Lunacid How to Open Abdul’s Passage

Unlock the secrets of the Ash Labyrinth in Terminus prison with our Lunacid guide. Learn how to open Abdul's Passage and accomplish related tasks!

While exploring the depths of Terminus prison, you will find the secret “Ash Labyrinth” area. As you explore it you will come across a large locked door. Alright what now? Thanks to the information in this Lunacid How to Open Abdul’s Passage guide, you will have details on how to open it and information that will help you with many tasks that lead to the opening of that door!

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Lunacid How to Open Abdul’s Passage

The quest to abdul’s passage is pretty late in the game, and it will need a pretty experienced character. As it is quite advanced, this Lunacid How to Open Abdul’s Passage guide will have some spoilers for end-game stuff. You’ve been warned !

How to open Abdul's passage ?

In order to complete this quest, you will need :

• To have reached the “Forlorn Arena” Zone
• To have reached the ‘Labyrinth of Ashes” Zone
• To have fought Sucsarius, the cursed knight (End-game boss) and defeated him.

If you’ve managed to reach these three points, then welcome ! I hope my guide may be of help to you !

Finding Clues (Reading the Books in the Chamber )

First thing to notice if you want to start the quest to open the door, is the sheer amount of books in the exact same room you find this door.

While usually only dispensing lore, these books are our first and only lead on how to open the passage. Out of the 4 at your disposition in the rooms, these two are the ones we are interested in.

How to open Abdul's passage ?

The one on the right reads :

“For passage, thirty tokens of spite must be held by the traveler. These are given by the unnamed primordial god of crelty whenever a deed is done wich delights them. In my lifetimes i have come upon several, wich i will list.”

This tells us that we need to accomplish certain tasks in order to get a total of 30 “tokens of spite”. The way our predecessor, Abdul, obtained them, is then listed in the left book, on the floor.

“Replace a prisoner and an angel. Slay a giant of magic. Transmute an animal into a mass of humanoids. Use poison to give separate wills to the brains and bodies of followers. Disrupt the flow of souls to the afterlife. Transplant the fingers of the left hand to the right of another. Desecrate a shrine to an elder being. Sever a follower of yours into different planes of existence. Grant healing blood magic ton one afflicted wich takes more than it heals.”

Of all the elements listed in the book, only three are currently proven to work in the 1.0 version of the game, and we speculate a bunch of these are just lore about past events and the origins of certain monsters ( like the seeming link between the mummies and the enlightened enemies)

These three elements are :

• Slay a giant of magic
• Disrupt the flow of souls to the afterlife
• Desecrate a shrine to an elder being

Now, what does he means by these ? Well, the three of these refers to something in the game. •”Slay a giant of magic” refers to the Jotunn enemy, who you will find roaming around in the sanguine sea. The lore mentions the race of the Jotunns as a source of magic.
•”Disrupt the flow of souls to the afterlife” as to do with the very concept of death, and so the seemingly unkillable enemy in the mausoleum ( yes, this one).
• “Desecrate a shrine to an elder being”, finally, is linked to a shrine that can be found in the temple of silence, the dimly lit area with a bunch of mummies, back to the beginning of the game.

Now remember, the character of Abdul is a despicable one ; all this actions are pretty hard/disgusting. Putting the pieces together we can isolate the three quests we need to do :

Kill a Jotunn, splash blood on a shrine and finally kill Death.

First Quest : Desecrate a Shrine to an Elder Being

You can do these three quests in any order, it won’t affect your progression towards the ultimate goal to open the door of the passage

For the first and easiest quest you need to equip a blood magic ring, either Blood Drain or Blood Strike will do. Once you have one of these self-harming magic, travel back to the Hollow Basin warp crystal and make your way towards the temple of silence, this creepy zone where you can encounter the mummy enemies.

Wander around until you find the big room with a bridge, where you will find a shrine adorned with a big shell. You need to use your blood magic on it. Once done, you will be rewarded with your first dose of 10 “Strange coins”, the token needed to open the door

How to open Abdul's passage ?

