Life is Strange 2 – Collectibles and Drawings Episode 3

A guide pointing you towards all of the drawings and souvenirs in Episode 3 – Wastelands […]

A guide pointing you towards all of the drawings and souvenirs in Episode 3 – Wastelands of Life is Strange 2.

Episode 3 – All Collectibles and Drawings Guide

Rise and Shine – Drawing 1

This one is simple enough, and you can get it as soon as you leave the tent. All you have to do is walk up to the log by the campfire and you’re set.

Rise and Shine – Collectible 1

This one you have to work a bit for. You’ll have to find the dog and pet it. And then you’ll have to find it again and guess what? Pet it yet again, and it’ll go to a place in the woods and dig up a bloody bird skull of all things. This is getting weird, Sean.

Cash Crop – Collectible 2

This one is rather easy. You clip enough buds and the pen is yours, Sean!

The Trimmigrants – Drawing 2

After Sean gets back from a long day of forced menial labor, he has the opportunity to creep on either Cassidy or Finn. Go back to his and Daniel’s tent and sit in their chair.

The Trimmigrants – Collectible 3

You can find this failed abomination behind Finn’s tent, don’t forget to say hi.

Skipping Stones – Collectible 4

You can grab this ol’ fossil down by the lake before teaching Daniel how to use his powers, but it turns out he’s already practically Jean Grey.

Campfire Tales – Drawing 3 (Final)

This one is extremely easy, all you gotta do is select the campfire and draw away, crybaby!

Paradise Lost – Collectible 5

For some reason it says that there are two collectibles in this chapter. That’s not true, as there is only one. But if you run into any issues, just yell at me or DONTNOD.
This one actually had me stumped. You’ll get this one after you either accept or decline a tattoo from Sean’s southern belle and you’ll have to go to talk to the cute Swedish woman who is now sitting by the campfire. Once you’ve done that you can go over to the Swedish Slaves’ tent and grab a cute horsey.

Under The Hood – Collectible 6 (Final)

There’s a cabinet by Bushy Joe’s truck that you’ll have to open with a screwdriver. Inside are some bullets. Once you look at them, you should be able to pick one up. What are you going to do with that Sean? You weirdo, you.

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