Lost Ark Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Lost Ark Tips and Tricks guide. A easy-to-read and understand compilation of very useful tips & tricks for Lost Ark players.

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks


1.1 – Healing & HP Potions

Healing Potions

  • Are recovering a fixed amount of health over time.
  • Status: Always use those potions while leveling.

HP Potions

  • Are recovering a fixed percent of your health. (30%/45%/60%).
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1.2 – Show/Hide quests

While leveling, you can select which quests you want to track or hide from tracking so you will have less objects shown on your map. This is helpful to reduce confusion of area overlap while doing main quests / side quests in same area. Or to reduce the quest log on right side of the screen.

You shouldn’t hide main quest & world quests

Press (J) -> Select/Unselect quests

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 2

1.3 – Main quest

  • Mainquest – Storyline
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 3

From the beginning you will notice a orange icon on your map which indicates the main quest story, You will be able to follow and locate main quest storyline until you finish story on East Luttera continent. After that you will no longer be able to follow up the main quest storyline which is marked with orange icon.

  • World quest – Storyline progression
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 4

Once you see this icon in your quest log, this indicates now the world quest (main quest storyline) where you will need to go on ship and travel through the continents to find arks and complete the rest of the storyline until you hit max level.

This is mostly confusing to new players because they think the main story ended once they no longer can do the quests in orange color.

1.4 – Side Quests – Lost Ark Tips and Tricks

  • General Quest
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 5

This type of quests are side quests and you can skip it if you are focused on fast leveling, but it is recommended to complete them once you hit 50th level.

  • Chain Quests
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 6

Looks like this and will provide a great amount of silvers, items, and skill points (not always). You shouldn’t skip those quests. Of course you can go back to do those once you hit max level, but it will take less time if you do it while leveling.

1.5 – Adventure Quests (Purple)

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 7

When you see a purple exclamation point on the bottom side of the screen means that you unlocked a Adventure quest. Adventure quests are usually type of quests which will teach you game mechanics and give you rewards. Those quests can be skipped if you are focused on fast leveling and complete them later on.

Make sure to complete Trade Skills quest while leveling. It will let you gather resources through mining, fishing, cutting, hunting, etc.

1.6 – Triports (Teleports)

Always use triports when you want to move to zone which you already unlocked.

  • Important: You don’t have to be on triport to be able to teleport yourself. Just open map and click on triport to teleport.

PS: You can locate your quests by pressing on quest name on right side of the screen and select triport to teleport you there.

1.7 – Leave dungeons faster

When you finish your dungeon while leveling the fastest way to leave it is by:

  1. Write /escape in chat. There is a 15 minutes cooldown for using this option.
  2. Locate your quest and use triport to teleport there.
  3. Play the song of escape (F2)

1.8 – Skip cutscenes automatically

To skip cutscenes automatically without need of pressing the ESC key, go to:

Menu (ESC) -> Settings -> Controls and Display -> Combat Settings -> Skip Dungeon Cutscenes

1.9 – Battle Item Selection Chests

While leveling you will receive Battle Item Selection Chests chest multiple times which will let you select one of consumable such as regeneration, combat Items, and defensive items. These items are very useful in late game as some deal a great amount of damage, recovers % percentage of health and so on.

You should save those chests for endgame PvE.

1.10 – Dismantle old gear – Lost Ark Tips and Tricks

To increase your storage space remember to regularly dismantle items (gear) which you are no longer using.

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 8

To dismantle gear, press the (I) key to bring up your inventory. Click on the Dismantle button on the bottom left in the inventory tab. Now you can either right-click or drag the items you want to dismantle into the dismantle window.

Selling the dismantled parts will give you more silver than selling that item as a whole.

1.11 – Play Normal, not Hard dungeons

There is no point on wasting your time for Hard dungeon modes while leveling.

You may ask why? The answer is because the gear you obtain there will be useless when you go to the new zone within 20-30 minutes. To save time, just play normal dungeons.

Tip: Most of the time, you can avoid killing mobs by just running to the task inside dungeon, it will reduce time. Clearing all mobs is time consuming for leveling.

1.12 – Don’t waste gold

While leveling you shouldn’t be spending gold. I have spent 0 golds from level 1 to level 50. You will need gold later on a lot for gear improvement and auction house fee.

1.13 – Use Pets & Mounts always

Pets are necessary

  • Having pets with you all the time is very helpful because they are able to auto-loot all items which are drop.

Mounts reduce time

  • Combined with triports for teleporting, always mount up while doing quests to reduce time needed to go from location a to location b. Put your mount in your skillbar so you can press a key to mount up.

1.14 – Join a guild

You should focus on joining up a casual friendly guilds from early on.

Having a guild can help both you and your guild. By doing guild tasks you receive amazing rewards and help increasing guild level.

Guild rewards are very helpful and you will earn materials needed for endgame as well. So lookout for some guild.

1.15 – What is Powerpass – Lost Ark Tips and Tricks

The Powerpass is a Vern Token that allows you to level up an alternate (Alt) character instantly to level 50.

