Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide

In this Lost Ark Ability Stone guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about faceting in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide

More specifically, Ability Stones provides tons of nodes for Engravings, which allow you to gain special buffs for your characters. You want to facet these Ability Stones to get the most nodes you can…

Updated on 02.21.2022

Facet Ability Stones

Check Out an Ability Stone Cutter, which is marked in every town by a blue crystal. Here is the Ability Stone Cutter in Vern Castle:

Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide 1

Talk with the Stone Cutter and mouse over to the Ability Stone you want to refine.

Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide 2

Your objective in faceting Ability Stones is to acquire nodes for the leading 2 rows while missing out on the bottom row. You can select to facet a capability above. For instance, if you want to acquire more nodes for Vital Point Hit, you hit the hammer next to it.

Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide 3

If you get a node, the crystal will radiance blue and be marked with “+1. But if you fail …

Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide 4

The diamond will lose a glow and turn gray. The success rate for acquiring a node reduces with each successful attempt. In the situation above, you have a 45% possibility to fail at the bottom row, with a 45% chance to succeed on top 2 rows.

To use a stone, you need to finish both rows. Keep the red nodes as low as possible.

Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide 5

Now, you can go to your inventory, and gear up the finished Ability Stone. Right-click it or drag it into your Ability Stone slot to equip it if you got great rolls. Otherwise, you can dismantle it to get Power of Mystery which you can utilize to craft more Ability Stones later.

Lost Ark Ability Stone Guide 6

That’s everything you need to know about Faceting Ability Stones in Lost Ark. Get the very best Ability Stone to level up your Engravings.

How to use Ability Stones & Engravings

Each Engraving has three different tiers in Lost Ark, with each level increasing the Engraving’s specific buffs. Your Engraving level depends on the rarity of your accessories, with Levels requiring 5, 10, and 15 points respectively to activate.

The points that each item grants are below, with Ability Stones contributing a huge amount of points. You can only equip one of these, and will have to facet (cut) it at an Ability Stone Cutter in order to activate the points :

  • Rare Accessory: 1 point
  • Rare Ability Stone: 0 – 6 points
  • Epic Accessory: 2 – 3 points
  • Epic Ability Stone: 0 – 8 points
  • Legendary Accessory: 2 – 3 points
  • Legendary Ability Stone: 0 – 9 points

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