Limbus Company Jolly Trinket Sack Grind

Unlock insights on acquiring trinket sacks in Limbus Company with all the essential information provided in this guide.

You’ll find all the information you need to obtain trinket sacks at Limbus Company in this guide.

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Jolly Trinket Sack Grind Guide

Canto 4.5 Scrap grind again, but reskinned. This guide’s purpose is to help players achieve maximum efficiency in grinding Trinket Sacks. This guide as brought to you by Blin/Blon. All rights reserved.

Stage and Loadout


  • The stage that we’ll be using as a medium of grind is 5.5-14.

The Jolly Trinket Sack Grind

  • This stage is a 3-waved-stage, similar to the Scrap Grind stage.
  • There will be 5 types of enemies in this stage. Those being:

1) Cherry Gnome

The Jolly Trinket Sack Grind

2) Leafy Gnome

The Jolly Trinket Sack Grind

3) Shadowy Gnome

The Jolly Trinket Sack Grind

4) Manager Gnome

The Jolly Trinket Sack Grind

5) Santata

The Jolly Trinket Sack Grind



You can equip 6 sinners in this stage. This is my loadout for the stage:

The Jolly Trinket Sack Grind

Units used:

  • The One who Grips Faust (Uptie 4)
  • K Corp Class 3 Excision Staff Hong Lu (Uptie 4)
  • Molar Office Fixer Outis (Uptie 3) [Use Holiday EGO on Outis to get 40% more Trinket Sacks!]
  • Molar Boatworks Fixer Ishmael (Uptie 4)
  • R Corp 4th Pack Rabbit Heathcliff (Uptie 4) [Use Holiday EGO on Heathcliff to get 20% more Trinket Sacks!]
  • Effloresced EGO Spicebush Yi Sang (Uptie 4)

Alternative Stage

We’ll be using the MD (Mirror Dungeons) for the alternative way.


Personal Complaints on the Event

God, they basically reskinned the Scrap event. Same grindy and repetitive mess.

Written by Blönmning

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