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A lore guide for the city and its many locals and residents. Contains unmarked spoilers for Lobotomy Corp and Library of Ruina. Also spoilers for The Limbus Company and Leviathan. Check out our guide to Limbus Company The World of Limbus without wasting time.

Limbus Company The World of Limbus

Welcome to our Limbus Company The World of Limbus guide. This is a lore guide to introduce you to the world of Project Moon’s “The City”.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Limbus Company game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Limbus Company guide.

The World Scenario

The year is 984.

The world has been exhausted of most of it’s natural resources, leading to the discovery of miraculous technology known as “Singularities”. Corporations rise to claim these wonders, forming a gigantic mega-city known as… well, “The City”. 26 of these Corps (In accordance with the Alphabet) manage 26 districts, with the powerful organization known as “The Head” leading them.

However, with the rapid advancement of technology, comes a great difference in status between the rich and poor. This divide leads to the separation of the “Backstreets” and the “Nest” within a district, and with it, rampant crime and cruel exploitation by Corporations. In this dystopian society, only the strong willed survive.

Of course, opportunity also rises in the City. Contract mercenaries known as Fixers work to earn a living through various means, as well as the more criminally orientated Syndicates who often clash with the former. Additionally, employees of the 26 Corporations work to pay off their dues in order to keep their place in the Nest.

Project Moon’s world is one of a society of advanced technology and development, but suffers under a oppressive meritocratic ruled by corporate entities in an almost post-apocalyptic world. Where the joy of life has long since left the eyes of the denizens of the City.

The Wings

There are 26 Wings with their own Singularity technology. Each Wing controls a District, which includes the Nest and Backstreets. Each Wing’s purpose is the utilization of their Singularity for managing their District and commercial use for the general populace.
Each Wing have specialized departments that ensure smooth operation, though some Wings are more specialized in certain tasks than others.

Wings can request mutual agreements with other Wings or their associates to either deal with certain issues they cannot handle, or an exchange of armaments, supplies, or personal. Wings can also hire Fixers into working for them. Though this is often a topic of contention.

Most Wings have some form of a para-military force and Fixers to use in armed conflicts, typically with rival Wings, lesser corporations, or Syndicates and monsters.

Wing Collapse

In certain extreme circumstances, a Wing can end up “Collapsing”. Whether due to an attack from the Head, an incident with their Singularity, or other causes, the Nest will be thrown into chaos as they tear each other apart.

The Nest slowly becomes indistinguishable from the Backstreets as residents fend for themselves, with multiple Syndicates rushing in to claim the Wing’s holdings. No one typically interferes in this collapse, as the Head will simply appoint a new Wing to that Nest.

Once a new Wing is appointed, they will either buy the collapsed Nest from the holding Syndicate, or hire Fixers or other Syndicates to kick said holder out. The Nest is slowly rebuilt, and life returns to normal after a while.

The Head

The 1st Wing, known as “The Head”, is a mysterious organization that rules all of the Wings and Districts, they reside in District 1, at the heart of the City. They maintain their iron grip through their Singularity and various subsidiaries that enforce their will. They directly manage A Corp, which is an extension of the Head’s will that properly manages the City.
In a way, the “Head” is made up of three Corporations, A Corp, B Corp, and C Corp, run by the Head, Eye, and Claw respectively.

A reclusive group, the Head’s identity is completely unknown. No one even knows much about District 1, other than the fact that its heavily guarded. Anyone who violates the laws of the City or attempt to further discover the Head’s identity quickly and quietly disappear.

For handling threats or securing dangerous artifacts, the Head has its own personal army of Fixers, and modified soldiers. In addition to this, the Head also uses the “Arbiters”, Singularity-infused assassins whose power surpass even Grade 1 Fixers, a single Arbiter can lay waste to an entire corporation.

The Eye handles the surveillance network that watches over the City, anything detected that is deemed against the Head’s laws will be reported immediately. They also use special operatives called “Beholders” to assist in more physical matters and field work. They appear as digitized forms on portable projector screens, whether this is their “true” body or not is unknown.

The Claw is the military branch of the Head, they command the “Claws”, augmented super soldiers that follow orders with unwavering obedience and ferocity. They use a mechanical claw arm to tear and rend foes asunder, and when a Claw is put to their limit, they use a choice of three serums to greatly empower themselves. These serums are selected from Singularities, such as W, K, and R Corp. Veteran Claws are known as “Executioners.”

The Head, and by extension the Wings, all tax the City for nearly every service. Its nearly impossible to not have to pay taxes for something, whether that be food, rent, or services. Their also rather expensive, which lead people to attempting to find ways to earn a steady income through whatever means.
Refusing taxes will result in 4 warnings, if the fourth is ignored, the Eyes will send “Tax Collectors” to track down and kill the evader.
The Head also uses various other patented technology asides from their Singularity, such as the “flesh liquidation” process for turning people into Sweepers.

When the Head designates a threat as an “Impurity”, they can banish it to the Outskirts by using the Territory Expulsion Procedure. Through this method, anything from singular entities to entire structures can be instantly teleported to the wastes.

The Nest and Backstreets

The Nest

Comprised of the upper echelons of society, the Nests are a place where everyone aspires to go to. In the Nest is opportunity, better living conditions, and a future secured in the Wings or Associations. Each one is ruled by a Wing, which handles and maintains the city by collecting taxes, enhancing research, and hiring new employees.
Nests have their own unique culture and architecture, depending on their District. Usually incorporating elements from their neighbors.

To enter the Nest however, is a different matter. All of them are walled off from the Backstreets through plasma barriers or electric fences to keep the unwanted out, and as a way for both societies to get a glimpse of the other side. Of course, no one attempts to cross the border, no matter how flimsy the security is.

To properly enter, one needs to go to an Examinee Center to take an Entrance Exam, which requires proper preparation and study, those who succeed will be given a Nest Migration Ticket to enter. Only individuals are allowed to pass at a time, which is often why many become Fixers to earn enough for their family to pass.

After one gets into a Nest, they should quickly find work to do. This is because in order to stay in the Nest, you need to contribute and pay taxes. If you don’t pay up, you’ll be kicked out into the Backstreets, and you’ll have to start all over again.

