Lords Of The Fallen Searing Accusation Guide

Defeat Searing Accusation in Lords of the Fallen. Our expert guide reveals the strategies and tactics to conquer this formidable foe. Conquer now!

The Searing Accusation functions as a Hellish Catalyst in the realm of the Lords of the Fallen. For details, check out our Lords Of The Fallen Searching Accusation guide and take advantage of this information in the direction you need!

Lords Of The Fallen Searing Accusation Guide

Do you need detailed information about Searing Accusation in Lords Of The Fallen? Then you’re in the right place! Searing Accusation functions as an Inferno Catalyst within the realm of Lords of the Fallen (LotF). This catalyst specializes in delivering significant magical damage, predominantly influenced by its scaling with Inferno.

Location of Searing Accusation in Lords of the Fallen

You can acquire the Searing Accusation at the following location:

  • Skyrest Bridge: You’ll encounter it within the vicinity where you confront the Umbral Tumor. Descend and employ your Soulflay ability to target the entity in front of you, moving the platform closer to your position. Once lowered, turn around to locate another target that can be Soulflayed, providing a route back to the Umbral tumor you intend to eliminate. Turn around once more and use Soulflay on another target to access the ladder on the opposite side. Ascend to the hall, then further ascend via the longer ladder, returning to the Umbral tumor. The final target is positioned directly above you to the right, within your Soulflay range when you approach the platform’s edge. Execute Soulflay on the Umbral Belly concealed by the tumor, and claim the Searing Accusation that it drops.

Searing Accusation Spell Slots

Searing Accusation is equipped with four spell slots, offering versatility in spellcasting.

Notes and Tips for Searing Accusation

  • Hidden Lore: In the past, some believed the colossal Hand of Adyr to be the physical manifestation of the god’s hand, with the remainder of his body concealed beneath it. However, this formation materialized long after Adyr’s exile, serving as a symbol of his smoldering wrath, potent enough to traverse dimensions. (Inferno is a prerequisite for unlocking this lore).
  • Equipping a Catalyst will forfeit the option to use Throwable Items or Ranged Weapons.
  • Spells can be assigned to the quick action bar for rapid casting, with each school necessitating a distinct Catalyst for activation.
  • Additional player insights and recommendations can be added here.
  • It can be offered to the Tortured Prisoner as part of her liberation, advancing her questline.

Upgrades for Searing Accusation in LOTF

Below is a summary table detailing the upgrade values for Searing Accusation and the materials required for each enhancement:

 Attack PowerStat ScalingMagicCrafting
SEARING ACCUSATIONPhysicalHolyFireWitherStrAgiRadInfSpell PowerReq. Materials
+10000B-113Small Deralium Fragment x2
+20000B-127Small Deralium Fragment x4
+30000B140Regular Deralium Nuggets x1
+40000B153Regular Deralium Nuggets x2
 +50000B+166Regular Deralium Nuggets x4
+60000B+178Large Deralium Shards x2
+70000A-191Large Deralium Shards x4
+80000A-203Large Deralium Shards x6
+90000A214Large Deralium Shards x8
+100000A226Deralium Chunk x1
Lords Of The Fallen Searing Accusation

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