more consistent.
  • The thumper speeds up slightly faster after being hit, but its turn speed drops off more reliably when it reaches high speed.
  • The bunker spider now becomes slightly faster when it is almost dead.
  • The bunker spider’s webs have a slightly larger collision radius.
  • The forest giant is more likely to leave the ship alone after chasing a player near it.
  • Slightly increased the audible range of the coil-head’s footsteps.
  • Made nutcrackers able to move slightly while aiming.
  • They only do this if they’ve fired at the same person several times.
  • Modified the bunker spider file to patch some confusing continuity.
  • Made the jester take longer to begin cranking.
  • Position of random lightning strikes, the destination of the inverse teleporter, contents of gift boxes, and the precise positions of scrap items are now deterministic and based off the random seed.


  • Fixed an issue introduced in the previous version where landmines instantly exploded when touching them, rather than waiting for players to step off.
  • Made shovel collisions more consistent; you can now hit enemies around corners and nearby objects without it blocking the shovel.
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when the masked enemy was interrupted while converting a player, which could result in the player becoming stuck or unable to move their mouse and sync position to other players
  • Prevented a case where the masked enemy could create dozens of duplicates of the same player if that player was somehow not allowed to die, resulting in chaos
  • Fixed an issue where items were incorrectly considered as being off the ship by the host if a player walked on the ship with them and didn’t drop them (and vice-versa).
  • Spray paint should now always disappear from the moon when you enter orbit.
  • Items from gift boxes should always stay on the ship when it moves.
  • Prevented a case where players could take the same item out of a gift box infinite times if it somehow was not able to be de-spawned.
  • Decreased the chance of gift boxes to spawn and removed Christmas decor from the item ship. The old item ship music is back.
  • Fixed an issue where placing the extension ladder in the cupboard and then moving it would cause the ladder’s colliders to become enabled even when holding them, which resulted in erratic movement.
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