Loot Box Quest Achievements Guide

The spiritual successor to DLC Quest! Gain that sense of pride and accomplishment that only repeated click can deliver. It’s a clicker game, so relax, have a few giggles and watch the numbers grow as the industry burns around us all. This is a guide to the game Loot Box Quest Achievements, upgrades, helpful tips – all you need to know to finish the game.

Loot Box Quest Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Loot Box Quest Achievements Guide. This is a guide to the game Loot Box Quest Achievements, upgrades, helpful tips – all you need to know to finish the game.


Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsJust Getting Warmed UpClick 250 times.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsIn the GrooveClick 1000 times.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsTime to Buy a ReplacementClick 5000 times.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsThousand-aireEarn $1000 lifetime.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsOne MILLION DollarsEarn $1M lifetime.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsOh CanadaEarn $1.53T lifetime.
Loot Box Quest - 100% Achievments1K Sub Bonus VideoReach 1000 followers.
Loot Box Quest - 100% Achievments100K Subs! Bonus Video?Reach 100K followers.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsPlatinum ChannelReach 1M followers.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsKeeping Up With DemandRelease 10 games.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsSequels All the Way DownRelease 25 games.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsFlood the MarketRelease 50 games.*
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsSaves Me Having to Fire YouHave your developers quit on you during the Studio phase.**
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsPridePurchase all available upgrades.
Loot Box Quest - 100% AchievmentsAccomplishmentUnlock MacGuffin.***
* Don’t forget to do that before executing IPO.
** Hire more devs than you can afford. When you run out of money, they’ll leave.
*** It’ll drop soon, just keep up the grind!


Here’s a list of all avaliable upgrades divided by activity. Upgrades can be unlockes by buying other upgrades or getting a certain amount of currency.


Get a Job
Buy a Book of Life Hacks16
Dress for Success25
Learn to Code40
Write Script to Automate Job40
Buy a Better Computer200
Get a Second Job250
Get Liquid-cooling and Iverclock your Rig500

MacGuffin Quest 2

Pre-Order MacGuffin Quest 230
Buy MacGuffin Quest 2 Deluxe Limited Edition80
Become Ambidextrous50
Tap Five Mice Together400
Write Auto-Grind Script1.00K
Buy Bot Account 1250
Buy Bot Account 2369
Buy Bot Account 3571
Buy Bot Account 4915
Buy Bot Account 51.50K
Write Auto-Auctions Script1.50K
Hack MacGuffin Quest 2 and Remove All Animations2.00K
Write Auto-Open Loot Boxes Script5.00K

Influencer Upgrades

Buy a Capture Card2.00K
Get Partnered2.00K
Buy Video Editing Software3.50K
Track Channel Growth1.00K
Do Sponsored Videos10.00K
Start Live-Steaming10.00K
Completely Sell Out200.00K
Make Re-usable Video Intros5.00K
Hire Video Editor10.00K
Hire a Pro Video Editor30.00K

Game Studio

Start a Game Dev Studio250.00K
Enable Analytics25.00K200
Add Microtransactions25.00K300
Add Weekly Rewards50.00K500100
Add Daily Rewards250.00K2.50K500
Add Constant Rewards2.50M25.00K5.00K
Add Premium Currency: Gems50.00K500100
Add Premium Currency: Gold Coins100.00K1.00K500
Add Premium Currency: Crystals400.00K2.00K5.00K
Add Premium Currency: Cards1.60M4.00K50.00K
Add Gold Loot Boxes50.00K500500
Add Seasonal Loot Boxes500.00K2.50K2.50K
Put Game Altering Buffs in Loot Boxes2.00M20.00K50.00K
Put Core Game Elements in Loot Boxes10.00M40.00K100.00K
Put Entire Game in Loot Boxes500.00M20.00K50.00K
Add Lute Boxes5.00M12.50K12.50K
Add Skinner Boxes50.00M62.50K62.50K
Run Marketing Campaigns100.00K
Charge More For New Games100.00K500
Charge Even More for New Games100.00K1.00K
Eliminate Under-performing Franchises2.00M30.00K
Sell Pre-Orders For Loot Boxes50.00K3.00K3.00K
Sell Limited Editions300.00K2.00K
Sell Collector’s Editions9.00M10.00K
Start our own Digital Distribution Service100.00M50.00K

Publicly Traded Company

Execute IPO10.00B
Regurarly Scheduled Layoffs50.00B
Use Contract Employees instead of Full Time200.00B
Purchase Beloved Independent Studio100.00B
Reduce Loot Box Odds2.00T
Reduce Loot Box Odds to Zero1.00Quad
Target the Minnows500.00T
Incentivize Diminished-Age Purchasers1.00Quad
Start up Government Lobbying Division5.00Quad
Lobby for Reduced Fines10.00Quad100
Disclose Loot Box Odds1.00Quin1.00K
Sell Buffs for Loot Box Odds2.50Quin2.00K
Roll Back the Loot Box Ban10.00Quin5.00K
Acquire Customer Data from Security Breach50.00Quad100
Arrange a Security Breach100.00Quad500
Start up Machine Learning Division10.00Quad
Teach Machines to Maintain the Game60.00Quad1.00T
Optimize Return on Ad Spend100.00Quad2.50T
Automatic Targeted Ad Personalization500.00Quad10.00T
Force Customers to Actually Watch Ads5.00Quin50.00T
Start up Bio-Engineering Division200.00Quin10.00K
Determine Individual’s Deepest Desires200.00Quin15.00K100.00T100
Emit an Inaudible Sound When Not Monetizing600.00Quin25.00K250.00T250
Isolate Microtransaction Gene5.00Sext500.00T500
Launch Satellite Mesh Network10.00Sext1.00Quad1.00K
Modify MacGuffin Quest 2 source code

Extra Tips

Some helpful tips:

  • Automation is key;
  • No offline rewards;
  • Make some extra currency before acessing new activities;
  • Release 50 games before executing IPO, if you want an achievment;
  • During the Company phase regularly redistribute your budget according to your current needs;
  • just keep playing, you’ll get MacGuffin eventually. (:
Written by SadSensei

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