Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Weapon Brands Guide

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Powerful weapon brands to improve your weapons and defeat enemies.

You must have good weapons to defeat your opponents in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. In this guide, we explained how to improve your weapons and powerful brands for weapons to defeat enemies.

Weapon Brands and Tasks

In “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” Julie’s Gearworks offers players the opportunity to enhance their weapons and unlock brand slots using specific crafting materials.

Access to Julie’s Gearworks is granted upon completing Substory 20 in Chapter Four of the game, a prompt initiated by the bartender of Revolve Bar.

Weapon Brand Slots Unlock

Each weapon in the game possesses three brand slots, which unlock as the player enhances the weapon, thereby increasing its primary stats. These brand slots unlock at specific enhancement levels: the first at level 10, the second at level 30, and the final one at level 50.

Once a brand slot is unlocked on a weapon, players can purchase brands from Julie’s Gearworks to affix new properties to that weapon. New brands become available as players level up Julie’s Gearworks through monetary investment or crafting weapons. Upon reaching Facility Rank 4, the maximum level, all available brands are unlocked.

Apply Brands to Weapons

Applying a brand to a weapon is straightforward. Visit any Julie’s Gearworks location, speak with the attendant, and select the “Weapon Upgrades and Brands” menu option. From there, choose a job, then select a weapon from the list. This opens a menu with two options: “Strengthen Weapon” or “Brand.”

Apply Brands to Weapons
  • Strengthen Weapon: Spend materials to enhance the weapon, potentially unlocking new brand slots.
  • Brand: View available brand slots for that weapon and apply brands to any unlocked slots.

There are no restrictions on which brands players can apply to a weapon’s brand slots, and brands can be overwritten by purchasing and applying another brand to the same slot.

Brands Effects

Understanding the precise terminology in brand descriptions is crucial. Here are some key terms and their meanings:

  • Attacks: Includes both Physical and Magic attacks.
  • Basic attacks: Non-skill-based attacks.
  • Damaging status ailments: Continuous damage ailments like Bleed, Poison, etc.
  • Restrictive status ailments: Limiting enemy actions, such as Blind, Charm, etc.
  • Stat buffs: Positive buffs affecting attributes, defense, or resistances.
  • Debuffs: Debilitating effects on enemies’ attributes, defense, or resistances.

What Weapon Brands Do

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth offers 36 unique brands for weapon enhancement. Some brands are upgrades of previous versions, while others offer entirely new effects. When two brands with similar effects are applied to the same weapon, their effects are additive, allowing players to benefit from both.

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