Lost Ark Lullaby Island Guide

Welcome to our Lost Ark Lullaby Island Guide. It is the most difficult island due to the wrong timer on the map. Lullaby Island Coop How to pass is in the following steps. Lullaby Island Song the required, song can be bought from Peyto Island. In order to complete the quest, you must complete the Lullaby island event. This event starts at lullaby island secret entrance every 2 hours.

Lost Ark Lullaby Island Guide

As you take on quests and hunt down World Bosses, you’ll come across various collectible items. For example, Mokoko Seeds, and songs, like the Forest’s Minuet song of Lullaby Island.

Songs in Lost Ark are yet another item you can collect, and they act as spells to an extent. Think of how Bards use their music as magic in other RPGs… this is what your songs do! The first one you’ll learn is the Song of Heart and Home, which is a teleportation tune.

As you venture further into Arkasia and acquire mounts, pets, and gear galore, you’ll want more songs too. There are seventeen in total, and Forest’s Minuet is perhaps one of the harder ones ot acquire. In this guide, we explain how to get to Lullaby Island and unlock the Forest’s Minuet song in Lost Ark.

If you want to obtain all the Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark, you will need access to numerous different music sheets. One sheet of music you need is the Forest’s Minuet, which you receive as a reward from the quest “The Forest Where Fairies Sing” on Lullaby Island. This guide will give you a complete walkthrough of the Forest Where Fairies Sing roster quest in Lost Ark.

Forest Where Fairies Sing Quest

Lost Ark Forest Where Fairies Sing Quest
Lost Ark Forest Where Fairies Sing Quest

The quest will start on Lullaby Island after speaking to Traveler Eclipse. She will tell you that might be a fairy hidden somewhere on Lullaby Island. Before you begin finding the fairy, make sure to acquire the sheet music Song of Resonance from Peyto. You will need it for later on in the questline.

As you travel toward the center of the circle on your minimap, you will find a singing fairy hiding in a bush. The image above shows the approximate location. Upon speaking to the fairy, give the following replies to advance to the next part:

  1. Whistle.
  2. Wait.
  3. Whistle again.
Lost Ark Forest Where Fairies Sing Quest
Lost Ark Forest Where Fairies Sing Quest

After giving these three replies, the fairy will disappear, and you will need to track her down again. The image above shows the approximate location. Upon speaking to the fairy again, give the following replies to progress to the third part:

  1. Put down the shiny pebble.
  2. Remember me?
  3. It’s a gift.
  4. Wait quietly.

For the third part of the questline, you will need to find the fairy again. Head directly north from your location until you find the fairy. The image above shows the approximate location. You will find a series of dialogue options again. Give the following responses to proceed:

  1. Just watch.
  2. Listen with your back to her.
  3. I’m listening.
  4. I’ll look for one.
  5. Sure.
  6. No worries. I’m an adventurer.

Lost Ark Lullaby Island Secret Entrance

You will need a Voice of the Forest times three, so you’ll need to use Song of Resonance a few more times in the secret passage area.

With three Voice of the Forest items, go back to the last fairy and hand them to her. She will be appreciative and reward you with the Forest Minuet as a token of gratitude.

Lost Ark Lullaby Island Coop Event

Lost Ark Lullaby Island Coop Event
Lost Ark Lullaby Island Coop Event

Next, you will receive another task to perform three Magick Melody events to collect Voice of the Forest. To do this, go to the far right side of the island where the white hands symbol is and wait until the secret entrance opens. The event opens every other hour at the 20-minute mark. This means that if it last opened at 14:20, you will have to wait until 16:20 or 4:20 pm to reaccess the event.

Once it opens, go down the passageway that opens until you reach the Magic Melody marker. Play Song of Resonance repeatedly until the event ends. Upon completing it, you will receive a Chest of Sleeping Songs in your inventory. Open it to obtain numerous rewards, including the Voice of the Forest. Complete this event two more times to advance the quest.

Lastly, follow the quest marker to deliver the news to the fairy. Once you speak to the fairy for the last time, you will complete the quest and earn Forest’s Minuet sheet music.

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