For education, many schools are dedicated to teaching students to enroll in universities within the Nest if they want to join a Wing. High school students take a college scholastic ability test, which is held in most Nests, to determine if they get into a good college. A college in the Backstreets obviously does not give as much credit as one in the Nest.

But just because your within the Nest, doesn’t mean your safe from danger. The Wings often exploit their employees in various ways, and the strict laws they enact on the populace ensure tight control.

The Backstreets

The slums of civilization, the Backstreets are an interconnected maze of back alleys, shanty towns, and ruins. The poor and poverty-stricken live here, living conditions are terrible, and crime occurs frequently. The only reason why the Backstreets don’t tear themselves apart, is because of The Five Fingers, which maintains some semblance of order.

The Backstreets have their own “grading” system, in which areas are ranked based on the safety they provide, an area protected by an Association, for example, will be higher than one that is not. People from higher areas will even mock or reject those from lower grades.

Because of the poor standard of living, the Backstreets are filled with criminal activity such as black markets, drug dens, and small crime groups. Organ harvesting, contraband, even Sweepers stalk the dark alleys for wandering prey. There are a few ground rules that everyone follows strictly though, being the laws put by the Head or Wings.

The worst part is, no one really does anything to stop this, not even the Fingers make any moves to reform the Streets, as they only care about controlling their own territory, although some put a few rules to prevent utter chaos. Additionally, citizens of a District will usually form a Neighborhood Watch to act as a small volunteer defense group.
This is simply the reality of the Backstreets, a man having his organs ripped out by gut-harvesters is not an uncommon sight, and is likely to be dismissed just as easily.

But when Night in the Backstreets falls, martial law is applied to the entire area. Any crime, no matter how cruel, how bloody or heinous, is permitted for the entire period until dawn. Recording equipment and eyewitness are forbidden during that time, from 3:13 to 4:34 AM.
This rule was most likely created by the Head to enforce population control to prevent overcrowding. Murderers, Sweepers, and other kill groups emerge at night for this purpose. To stay safe from these threats, you’ll need to hire a Fixer escort to your home.

The Outskirts and Ruins

The Outskirts

Located at the fringes of society, the Outskirts are a barren wasteland, covered with bombed-out cities left from the conflicts of the Wings. The Outskirts are separated from the City by the various trainways and walls surrounding the perimeter. Not many citizens are typically aware of the Outskirts and its denizens, especially those living in Nest life.

There are hardly any signs of civil life, the only humans that live in the Outskirts are either outcasts, orphan children from the wars, or cannibals such as Sweepers.

However, there are still prospects to be found by exploring the Outskirts, strange and abnormal beings (usually plants) and technology can be found tucked away in the decrepit buildings. Some of these are harmful, others beneficial, granting boons or curses upon those who discover them. Because of this, Wings or other corporations will send out expeditions to retrieve these forgotten relics.

Creatures and other mutated aberrations of significant threat dwell here. Military corporations such as R Corp are probably sent here and the Ruins on Extermination missions, so that these horrors don’t drift too close to civilization. Most creatures are discarded experiments from the Wings, or monsters from the fringes of the world.

The Ruins

The Ruins possibly refer to either the ominous eldritch landscape beyond the Outskirts, or the forgotten Ruins of the Old Corporations underneath the City. The’s City’s Ruins are different in that the threat level increases as you go deeper, while the Outskirt’s Ruins contain things incomprehensible to the human mind. Expeditions sent here have a low chance of survival, and those that do are often shaken from the experience.

Since these are one of the most dangerous places to go to, its quite possible the forbidden relics and technology found here would be worth killing for. There is also supposedly “Magic” in the Ruins, artifacts containing unknown powers that can unleash potent effects.

The Non-Humans

The previous occupants of The City before it was settled by the Head and Wings. They were forced out after the battle into the Outskirts and beyond.
Sometime afterward, the AI Ethics Amendment was put into law, forbidding any AI or machine to have any human resemblance. This could mean the Non-Humans were some form of mechanical beings who had human-level intelligence and appearance.


In the City, there are 26 Districts. In a District is both the Nest and Backstreets belonging to their respective Wing. All Districts are interconnected through the WARP Transportation Network via train. Each District has its own unique culture and customs, so its always a different experience from each other. The northern districts tend to be more richer and developed than the south.

There are approximately 6 billion people within the City. The accepted currency is Ahn, which can come in either physical or digital cash.

All Districts have a set of rules citizens must follow at all times called “Taboos”. They vary on the District, but the punishment for breaking them is usually death or capture by the associated Corp. There is one rule that applies to the entire City at all times however. Under no circumstance can any part of a residential building or complex be damaged or destroyed, certain walls or fences are an exception, but anything part of a home or building is strictly off-limits.

Oddly enough, there does not appear to be a District 26 and by extension, Z Corp, visible on the map, it is unknown what this means.

List of Districts

District 1: Owned by A Corp. Where the Head resides, at the center of the City. They oversee all activities and punish those who break the laws. They are very reclusive, few people have seen what the Head exactly is, and fewer live that do. It has the highest security of all Districts. There is technically no Backstreets or Nest in District 1.

District 2: Owned by B Corp. Where the Eyes oversee everything in the City through surveillance devices.

District 3: Owned by C Corp. Where the Claws of the Head’s military branch are stationed.

District 4: Owned by D Corp. It is known for its dense forests.

District 5: Owned by E Corp.

District 6: Owned by F Corp.

District 7: Owned by G Corp.

District 8: Owned by H Corp. During Christmas Eve, it’s tradition to give apples to others for wishing them a peaceful night.

District 9: Owned by I Corp. Known as the “Streets of Music.” It is also where the “Pianist” Distortion manifested, the incident that wiped out 80% of the District’s population, and destroyed much of the infrastructure. The Pianist was eventually taken out by the Black Silence.

District 10: Owned by J Corp. Known as the Nest of Gambling. All citizens rely on an entity that gives premonitions in your life and opinions on immediate matters. Whether it be outcomes, events, gains or losses, the lives of the citizens is heavily influenced by the readings of the entity. Additionally, a form of unconventional currency known as “Wishpower” exists. It is a measure of luck that can be used in various situations (mostly gambling).

District 11: Owned by K Corp. It appears to have an odd blend between advanced modern architecture and rural German villages. Had the case of the “Quercus Village” Distortion.

