Lost Ark Pirate Coin Guide

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Welcome to our Lost Ark Pirate Coins guide. In this guide, we’ll show you where to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark, or, more particularly, which islands reward you with Pirate Coins.

Lost Ark Pirate Coins Guide

There are lots of kinds of currency in Lost Ark, each created for different jobs within the video game. The currency of option for sea-faring folk is, naturally, Pirate Coins. You can trade these with Merchant Ships and traders in different areas for useful products, items, songs, and more. The good things will cost you, though.

But that’s a good thing since it means there’s a lots of content to work through and great deals of Pirate Coins to gather.

Updated on 30th January, 2023

How to Get Pirate Coin?

Blackfang’s Pirate Coins Quest

As quickly as you struck level 50, the perfect progression path would be to finish the missions on Blackfang’s Den Island. You’ll get about 10,000 Pirate Coins for rounding off the easy jobs, including collecting some swords and skulls and eliminating a few things. Easy enough.

One thing to note is that this Island requires going to Anikka, Atlas, Peyto, and Vern. It also opens connection with Captain Blacktooth, and likewise provides you with the following benefits in total:

  • 10,000 Pirate Coins
  • 60,000 Silver
  • 5 Epic EXP Cards
  • 10 High Seas Coin Chests
  • 5 Uncommon-Legendary Random Card Packs
  • 100 Gold

Freedom Isle Pirate Coins Quest

For completing everything on Freedom Island, you will get a whopping 15,000 Pirate Coins for not too much effort. You will also get the following rewards for completing everything on Freedom Isle in Lost Ark:

  • 15,000 Pirate Coins
  • 60,000 Silver
  • 15 High Seas Coin Chests
  • 12 Rare Engraving Selection Boxes
  • 8 Uncommon-Legendary Random Card Packs
  • 6 Uncommon Class Engraving Selection Boxes
Lost Ark Pirate Coin Farm
Lost Ark Pirate Coin Farm

Lullaby Island Pirate Coins Quest

Lullaby Island is another excellent island for Pirate Coins, as you can get 16,500 of them. In short, you will require to get the Song of Resonance from Peyto before finishing this Island. In addition, you’ll likewise get the following benefits:

  • 80,000 Silver
  • 85 Gold
  • 12 High Seas Coin Chests
  • 10 Rare Engraving Selection Boxes
  • Forest’s Minuet Song (needed for Dreamgull Island)
  • 6 Uncommon-Legendary Random Card Packs
  • Vitality Potion

Peyto and Glacier Isle Pirate Coins Quest

Peyto is a little ship and a place you’ll need to check out as part of the previous Island. Furthermore, this is where a Glacier Isle quest starts, so we have combined them into one. In overall, you will get the following benefits for finishing all of the quests:

  • 2,000 Pirate Coins
  • 27,600 Silver
  • 24,000 Harmony Shards
  • 2,400 Guardian Stones
  • 650 Destruction Stones
  • 50 Gold
  • 40 Leap Stones
  • 3 Uncommon-Legendary Random Card Packs
  • 2 High Seas Coin Chests
  • Sway Emote
  • Edge of Serenity Song

Giant Mushroom Island Pirate Coins Quest

Giant Mushroom Island needs you to have Life Skill Energy and an axe convenient to do some huge mushroom chopping. You will need level 10 Logging to get through them. You have a chance to get a Giant Mushroom Island token while logging, so you can do it in a group to speed it up. The benefits consist of:

  • 2,000 Pirate Coins
  • 28,000 Silver

Golden Wave Island Pirate Coins Quest

The chests and lootable objects have a small chance to drop the Golden Wave Island token. The rewards for this Island include:

  • 7,000 Pirate Coins
  • 42,000 Silver
  • 8 Uncommon Engraving Boxes
  • 7 High Seas Coin Chests
  • 4 Uncommon-Legendary Random Card Packs
  • 4 Uncommon Class Engraving Boxes
  • 1 Random Epic Rapport Chest

Runaways Island Pirate Coins Quest

A quest for her is acquired from a sign north of Lina. Completing the Crook Catcher Daily Una’s Task 5 times gets you the Runaways Island Token. Rewards for this Island include:

  • 5,000 Pirate Coins
  • 23,860 Silver
  • 100 Gold
  • 12 Uncommon Engraving Selection Boxes
  • 6 Uncommon Class Engraving Boxes
  • 5 High Seas Coin Chests
  • 3 Epic EXP Cards
  • Beg Emote
  • Stat Potion
  • Vitality Potion

Kalthertz Pirate Coins Quest

Kalthertz missions will require you to go to White Wave Island, in addition to Shushire. Quests here open the Prisoner Emancipation Una Dailer that rewards you with 10 Leap Stones. Benefits include:

  • 8,600 Pirate Coins
  • 50,500 Silver
  • 130 Gold
  • 7 High Seas Coin Chests
  • 6 Uncommon Class Engraving Selection Boxes
  • 3 Rare Class Engraving Selection Boxes

Sublime Island Pirate Coins Quest (460 Item Level)

Rewards for completing Sublime Island include:

  • 6,000 Pirate Coins
  • 40,000 Silver
  • 3 Rare Engraving Selection Boxes
  • 3 Rare Class Engraving Selection Boxes
  • Artifact Rapport Gift

Atropos Pirate Coins Quest (460 Item Level)

The missions here take a while to finish, and need you to go all over the place, including Shushire, Vern, Anikka, Tortoyk, Arthetine, and Luterra. You can open a day-to-day Una’s Task for commemorative coins. Benefits here consist of:.

  • 10,000 Pirate Coins
  • 58,500 Silver
  • 10 High Seas Coin Chests
  • 5 Uncommon-Legendary Random Card Packs
  • 3 Lynnis Commemorative Coins

Cradle of the Sea Fermata Pirate Coins Quest (460 Item Level)

Rewards for Cradle of the Sea Fermata include:

  • 9,000 Pirate Coins
  • 60,000 Silver
  • 5 Uncommon-Legendary Random Card Pack
  • 2 Rare Class Engraving Selection Boxes

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