Lost Ark A Starlit Melody Quest

Welcome to our Lost Ark A Starlit Melody Quest guide. A Starlit Melody quest video. A Starlit Melody Starlight Isle Quest Lost Ark walkthrough.

Lost Ark A Starlit Melody Quest

Video Guide

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A Lighthouse for the Soul

  • Find Lena’s Dad
    /talk with Favreau and persuade him
  • Ask him to guide the souls
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk
    /talk with Favreau and persuade him
  • Ask again
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk

For the Lost Soul – Lost Ark A Starlit Melody

Check Favreau’s Diary

  • Talk to Lena
    Gather information in Frozen Sea
  • Talk to the Unloader
  • Talk to the Worker
  • Talk to the Daybreaker
    Iceblood Plateau, Shushire
  • Find the frozen corpse of a woman
  • Interact with object:
  • Ask why she wouldn’t leave
  • /talk to the woman to persuade her to leave
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk
  • /talk to persuade her that it’s been ten years already
  • Use emotion: icon – Talk
  • Speak with Woman’s Soul
  • Meet her son, Roehn, in Frozen Sea
    Iceblood Plateau
  • Speak with Woman’s Soul

The Pianist of the Lonely Lighthouse

  • Guide the soul to Favreau
  • Speak with Favreau

Starkeeper’s Records – Lost Ark A Starlit Melody

  • Read Favreau’s first entry
    Runaways Island
  • Ask around about Diego
  • Find someone who remembers Diego
  • Find someone who has seen Diego
  • Find Diego
  • Interact with object:
  • Retrieve Diego’s soul
    Purchase the panacea from the Pirate Merchant
  • Give it to Diego’s mom
  • Get item: icon – Wonder Drug

The Soul Left in X-301

  • Read Favreau’s second entry
    Facility X-301
  • Find I-202
  • Take a look around B-0031
  • Interact with object:
    Defeat the nearby mechanical monsters to collect parts for B-0031
  • Steel Diver’s Arm Circuitry
  • Steel Diver’s Joint Rivet
  • Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor
  • Repair B-0031
  • Interact with object:
  • Do I-202 a favor
  • Take the engine out of I-202
  • Insert the engine into B-0031
  • Interact with object:
  • Ask I-202’s soul to come along

Under the Starlight Lighthouse

  • Ask Favreau to play the piano
  • Speak with Favreau in front of the cabin
  • Take out Lena’s mom’s diary

Finding Eileen’s Soul – Lost Ark A Starlit Melody

  • Check the first diary
  • Ask Father Varut about Eileen
  • Look for traces of a soul on which Eileen sat

Favreau and Eileen

Talk to Lena

  • Check the second diary
    Liebeheim in the Atusa Ocean north of Luterra
  • Find the flower from Eileen’s memories
  • Interact with object:
  • Check the third diary
    Sunbright Hill, Luterra
  • Speak with Allegro
    Find Eileen’s traces
  • Find first trace
  • Interact with object:
  • Find second trace
  • Interact with object:
  • Find third trace Your Traces
  • Check the fourth diary
    Rattan Hill in Anikka
  • Check what’s hidden near the Wisteria

A Starlit Melody

  • Give the letter to Favreau
  • Speak with Favreau
  • Speak with Favreau

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