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 9

How to get Powerpass?

You will receive it in your ingame mailbox once you complete the main quest (Ealyn’s Gift) from North Vern.

How to use Powerpass?

  • You will need to claim it from your in-game mail.
  • Right click powerpass in your invertory and activate it.
  • Return to the main screen menu.
  • Select the character you wish to boost.
  • Press the yellow icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Complete the Adventurer’s Path quest

2.Movement & UI

2.1 – Right or Left click to move

When you start a game, you will be prompted to select which option you want. Many people can’t find a way to change it afterwards. To change your movement input go to

Menu (ESC) -> Settings -> Hotkeys -> Basic Controls -> Attack with Right Click.

Check or un-check it based on your personal preference.

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 10

2.2 – Quick Map

You can access quick map by pressing TAB.

Move quick map

  • You can move your quick map by holding the middle mouse button and moving it across your screen.

Teleport via quick map

  • You can use unlocked triports on the quick map by pressing ALT + Left click on the triport to teleport.

2.3 – Ping location on map

Ping your current location

Hold CTRL + Left click on ground to see a menu with options to mark your location to your group.

Ping your current location on Map (M)

Hold CTRL + Left click on map (M) and you will be able to leave a marker for your group where you want on the map.

Notice: Not available in auto-matchmaking dungeons.

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 11

2.4 – Hiding UI element

To have a better field of view and more free screen there is a shortcut to hide parts of it on toggle by pressing ALT + X.

Pressing it once will collapse the map and quests and top menu. A second press will collapse the menu and chat. A third press will hide everything including the skill bars. To get everything back, press it a fourth time.

2.5 – Show your network latency (MS)

To always show your network latency (ms), you can enable it by going to:

Menu (ESC) -> Settings -> Gameplay -> Controls & Display -> Show Network Latency -> Always show

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 12

2.6 – Forced wide-screen (21:9)

This is mostly for PVP. Having a greater field of view help you notice your opponents easier. If your monitor doesn’t support 21:9, you can enable it in settings.

Menu -> Video -> Screen Resolution Settings -> Check Forced 21:9 Aspect Ratio

If you have black bars, you can hide those in Nvidia or AMD panel (Google it)

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 13

2.7 – Disable auto-switching to gathering tools skillbar

When you cut trees, or gather herbs, or do fishing, etc, your skill bar is changing to trade skills which will be a distraction if something attacks you. You can disable this by going to:

Menu (ESC) -> Settings -> Gameplay -> Controls and Display -> Combat settings -> Disable Auto-load Trade HUD.

Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 14

2.8 – Inventory shortcut tips – Lost Ark Tips and Tricks

You can access your inventory by pressing I.

  • Alt + Left Click on item – will lock item from being automatically sorted.
  • Shift + Left Click on stackable item – will separate item in two stacks.
  • Ctrl + Left Click on item – move item between main Inventory and pet Inventory.
  • Alt + Right Click on item – will send item from main inventory to account storage (whilst accessing it).

Important: Pet inventory is cross-character accessible, which means you can trade items (tradable only) between your alt and main characters via pet inventory.

3.Level 50, What now? – Lost Ark Tips and Tricks

3.1 – Important things to know

Congratulations! Your leveling is officially over now, but the game just began!

Level 60 is character level cap. But gear and everything else is locked on level 50. Everything above Level 50 is just “cosmetic”.

You have to complete more quests and reach North Vern which is a place for endgame content.

  • Afterimages of the Rift
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 15

After you reached level 50, continue doing world quests until you complete Afterimages of the Rift quest near Ealyn in North Vern. (Set Vern castle as your home teleport as this is endgame location)

  • Awakening: Thirst for Power
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 16

After you completed Afterimages of the Rift, teleport yourself to Trixion (Press F2 – and play Song of Trixion). Beatrice will give you the quest Awakening: Thirst for Power. Complete all stages and you will get your first awakening along with a new skill.

Now get your item level to 302

  1. You can do that by finishing all the World quests and get the reward in Glacier region with a free chest of all items you need for 302 gear level. (Longer)
  2. Try to earn it in Chaos Dungeons with multiple runs. (Faster)
  • Unlock Chaos Dungeons
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 17

Chaos Dungeons are unlocked in Vern Castle while doing World quests, you need to go next to the Chaos Dungeons icon on map and talk with Professor Ronatas which will unlock it for you. Chaos Dungeons will drop gear level 302 and Gear Hone materials.

PS: If you already have item level 302 from world quest, you can dismantle duplicate gear from Chaos Dungeons which will give you Hone Materials.

  • Unlock Guardian Raid
Lost Ark Tips and Tricks 18

Guardian Raids are unlocked in Vern Castle. You need to complete 2 purple quests, the first one is: Guide: Find the Guardian, and the next one you need to open your Quest Journal (J) -> Guide tab -> Accept – Guide: Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate. After you complete it you will be able to play Guardian raids and earn more endgame gear and materials.

  • Gear Honing

Soon. Will write it later on.

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