District 12: Owned by L Corp, this was the staging ground for Lobotomy Corp’s goal to help the people of the City find their true meaning in life through “The Seed of Light”. After the “White Nights and Dark Days” and the rise of the Library, the entire District was thrown into chaos.

District 13: Owned by M Corp. Where the famous HamHam PangPang sandwich restaurant is located.

District 14: Owned by N Corp. All the buildings here are completely white. District 14 prides itself on the pure human condition. Rejecting any mechanical prosthetic or augmentation, they react violently to those who do not share their beliefs.

N Corp has a set number of 14 Taboos, those that violate these rules are hunted by “Taboo Hunters”. They are special Fixers that work directly under N Corp. Offenders are either killed or taken in and brought to N Corp. One of these Taboos restrict the use of recording equipment.

District 15: Owned by O Corp. Had the “Balloon People” Distortion case.

District 16: Owned by P Corp. Had the “Secret of the Demi-glace Sauce” Incident.

District 17: Owned by Q Corp.

District 19: Owned by S Corp. Had the case of the “Merfolk” Distortion. One of the coastal fishing districts.

District 21: Owned by U Corp. Apparently an Urn containing the hairs of a lost town of residents ended up in the possession of the Ring.

District 22: Owned by V Corp. It was the location of the “Crying Children” Incident, wiping out 80,000 of the Nest’s residents.

District 23: Owned by W Corp. Known as the “Streets of Flavor”. A place filled with chefs and culinary connoisseurs, they strive to serve the perfect tasting dishes through any means necessary. A group known as the “Eight Chefs” decreed that human flesh was the main ingredient for this “perfect dish”, as a result, cannibalism is a commonly accepted custom in District 23.

District 24: Owned by X Corp.

District 25: Owned by Y Corp. A district often burdened with cold weather and snow. It’s larger than most other Districts in order to cover as much space between the safety of the City and the ravaged wastelands.

District 26: Supposedly owned by Z Corp. It is not visible on the City map.

List of Wings (A – M)

A Corp: The corporation run directly by the Head. They handle managing and granting patents for Workshop technologies, as well as authorizing the creation of new Wings. Illegal manufacture and sale of patented technology without a license will result in three Cease and Desist warnings to the offender. If the third warning is ignored, the Claws will enforce the law. Their special operatives are “Arbiters.” Owns District 1.

B Corp: Run directly by the Eye. Handles the qualifications and shutdowns of other Wings. Also lists out a set of regulations for each Wing’s Singularity that must be followed. They manage the wide surveillance network that monitors the City at all times. They have special operatives called “Beholders.” Owns District 2.

C Corp: Run directly by the Claw. Likely handles the military operations of the Head, as well as discreetly removing threats to the City. Their special operatives are “Claws.” Owns District 3.

D Corp: Owns District 4.

E Corp: Owns District 5.

F Corp: Their Singularity are “Fairies”, which can unlock anything physically or conceptually. The ultimate Master Key in a sense. Owns District 6.

G Corp: Their Singularity allows the control of “gravity” in an object, allowing light things to become heavy, and vice versa. Owns District 7.

H Corp: Owns District 8.

I Corp: Hired Zwei Association to handle the situation in L Corp’s Nest during the Smoke War. Owns District 9.

J Corp: Their Singularity enables them to put a lock on anything, physically and conceptually. The polar opposite of F Corp, their “Locks” can seal containers, mental minds, and areas of space, preventing entry. Owns District 10.

In general they are a large casino corporation that controls and highly monitors these facilities, through security cameras and using their “Locks”. They staff surveillance with hundreds of workers who examine dozens of screens for any signs of cheaters.

K Corp: Handles Nanotechnology and applications of it, most of it for medicinal and healing purposes. Owns District 11.

L Corp: Known as Lobotomy Corporation, they gathered energy by extracting Abnormalities and E.G.O created through their Singularity and Cogito. Which was the physical manifestation of the human mind and emotions. Owns District 12.

L Corp maintained several lesser branches across their District as an effort to mask the location of L Corp HQ from the Head, so their research could not be interrupted like the last time. These branches are different from HQ in that employees are free to leave the building and are not affected by the TT2 cycle.

However, after Lobotomy collapsed, all of the branch facilities initiated a burial protocol by trapping themselves underground, dooming the employees within.

M Corp: Known as MDM Enterprises. Created a moonlight stone that fortifies the mind and blocks out any forms of mental damage through their Singularity. This stone must be safely extracted from a viscous fleshy substance with proper ear and mouth protection. Exposure to the substance causes hallucinations and a trance-like state. Owns District 13.

List of Wings (N – Z)

N Corp: Known as “Nagel und Hammer”. They value the purity of the human state. They highly oppose mechanical augmentation (despite its wide-spread use in the City) as they believe prosthesis violates our humanity. Owns District 14.

In their effort to rid the City of mechanical beings, they employ the “Inquisitors”, a faction of overly zealous knights wielding nails and hammers, who take a more active and extreme role against prosthetic users. The Inquisitors will march to a location they deem heretical, and proceed to massacre and burn the populace. They are brutal in their executions, and will often impale their victims on nail pikes as a display of warning.

O Corp: Owns District 15.

P Corp: Created the building which would become the Abnormality known as the Shelter from the 27th of March. Owns District 16.

Q Corp: Owns District 17.

R Corp: A private military company that handles any threats to their clients with several specialized branches of varying destruction. The featured squad we see is the 4th Pack, composed of the Rabbit Team, led by Myo, and the Rhino and Reindeer Team, both with their own Leaders. Packs are led by a Captain. Owns District 18.

R Corp’s Singularity is replication technology, which they use to pump out multiple copies of their elite soldiers. However in accordance to A and B Corp’s regulations, no more than two copies can exist longer than 7 days, clone or original. R Corp first produces several thousand copies of an individual, then they force all copies to battle to the death in a lab-grown combat environment known as the Hatchery. The last copy to emerge alive wins and is recruited into the Pack’s ranks.

R Corp also has a clandestine branch called the Ravens, who handle military police duties, review of legitimacy of other Pack missions, and termination of incompetent/disobedient Pack members.

S Corp: Owns District 19.

T Corp: Known as TimeTrack, their Singularity reverses, accelerates, or pauses time. Their technology was used heavily by L Corp. Owns District 20.

