Living With Sister Monochrome Fantasy: Beginner’s Guide

When you’re just starting out in Living With Sister Monochrome Fantasy, learning about siblings, skills, combat, and all other systems is important to your progress. In this beginner’s guide you’ll find all the ways you need to determine your size strategy.

Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide that includes details about character details, game mechanics and skills that beginners need to know to develop strategies.

Attribute Panel

  • Days: Represents the time you’ve experienced. Generally determines the stage the player is in (not very useful).
  • Time: Divided into daytime, evening, and late night. During the daytime, you can go to the guild to complete relevant training and tasks. In the evening, you are responsible for dinner with your sister and improving her affection or training attributes. In the late night stage, you need to ensure the player’s libido is above 50 to proceed. Note that weekends are not different from other times, but you can spend money to buy related items (useful).
  • XXX Brother: The title the sister uses for the brother based on the initial choice (not very useful).
  • Action Points: Required for any action during the game. Action points can be increased through items like tea, but the increase is limited, so deciding what to do each day is crucial. Note that after exercising in the guild in the morning, players should reserve some action points to unlock other characters’ storylines in the guild (very important, keep an eye on it).
  • Player Libido: Must be above 50 to enter the late night stage and above 100 to add special ingredients to dinner in the evening. Can be increased by peeping on the sister bathing or using the toilet. Note that once it’s above 100, a portion will naturally decrease every night during sleep (quite important).
  • Energy: Represents the number of times you can “snake”, can be increased through skills (ordinary).
  • Money: Used for purchasing items, cooking dinner, etc. (if you choose the bento policy, you won’t spend money). Money is earned by working in the guild and is given out on weekends. Failure to work results in money deductions. You can work on weekends to earn money and participate in weekend adventures to gain events (very important).

Sister’s Attribute Panel

  • Policy: Chooses the plan for the week (chosen on Friday evenings), providing related buffs. For example, choosing the bento policy means dinner is free in the evenings, and overall affection is increased by 100. These buffs are for the player.
  • Trust: The sister’s trust in you. Affection can be increased through intimate contact. The higher the trust, the more options available during intimate contact and the greater the increase. At 100 trust, you can choose to pat her head during intimate contact, at 200, you can choose to massage her shoulders, and at 300, you can tickle her. Sexual harassment options require the sister’s interest to reach a certain level before choosing. Note that choosing any option without sufficient affection will decrease it.
  • Mood: The sister’s mood for the day, ranging from “about to explode” to “Brotherly love”. A good mood can increase trust, and vice versa. Can be improved by giving her snacks, etc.
  • Interest: The sister’s threshold for accepting lewd content. The higher the interest, the more lewd content the sister can accept. Can be increased by reading erotic books or intimate contact.
  • Libido: The sister’s current libido. The higher the libido, the higher the probability of lewd events. Can be increased through intimate contact, medication, etc.
  • Note: If the sister is unwell, no lewd activities can be performed, and action points are required to take care of her and aid her recovery.

Unlocking Lewd Skills

  • Doggy Style: Unlocked by reading the “Emperor’s Book”.
  • Pile Driver: Unlocked by helping the sister bathe and selecting to wipe her body for two consecutive days, first choose to bathe, then help her bathe, and continue for two consecutive days to unlock.
  • 69 Position: Unlocked by having the sister help with “cleaning” during bathing for two consecutive days.
  • Cowgirl: Automatically unlocked while reading erotic books, no skill points required.
  • Titjob: Unlocked by reading erotic novellas.

Gameplay Strategy and Tips

Exercise in the morning, increase trust through intimate contact in the afternoon, and after unlocking cooking skills, try to cook yourself, which has a chance to increase sister’s trust. If you have libido at night, engage in lewd activities; otherwise, sleep directly. If affection is insufficient, getting caught doing lewd activities at night will decrease affection, otherwise, the sister will cooperate. To unlock anal options, affection must be high enough, and you must engage in lewd activities at night.

Note: During the 25th day when the guild’s strategy task is due, let the sister cook dinner for two consecutive days. Weekend adventures can only be done on weekends, try to finish early to unlock “impotence”, no need for condoms, otherwise, if you engage in lewd activities without condoms, there’s a chance of the sister getting pregnant, leading to an early end of the game.

This game primarily consists of two time periods:

  1. Morning to Afternoon: This is the time for guild activities. There are missions or random events to increase guild points. On weekends, Saturday and Sunday, outdoor activities like city tours or adventures are available.
  2. Evening: This is the main gameplay period where the main objective is to play Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) with your little sister.

The main gameplay revolves around guild activities, coupled with building a stronger bond with your little sister to earn points. These points can be used to upgrade necessary skills or unlock abilities to overcome future challenges. Eventually, you’ll get to play Janken with your sister comfortably.

Points are earned from everything you do, so do your best. Take care of your little sister and participate in guild activities.

Time Spent with Your Little Sister

At first, there’s not much you can do during this time. You need to build trust by talking and spending time together. It’s advisable to exceed a trust level of 110. Try inviting your sister to take a bath together. If she agrees, it’s considered a first step towards success. Afterward, focus on increasing intimacy and try selecting different or repeating options. This will gradually unlock more opportunities to play Janken.

Your little sister has four main status indicators:

  1. Trust: Should be prioritized first and can be gained through conversations, playing, and taking care of your sister.
  2. Mood: Indicates how your sister is feeling: unhappy, normal, good, or loving. Avoid making her angry.
  3. Interest: Mostly gained through engaging conversations or activities related to her interests. Increasing this value alongside Trust can be beneficial.
  4. Lust: Can fluctuate and has a maximum value of 120 for both sides.

Skills System

The skills system consists of four main categories:

  1. Social Skills: Mostly require points to unlock.
  2. Intimate Skills: These need to be unlocked before upgrading.
  3. Basic Skills: Includes cooking and part-time work, which can earn you extra money.
  4. Guild Enhancement Skills: Must be unlocked before upgrading. Acquisition methods may vary.

Combat and Other Systems

Combat is turn-based with limited rounds. If any side’s HP reaches zero first, they lose. Otherwise, the side with more HP wins. Different skills have varying effects, so manage them wisely and strive for victory.


  • Every action requires energy. Initially, the game provides around 40-60 energy, but it’s recommended to have over 80. The maximum energy capacity is 120.

Earning Money

  • Mainly from guild activities, part-time jobs, and exchanging points for money.

Spoilers: Before and After the Game

  • Important events and content before and after the game are provided for those who need guidance.

Q & A

Q: Is there a way to add new colors to this game?

  • A: Yes, but it’s through a mod available on the pirate website, and you can install mods.

Q: Are there any Thai language mods available?

  • A: There are, but they’re usually rough Google translations.

Q: Can we import save files from the pirate version?

  • A: I’ve tried, but couldn’t. Might have to wait for someone to work on this.

Q: Can we romance other characters?

  • A: Not in the main game for now.

Q: Will there be any more updates in the future?

  • A: Yes! What about DLCs?

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