Lost Ark Wili Wili Location Guide

Welcome to our Lost Ark Wili Wili Location guide. One of these World Bosses is Wili-Wili, and we will reveal you its place in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Wili Wili Location

Lost Ark has plenty of unsafe and powerful enemies. These opponents can come in all sizes and shapes, but none are as terrifying as World Bosses.

Benefits for beating among these make dealing with World Bosses in fight certainly worth it. Of course, prior to you can fight among these, you initially need to find out where you can find it.

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Wili Location

Where Can You Find Wili-Wili in Lost Ark

Sporting a design that’s practically undoubtedly based on the legend of the Headless Horseman and numerous 1980s slasher horrors in which the bad guy is wearing some sort of pumpkin on their head, Wili-Wili is a gigantic, scythe-twirling monstrosity. So, where can you discover a giant evil Pumpkin? Why, in a pumpkin field, obviously! More specifically, the spot you are searching for is on the continent of East Luterra, in the Sunbright Hill location. Once there, go to the extremely north end of this map. We’ve marked this specific spot for you so you don’t need to waste excessive time roaming around looking for it.

Like with Rudric the World Boss for Rethramis, you ought to be really careful when you encounter Wili Wili. This Boss has a disastrous scythe attack, which you must attempt to evade whenever you see a red cone in front of him. As holds true with other such enemies, it’s finest if you challenge it with a group of other gamers– for instance, with members from your Guild. When you defeat it, Wili-Wili will drop some exceptional loot– including an Epic Chest which contains the Wili Card.

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