They partner with W Corp to help them run the WARP Trains. Using a device that “pauses” the timespace, meaning that while the train passes thousands of years, the outside world barely passes a few seconds. The device collects the accumulated time, which T Corp then uses for powering their own Singularity.

This means the passengers would go insane over being trapped for that many years, but thanks to W Corp, they are restored back to the state when they boarded the train. Having no memory of the isolation and madness.

U Corp: Made stasis preservation boxes, for keeping food fresh or materials at their best quality. Owns District 21.

V Corp: Owns District 22.

W Corp: Known as WARP Corp, they handles warping and teleportation technology, namely the WARP Train Network that runs throughout the City. Their Singularity allows them to restore things to a recorded state through manipulation of molecular and genetic structures.
They also create rifts in space through a Singularity from the previous W Corp that the trains travel through to reach their destination in under “10 seconds”. Owns District 23.

W Corp’s partnership with T Corp is to restore all the passengers to their original state when they boarded the train. Before arriving to their destination, a cleanup crew is sent to subdue them so that they can be properly restored, the passengers of course, will have no memory of being trapped in a train for thousands of years. Only experiencing the brief 10 seconds of “warping” to their destination.

W Corp also depends on L Corp’s energy harvesting to power most of its WARP stations, so when L Corp collapsed, they faced energy issues and the station to District 12 was shut down.

X Corp: Owns District 24.

Y Corp: Owns District 25.

Z Corp: Owns District 26. If it even exists.

Old Corporations

Not all the Wings seen today were always the reigning company of their district. Due to the inevitability of “Wing Collapse”, a new corporation must step in when the old one goes under. The replacement obtains the Old Corp’s Singularity as well as their previous holdings. The only criteria for a new Wing is that their Singularity must match the letter of the alphabet their taking after.

(example: New L Corp must have a name that starts with L).

Old L Corp: The most well known old Wing, they were partly responsible for the infamous Smoke War that shook the power structure of the City. It is not known what the old L Corp’s Singularity was, as they were very reclusive and stingy with sharing energy to the other Wings. All that is known is that a constant stream of choking smoke emitted from the company.

Old H Corp: Destroyed by an Arbiter after a former employee ratted out the company.

Old W Corp: The Wing that previously held the Singularity of opening rifts in space. The new W Corp appropriated this Singularity for use in their WARP trains.

Old G Corp: A Wing that specialized in genetic modification. Hermann, their Head Director at the time, conscripted young soldiers to be infused with a serum that gave them insectoid limbs and claws, which were used to great effect. They sided alongside the Old L Corp during the Smoke War, but lost and collapsed as a result. The insect veterans who survived were unceremoniously tossed out and left to rot in the aftermath.

Unidentified Nano Wing: A Wing that possessed a Singularity allowing the augmentation of nanotechnology into the skin (often in the form of tattoos) greatly increasing strength and power. Their Singularity would be acquired by the Stray Dogs Syndicate.

Notable Conflicts

The Battle for the City

An unnamed conflict that would establish The City and the Head’s rule. It was a battle between the humans and non-human entities that were mechanical in nature. The non-humans were overwhelmed by the humans and were pushed out of the City into the Outskirts and beyond, never to be seen again.
Afterwards, the Head would establish the Artificial Intelligence Ethics Amendment Act, which stated that no machine or AI would have any resemblance to humans, including full-body mechanical replacements.

Wings’ War

A large scale conflict occurring in the early years of the City’s founding. It involved most of the Wings. Highly advanced weapons and technologies were developed as a means of war and destruction.

The outcome of the War would result in massive casualties to the population and the creation of the Outskirts, where most of the fighting took place. The Perception Filter would also be created as a means to visually lessen the horrors of war by reducing them to more “toy-like” versions.

Smoke War

A major conflict that occurred in the past. Multiple Wings participated in this conflict, such as R Corp and the Old G Corp. It was a pivotal moment in the City, as many Corporations would rise and fall as a result.

Before Lobotomy Corp came to be, the old L Corp would always produce endless amounts of acidic fog and almost always refuse to share their energy or charge high prices for it. This smog would end up choking the city, hence the namesake of the conflict.
Eventually, the war ended with the collapse of the old L Corp and its allies, as well as the rise of Lobotomy Corporation to a Wing.

City Organizations

Limbus Company

An organization dedicated to finding and exploring the ruined branches of L Corp’s facilities in search of the “Golden Boughs” for some unknown purpose. To this end, they employ the 12 Sinners, led by the Manager Dante, and guided by the Red Gaze; Vergilius.

They also have a sub division known as the LCC. Which is split into a Before and After team, responsible for scouting out and cleaning up the L Corp Branch facilities, respectively.


A blanket term given to any unaffiliated thug, hooligan, or thief. They are the prime bulk of criminal activity in the Backstreets. Rats are not organized like Syndicates are, and aren’t allied to each other aside from small knit groups. They have nothing but the clothes on their back, and will do anything to advance from their lowly position.

Rats are at the bottom of the “food chain” of the City, often being hunted by Fixers or extorted by Syndicates. Most make money selling artificial organs and body modifications on the black market. Every Rat aspires to one day escape their cycle of misery, to join a group of much higher standing and wealth.
Outfit: Anything they have on at the time.

Butchers and Gourmets

Cannibalism isn’t exactly an uncommon thing in the Streets, as its hard to even find decent scraps, It’s still seen as a taboo in many of the Districts. However in District 23, a group known as the “Eight Chefs” and their Gourmets accept cannibalism as the “perfect taste” for a dish.

The many “Restaurants” kidnap victims and chop them up into various meat dishes to serve to customers. Everyone competes to find the “perfect taste” so that they may earn a spot alongside the Eight Chefs. Gourmets boil and filet the ingredients alive, as they believe suffering will bring out the desired flavor.
Most of the Restaurants get their stock from “meat suppliers” or Syndicates looking to get rid of witnesses. In rare cases, well-supplied Gourmets can get the meat of Ruins and Outskirt monsters to serve as exotic dishes.
Outfit: Typical chef attire, often spattered with blood.


More so a collective of beings than a proper organization, the Sweepers are what every Backstreet denizen fears. Cannibals clad in gas masks and armored suits, they prowl the Streets after Night in droves to hunt down prey, butchering bodies to use as fuel for their ravaged selves.

