Lords of the Fallen | Petrified Woman Walkthrough

Looking for the Petrified Woman in Lords of the Fallen? Discover the quest steps: find and rescue her as we guide you to her location.

If you’re looking for the Petrified Woman in Lords of the Fallen, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few things you need to do to successfully complete this quest. First, you need to find the Petrified Woman and then rescue her. Below, we’ve explained the location of the Petrified Woman and how to save her.

Petrified Woman in Lords of the Fallen

The Petrified Woman quest in Lords of the Fallen is a unique and intriguing quest that introduces a valuable companion for players in the game. In this walkthrough guide, we will take you through the steps to save the Petrified Woman, what you need to do, and the rewards you’ll gain for your efforts. Let’s embark on this quest together.

Petrified Woman in Lords of the Fallen

How to Start the Petrified Woman Quest

To begin the quest, make your way to Forsaken Fen, and keep an ear out for the sound of humming in the vicinity. Follow this sound, and it will lead you to the location of the Petrified Woman. She can be found closest to the Vestige of Valade.

How to Rescue Petrified Woman

As you explore Forsaken Fen, you will encounter the Petrified Woman. The key to finding her is to follow the humming sounds that lead to a nearby cave. Upon reaching her, she will reveal her backstory. She was once a mercenary hired to accompany a sorcerer named Wilmarc on his journey. Wilmarc promised to use magic to strengthen her skin, making her resistant to harm. However, this magical process went awry, and she ended up petrified. Notably, there’s an item just behind her, but you cannot access it due to her petrified state.

The Petrified Woman will explain that she was hired by the sorcerer for protection during their journey to Mournstead. However, as soon as she began to petrify, creatures started appearing, and the sorcerer abandoned her. She’ll ask for your assistance, saying, “Get this damn thing off me, and I’ll be in your debt. And who doesn’t appreciate having a favor in their pocket?”

To help her, you must use a Radiant spell to reverse her petrification, returning her to her natural state. She will recognize your magical abilities and reward you with a Pendant of Induration. She’ll advise you to keep it, as she was taught to stay away from magic by her father. Subsequently, she moves to the Hub at the Skyrest Bridge, where she awaits your company.

Now, the Petrified Woman offers to fight alongside you as a companion during specific boss battles. In return, she requests a payment after each fight. This arrangement between the player and the Petrified Woman is known as the “Kukajin Invoice.”

Petrified Woman Quest Rewards

Completing the Petrified Woman quest grants you several valuable rewards, including:

  • Kukajin’s Sword
  • Kukajin’s Armor
  • Kukajin’s Gloves
  • Kukajin’s Leggings
  • Envenomed Shield

With this walkthrough guide, you now have a comprehensive understanding of how to initiate and complete the Petrified Woman quest in Lords of the Fallen. By using Radiant spells, you’ll not only save her but also gain a reliable companion and some exceptional rewards to enhance your gaming experience.

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