They care not for who they hunt, Syndicate or Fixer, as anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way will be torn apart. They reside in hidden Dens when not actively hunting, where they gather, eat, and birth new Sweepers. A “Mother of Sweepers” lead these dens.

Sweepers have a unique condition in that their bodies are made entirely of liquid flesh. They maintain this form by melting flesh into liquid paste using their heat hooks, then they fill their tanks with the paste and connect it directly to their mask filters via tubes to slurp it. If this liquid runs out, the Sweeper dies. This technology is patented by the Head, those who wish to join the Sweepers must undergo this liquefying process and wear an armored suit like them.

Additionally, they are also capable of speaking their own language (something akin to binary), and have a basic understanding of concepts that would surprise most. They also share strong familial ties with fellow Sweepers.


An organization of rebellious poor citizens fed up with the mistreatment and neglect by the richer upper class. They seek to prevent the wealthy from exploiting the poverty-stricken by any means. Although, most of their members would rather debate about these principles than to actually go out and take physical action.
They are based out of District 25, and are obviously based on Communist revolutionaries.
Outfit: Gray pocketed overcoats with white armbands of their symbol.

Fixers and Syndicates


Fixers are contract mercenaries, mostly a demand in the Backstreets, due to the high mortality rate and crime, though they appear in the Nests too. Fixers often work as security for Corps, intel-gatherers, and hit men.

Fixers work by signing contracts with their clients, this is proof of the deed done so that Associations or Offices can confirm that you did the work. Otherwise you won’t get paid for it, completed contracts means more recognition for a Fixer’s career, which will rise them through the ranks.

Due to the nature of Fixer work, social bonding isn’t typically a common thing. Seeing a dead colleague who was once your friend ends up messing up your focus and drags you through depression. As a result, veteran Fixers often focus on the task at hand, pushing away any sentimental thoughts.

Becoming a Fixer

To become a Fixer, one must obtain a “Fixer License” from the Hana Association. To get the license, you’ll have to meet the physical and mental requirements (Age 20 is the minimum). After that, you should join one of the Offices. You can also strike out and take jobs on your own, but your very unlikely to make headway, as having the reputation of an Office boosts your chances for jobs considerably.

Most of the Offices are independent, others align themselves with one of the 12 Associations as part of a cooperative relationship. Fixers can join Associations too for the better benefits, but the requirements are high.

Fixers are ranked by “Grades” from 9-1, 9 is the lowest Grade, with 1 being the highest. To earn a new Grade, one must have a high performance during their work, the better you are, the faster you’ll rise up the ranks. Having proof of your deeds is also essential, otherwise you’d have done that hard work for nothing.

The Hana Association will then send an approval to your Association or Office to elevate your “Grade”. The equipment of a Fixer typically reflects their wealth and Grade, low ranks will often have basic weapons and outfits. While higher ranked ones will have customized loadouts and multiple augmentations.


Syndicates are the opposing faction of the Fixers and often conduct raids on Fixer Offices. Made up of organized thugs and criminals with a common goal, Syndicates try to make headway in the Backstreets by black markets, contraband, and hit jobs.

Syndicates can do work Fixers normally do, Its just that trusting a Syndicate is riskier than hiring an Office, as they lack the need of “obligations” and “contracts”. Most groups are made up of like-minded criminals, or “Rats” who have gained enough power to pose a threat.

Not all Syndicates are bad though, some simply don’t want the responsibilities and restrictions that being an Office Fixer brings. Some Syndicates even exist to hunt down other Syndicates, like a Vigilante group.
Though the surefire way of gaining power in the Syndicate hierarchy is to raid and wipe out Fixer Offices, the bigger and more seasoned an Office is, the larger the infamy gain is.

In addition, Wings sometimes hire Syndicates as thugs to handle business they can’t do officially.
Syndicates are handled in a hierarchy system, with powerful bosses dictating districts at the top, but the group that stands above all of them are the “Fingers of the Backstreets”.

Color Fixers

If a highly regarded Grade 1 Fixer shows an exceedingly high performance in their career, the Hana Association can choose them to be granted a “Color.” These special Color Fixers are the legendary talk of the City, possessing unmatched skill and wits. They are able to roam freely and accept any work they want, not bound by Associations or Offices.

While all Color Fixers are powerful, they all have different fighting styles and scale in terms of strength and smarts. The Red Mist for example, is best when fighting a direct confrontation, while the Blue Reverberation manipulates and uses others to do most of his work for him.

The Red Mist: Kali

A powerful Fixer who grew up in the harsh Backstreets of District 23, she vowed to protect the weak and those unable to fight from the bloodthirsty Syndicates and Fingers that threatened them. Named for the fine red mist of blood and gore she leaves in her wake, she excels in close quarters combat and direct battle, using a hefty greatsword to slice opponents from any direction.

Eventually, she was hired by L Corp to assist in their Cogito research, where she gained the power to manifest E.G.O. However, she disappeared after a few years in the company, her current whereabouts unknown.

The Red Gaze: Vergilius

The new holder of the “Red” color. He is known for his cold and apathetic demeanor, which, combined with his imposing stature, makes him a rather intimidating man. His color name is derived from the red glow of his eyes when he gets serious or angry. He wields a heated Gladius in combat, and uses it to deadly efficiency.
Vergilius uses mental tactics to discern and deconstruct combat scenarios. Picking the best course of action to defeat his foes.

The Blue Reverberation: Argalia

While not as specialized as some of the other Colors, he makes up for it with his charisma and influence. Through this he is capable of gathering devoted followers as well as manipulating high ranking Association and Syndicate leaders. He also possesses quick reflexes that enable him to deflect bullets with ease.

His main ability is tapping into one’s “Resonance”, then attuning it with his weapon to inflict greater damage.

The Purple Tear: Iori

A seasoned Fixer who has seen countless battles, she is capable of teleporting herself by creating dimensional rifts. Wielding a variety of different weapon styles, she can adapt to any given situation. Because of her extensive experience and age, she mentored a few of the other Color Fixers when they were young.

The Black Silence

A mysterious but powerful Fixer who was responsible for taking out the Pianist Distortion. Was known for using a wide variety of weapons from various Workshops around the City. Able to manifest said weapons using a special set of gloves. Although they went on a rampage that claimed the lives of Syndicates and researchers alike, they disappeared one day.

The Vermilion Cross

A Color Fixer dispatched alongside Hana South Section 1 to eliminate a Distortion organization, however, the entire team was wiped out. He uses a large cross-shaped weapon that burns opponents.

The Grass Maiden

A Fixer mentioned by Don Quixote, said to originate from District 4.

Fixer Workshops

For Fixers, only the best quality weapons, armor, and gadgets will get you through the day. That’s where Workshops come in. There are plenty of brands for one to choose from, each with their own unique qualities and traits. The head craftsmen of these Workshops are known as Meisters. Because of the often dangerous line of work Fixers go through, the equipment is often highly specialized. Workshops also have their own Fixers that are both workers and security guards, utilizing products that they have personally created and tested.

Stigma Workshop: Known for the exquisite symbols their fiery weaponry carves into their victims, the company specializes in offensive equipment for Fixers that can burn through flesh and metal. Their also very expensive.

Allas Workshop: Their gloves increase the speed of a person’s movement by a multiple of five. Also created a massive spear capable of ramming through opponents.

Koori: Known to produce a sky-blue glove that freezes anything on contact.

Nester: Produced a one-handed hammer capable of causing shattering impacts to flesh and bone.

YuRia Atelier: One of the top ten workshops in District 14, only those who have premium membership can access their products. They produce the highest quality of equipment at a surprisingly fast rate, ranging from weapons, armor, and augmentations.

There are other workshops that use the “Atelier” name.
Crystal Atelier created special dual-swords that slice effortlessly through opponents.
Atelier Logic creates guns and bullets that have capable stopping power and penetration.
Screw Atelier is featured in a Backstreets CG background.
(Not sure if “Ateliers” are entirely related or separate workshops.)

Namir Workshop: Produced heavy close-combat gauntlets.

Union Co: Known for producing top of the line bionic exoskeletons, weapons, and equipment.

Fanar Workshop: Created a medical pressure bandage that heals wounds and slows bleeding.

Ranga Workshop: Created a dagger for precise slashes.

Zelkova Workshop: Created a mace and axe able to be dual-wielded without overburden.

Old Boys Workshop: Created a hammer able to be swung quickly.

Mook Workshop: Created a katana that unleashes a flurry of lightning-quick slashes.

Wheels Industry: Created a giant greatsword that causes exploding impacts on hit.

Windvalley Workshop: Created a gauntlet capable of producing a strong gust of wind when used.

Leaflet Workshop: A workshop that modifies their weapons to utilize smoke from a special tank and nozzle on their back. They sport a Steampunk aesthetic.

Augmentations and Firearms

Body Augmentation

Like a lot of sci-fi dystopias, body augmentation and modification is almost necessary to survive in the cruel City. Technology ranges from prosthetic limbs, exoskeletons, nanotech, and artificial organs. Typically the amount of mods one has on their person is a measure of how much money they have, as certain augments are expensive.

Augments are created by Workshops and are sold to both Fixers and Syndicates alike, who use them to lift massive weapons or pummel foes to a pulp with bare fists. There are also patented modifications exclusive to powerful Syndicates or Wings.


Firearms are actually rarely used in the City, due to a very heavy tax on guns and ammo by the Head, strict restrictions on Workshops, and a proper license to obtain. Getting augmentations and Workshop weapons are much cheaper than buying a couple of guns and ammo.

Not only that, but highly experienced combatants can often dodge or deflect bullets, and easily close the distance thanks to their augments.
The reason why Firearms are heavily restricted is because of the little amount of effort to kill with them, as well as the fact assailants can easily snipe someone from afar without alerting anyone.

Because of this, it is likely only certain Wings (R Corp) and the Head themselves have proper access to firearms. Which means they have the best and deadliest weaponry available to only them. However, a few S-Class Workshops do have the privilege of constructing firearms, but the heavy price is not really worth it.

The Head’s Guidelines to Restrictions on Firearms:

  • Do not research or imagine technology that infringes the firearm manufacturing guidelines, as provided by the Head along with the license.
  • The maximum length of the gun barrel must be shorter the higher the gun’s caliber is.
  • No gun should posses the firepower to penetrate steel or building walls.
  • A gunfire sound must be audible. (No suppressors.)

Offices and Associations


The starting point for all Fixers, Offices are a small organized group of Fixers that work out of a building or location, taking contracts and jobs from the public. An Operator handles the managing of the Office, hiring new recruits and such.
Offices are often swamped in debt by the Wings, with some poor state Offices handled by only one Fixer, which says a lot about how hit or miss the business can be. This isn’t to say all Offices are worn down though, it all depends on the financial state of the Office and its location.

Offices can also chose to become a “Affiliate Office” with an Association. They get access to better amenities, but must also contend with higher risk jobs and more responsibilities. Which is often a point of contention for many.

Most Offices and Associations give guidelines for their Fixers to wear outfits fitting in with the organization’s theme. Some are more strict with regulating uniforms, while others are more lax.

The Associations

The Associations are large professional organizations made up of Fixers and their managers, they specialize in the more dangerous line of mercenary work, taking jobs no one else wants to. Though this isn’t to say they don’t take non-combat jobs. They help manage most of the offices under their contract, and have much higher pay and better equipment than a basic Office.

Due to their larger structure, Associations are able to cover more ground with their Fixers and can take requests from any District. Most of the headquarters of said Associations are likely based in Nests, where Directors and Fixers manage requests from either the City’s denizens or Affiliate Offices.

A President is the head of an Association, this is split into several Branches that oversee the different parts of the City: North, South, East, and West. These are run by a Branch Manager, while a General Manager directly oversees all branches. these are further divided into Sections, which is run by a Director. Sections are ranked from 6-1, 6 being the lowest recruits and 1 being the highest ranking Fixers.

There are currently 12 Associations, which are managed by the Hana Association, and they all have different uniforms, rules, and specializations in their line of work.

Threat Classes

In the City, the Hana Association classifies and ranks certain threats and organizations based on how much people pay for it to be eliminated. Though, this mostly goes hand in hand with how dangerous the threats are as well.

Urban Myth: Threats that are unconfirmed as to whether they exist or not, being noteworthy enough to catch the attention of the Associations. Usually an Affiliate Office or similar will investigate on their behalf, if the threat is confirmed to be real and active, they are exalted to Urban Legend.

Urban Legend: Having a widespread influence on society, their actions have made them known to nearly every person in a District. They control a large power base and have bested previous Fixers or Syndicates from removing them. These threats are what Associations focus on, as the payout for these is significant.

Urban Plague: Threats that have disrupted society in more than a few Districts, the mere mention of their name is sure to turn heads. A challenge for even seasoned Associate Fixers, every mercenary and Association will be out for these.

Urban Nightmare: While few of them exist, these class of threats are capable of affecting nearly every District, whether it be Nest or Backstreets. Their removal is of the highest priority, and even the Wings will send their best to stop them.

Star of the City: These are the most dangerous and most powerful threats to threaten City Society. An event that will go down in history, all efforts will be used to put the threat down. Color Fixers and the Hana Association are the first to be sent after these, as they have the skill and expertise to handle them.

Stars of the City are often seen as something that the lowly citizens and dredges aspire to be, not to become exactly like them per say, rather to reach that same level of recognition, fear, and respect. It’s the main reason the Head does not go to wipe every Star out, as they accept these aspirations. Even though many Stars are felled, there will always be more to rise.

Impurity: A rank only which only can be granted by the Head, Impurities are Stars that are seen as defilements to the City, and are typically banished to the Outskirts by the Head’s forces through the Territory Expulsion Procedure.

List of the Associations

Hana Association: Korean (1)

The Association in charge of all Fixers and the one that authorizes Office requests. They are the leader of all Associations. They handle all the paperwork and delegation involving Fixers and other Associations, including “grading” Fixers and granting highly regarded Fixers “Colors”. They also handle ranking and elevating threats to the City.

In general they are the designated force to remove Stars of the City, all Sections of Hana Association are highly trained, with even the lower Sections being a force to be reckoned with. They emphasize a balance in approaches to life and in work, never being too stubborn or accepting, knowing when to go with or against the flow.

Their symbol is representative of the four black trigrams on the Korean flag, each representing principles of movement and harmony.
Outfit: White coats and suits with Gold accents, a Trigram is printed on their back and shoulders.

Zwei Association: German (2) Their motto being: “Your Shield”.

As their name implies, Zwei Association uses their signature Zweihander swords in combat. Their primarily a defense-oriented Association, as they take protection jobs in the Backstreets for clients seeking safety from Syndicates and crazed murderers.

Being a public safety Association, Zwei is responsible for safeguarding citizens and bringing justice to criminal Syndicates and lawbreakers. Similar to police organizations, they also have a variety of special units that investigate criminal activity or defend client locations.

Most members believe their service provides proper justice and order to the City, as a result, they detest the Syndicates and Fingers who exploit the innocent.
Outfit: Navy Blue coats and Pale Yellow suits, and they wear military shoulder boards that indicate Grade.

Tres Association: Spanish (3)

An Association that manages all the Fixer Workshops. Whether that be reviewing weapons and equipment for evaluation, filing workshop applications to the Head, and charging taxes for them. If a workshop weapon fails its evaluation, the Association will usually send feedback on how to improve the design or what to remove for the next time.

Shi Association: Japanese (4)

An Association that works as covert assassins, the Shi uphold a special code of honor: To treat everyone equally, as the weight of death is equal to all. They undertake Assassination missions for anyone, Syndicate crime bosses, disgraced outcasts, repulsive criminals, it matters not. They kill the target with no questions asked, quickly and efficiently. They also maintain confidentiality to their client, never compromising even under threat of death.

Members are highly trained in stealth and covert warfare, using red saber katanas to silence their targets. They lean to no moral compass, killing saints and sinners alike. Because of this, they can often clash with other Fixers who work as bodyguards.
Outfit: Black double-breasted coats with Red accents and White lining.

Cinq Association: French (5)

An Association that lost key members of its Southern Branch to Distortions.

Liu Association: Chinese (6)

The Association that specializes in all-out warfare, they commonly accept dangerous requests from the Wings involving combat. Their method of fighting may be straight forward, but Liu Fixers excel this in ways that few others can match.

Liu Association first assesses their targets and their reason to fight, then they break that will thoroughly before launching an attack on the enemy force. They utilize advanced martial arts and burning weapons to pummel their foes quickly.

The Association prides itself on Fixers that fight with a strong will and determination, finding honor in combat and proving themselves to their seniors.
Outfit: Red coats and Black suits with Gold embroidering.

Seven Association: English (7)

An Association that specializes in intelligence and investigation operations, they solve any mysteries or disturbances the Corporations want investigated, namely the Distortion Phenomenon. They also have knowledge of nearly everything in the City, any Syndicate, Office, and Incident is known to them.

They obviously don’t have sensitive info like Wing Singularities or the Head, but they work with other Associations to solve problems. While not a combat Association, members are trained in the minimum required skills to repel any hostiles, using simple weapons of various tech.
Outfit: Dark Green suits with Dark Brown shirts, Pale Yellow accents.

Öufi Association: Swiss (11)

An Association that specializes in transactions and dealings. They mostly operate in District 10, helping manage the various gambling activities alongside their Affiliate Offices.

The Five Fingers

Also known as the “Hand”, the Fingers are the absolute power of Syndicates, they are the sole ruling organization that keeps order in the Backstreets, all Syndicates answer directly to them. Not even the Wings and the Head can easily interfere in the Hand’s business.

The Fingers are split into five groups; “Thumb”, “Index”, “Middle”, “Ring”, and “Pinky”. All of these branches have their own territory in the Backstreets, and enforce different rules to control these districts, most of the Five have strict rules and are unforgiving in their punishments. However, as with most crime groups, the Fingers don’t typically get along, often having arguments and fights over territory control or other business.

Each branch meets up for a meeting known as “The Finger Bow-Bell” once in a while to discuss effective ways to control the Backstreets, as well as manage territories.
The Fingers also control their own Subsidiaries, who help manage the Backstreets as well as business with Syndicates. The Kurokumo Clan is a Subsidiary of the Thumb for example.

The Thumb

The Thumb are one of the more refined and polite of the Fingers. Based on the Italian Mafia, they treat those of higher authority with the utmost respect. So much so that to even speak out of turn or glance without permission will result in the harshest punishment.

They take their hierarchy very seriously, those under a boss’s command must follow their orders without question and enforce their rules of respect immediately, even in a middle of a casual meeting. This respect even extends to their enemies.
The Thumb is led by the Capo dei Capi (Boss of Bosses), who commands several Sottocapi, who lead Capi, who then manage the bosses of the Finger’s Subsidiaries.

On rare occasion, a higher up may devolve their rank to a subordinate if they need to attend to a specific matter that requires it, or if they need to confide information to a trusted person.
Even with these strict regulations, so long as you follow them, you’ll be greeted into the family with open arms.

The Thumb are unique among the Fingers in that they use firearms in combat, while they are all home-made, the price is still hefty enough that most of the time, they’ll use bayonets or the butt of the gun in melee combat. The weapons are made out of sturdy materials strong enough to crush bone easily.
Outfit: Maroon coats with Bronze accents, Dark Gray suits.

The Index

Index gives out specific orders to Syndicates and members called “Prescripts”. These orders will range from simple to bizarre tasks that must be followed to the letter, no matter how ridiculous or fatal the order is.
Examples are “Chopping off the right arm of the 24th person you meet.” or “Stand in the middle of the street for 40 minutes, then cut your heart out.”
These are not random however, each Prescript is issued to benefit the Index in one way or the other, although few know who exactly writes them and why.

Disobeying or messing up a Prescript will result in termination by their Proxies, who themselves are given a Prescript to carry it out. Proxies lead a familia of Proselytes, who help carry out the orders they are given. These orders are the payment the Index requires for protection, which to some might be good due to no money payments. Of course, you’ll have to deal with the vague orders your given.

The Index is made up of Proxies, Messengers, and Proselytes. Proselytes are the lowest rank, recruited from those who devote themselves to the Prescripts, if they show ample enough skill and competence, they are promoted to either Proxy or Messenger.

While most of the Fingers are cruel and uncaring in their control of the Streets, Index has a few laws to prevent irrational violence.

The true nature of the Prescripts are ancient underground machines that create them in accordance with the tremors and movements of the City. Special “Weavers” manage these machines and deliver Prescripts to Messengers via chutes.
Outfit: White cloaks with Gold accents, and Black suits.

The Middle

Based on Spanish Cartels, the Middle emphasizes loyalty and brotherhood among its members. They lost a good chunk of their manpower due to the Black Silence’s rampage.
Outfit: Black suits, Purple patterned shirts, and Gold chains.

The Ring

An artistically inclined Syndicate that takes it to the extreme. They care not for how the public views them, proudly displaying their most inner, twisted selves through art. They even express this in how they dress. Men dress themselves in feminine ways (dresses, makeup), and women wear suits and such. Glass and refracted imagery are often their theme, which they decorate themselves with.

The Ring exhibit their artworks in various galleries, holding auctions to sell off the most prized pieces to distinguished buyers, including Wings. People can be accepted into the Ring’s protection, as long as they produce a work of art. However, the Ring holds high standards for what works are accepted into their galleries, those who do not live up to those expectations are executed on the spot.
Outfit: Elaborate, stylized white dresses and suits.

Known Offices

Vergilius’ Office

  • Operator: Vergilius.
  • Unusual for an Office in that it is led by a Color. It’s members mostly specialize in info gathering, tinkering with tech, and such. Vergilius is a longtime friend of the Office, hence his employment there. They are the main cast featured in the Leviathan novel.
  • Outfit: Variety of suits and coats.

Yuri’s Office*

  • Operator: Unknown.
  • A low tier Office made up of Grade 8 Fixers. They worked alongside Limbus Company to guide them through an abandoned L Corp Branch facility. One of their noteworthy members was a former employee of L Corp.

*Not actually the Office’s name.
Outfit: White and Black coats with Blue or Red accents.

Known Syndicates and Subsidiaries


Unidentified Syndicate

  • Leader: Lapis’ Father.
  • An infamous Syndicate known for its brutal reign. They were all wiped out by the Red Gaze in a single battle, leaving only one traumatized survivor. Ever since the incident, the Syndicate’s name and records have been expunged from history. Afterwards, Vergilius took in the boss’ daughter to an orphanage.

The incident would later be used as inspiration for a prized artwork of the Ring sold in an auction.

Blade Lineage

  • Leader: Unknown.
  • A Syndicate made up of wanderers and those bearing a deadly grudge, often of low social positions. They value the art of violence and murder, believing warriors who are unscathed by wounds are cowardly and overcautious. Despite their bloodthirst, they are aware of their low status and will behave to a minimum when needed.
  • Outfit: Mix of a Dark Purple Hanbok and Gray suit, with other Korean attire.

Tingtang Gang

  • Leader: Unnamed Boss.
  • A group of rowdy Spanish-themed thugs that are based out of a car scrapyard in District 10. Although they are a relatively lowly Syndicate, they extort merchants for protection money and have a tight control over their territory.
  • Outfit: Bright floral patterned shirts, decorative tattoos, some chains.

Los Mariachis

  • Leader: Aida.
  • A Mexican-themed Syndicate that places a emphasis on sublimating the misery and sadness from life into intense and passionate dance. They hold the art of dancing as sacred, and will harshly judge those of “poor and insincere” performance. Despite their humorous mood, they are fully capable of combat if need be.
  • Outfit: Stereotypical Mexican attire, ponchos, sombreros, and such.

Tieqiu Crew

  • Leader: Unnamed Boss.
  • A group of rather large but muscular men who are infamous for their coarse words and insulting tongues. They are said to have beaten rival Syndicates purely with their creative vulgarity alone. The Tieqiu are always looking for new ways to mouth off others, and have no qualms with the macabre and excessive.
  • Outfit: Bare chested with Chinese-inspired tattoos, loose fitting shirts that (barely) cover the front.


Kurokumo Clan

  • Patriarch/Matriarch: Unknown.
  • A Subsidiary of the Thumb, the Kurokumo Clan rose from being ordinary Backstreet denizens to a powerful Syndicate. Because of their poor beginnings, they despise those in the Nest who spectate the suffering of the Backstreets from their comfy positions.

Wielding katanas that slice through foes and cause heavy bleeding, they help the Thumb manage their territory. Similar to Yakuza, Kurokumo wear Japanese-themed clothing with some mix of business suits.
Outfit: Black kimonos or suits with White undershirts. Tattoos of their Clan symbol are on either side of the shoulders.

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