This was cleary the easiest and fastest of the three, the other two will be a bit more challenging.

Second Quest : Slay a giant of Magic

You can do these three quests in any order, it won’t affect your progression towards the ultimate goal to open the door of the passage

Now, the serious stuff comes. To progress this quest, you need to have challenged and defeated Sucsarius, the boss you found at the end of the Forlorn Arena zone.

How to open Abdul's passage ?

After the fight, go back to wing’s rest and talk to the merchant crow, they will sell a brand-new item, the sword of the boss, named “Jotunn Slayer”. This sword is the only weapon that can kill the Jotunn.

Now, the only problem and “difficult” part about this is the price of said weapon : 600 silver.

So, either you have some, or you will need to farm in order to buy this weapon, wich is the only way to progress.

In the latter case, i suggest you to farm in the “Forbidden Archives” zone : the necronomicon and milk snail enemies have a good drop rate of 10 and 5 silver. Remember to re-warp the zone to reset their spawn. You can also try to complete the third quest, in wich you will have some fights and potentially drop some silver.

Once you acquired the Jotunn Slayer, go back to the sanguine sea ( from the “Accursed Tomb” or “Castle Le Fanu” warp crystals) and seek the giant wandering around the zone. You will only need to hit it once with your new weapon for him to die. Doing so will rise the level of the sanguine sea by a good amount, but don’t worry, you will still get your 10 strange coins.

Third Quest : Disrupt the Flow of Souls to the Afterlife

You can do these three quests in any order, it won’t affect your progression towards the ultimate goal to open the door of the passage

This quest is the most difficult of the three, as it is also the most cryptic and secret-filled.

In order to complete it, you will need to kill death. I know it sounds strange, but if you’ve played your fair share of Lunacid, you’ve came across this enemy. As for the Jotunn, Death was unkillable before the 1.0 version of the game, because only a single weapon can harm them.

How to open Abdul's passage ?In the “Forlorn Arena” zone, just before the door to the “Chamber of fate” ( where you fight Sucsarius), you will find to the right of the gate a corpse holding a sword of sort. Taking it will add to your material inventory the item “Broken Sword”. This broken sword will have to be repaired via an alchemical process. To do so, you will need two other items. A “fractured life” and a “fractured death”.

Now it seems the “Broken Sword” item only appears at an IRL full moon, so you need to either wait for one or change your computer settings at a corresponding day. Many thanks to the people in the comments for pointing this out !

Now, finding these two won’t be easy, you need to go back to the two temples around the “Forlorn Arena” Zone and find their respective secret zones. They are VERY well hidden, behind “?” doors, so let me guide you a bit.

In the Earth Temple

You want to find one of the big, open areas with uneven terrain and rock facades. One of them has a giant rock sword planted in the middle of it. In this area, on one of the walls, you will find a curious vine pattern, mimicking a door.

How to open Abdul's passage ?

You need to jump high enough to open it, because this is a “?” wall. ( if you can’t jump this high, use the “Icarian Flight” magic ring you can find in the prison zone, down the cell with the angel ). Once opened, the passage will lead you to a secret tomb in wich you will find the shard of life.

In the Water Temple

The quickest way to find the “?” door is : from the entry point with the statue, go left to the treasur room and then turn right in the water room. The wall of the next room is the “?” door leading to another small room. If you look up, you will notice a ledge wich you will have to jump in order to reach it.

It, too, will lead you to a forgotten tomb, surrounded by water, in wich you will find the death shard.

How to open Abdul's passage ?

Once you’ve obtained them both, seek Etna the alchemist at Wing’s Rest. Use the shards and the sword to forge your all new death-killing weapon : Limbo.

Now don’t think it’s over just because you’ve obtained a new flashy weapon: the deed still needs to be done, and you must confront Death in it’s lair, the creepy mausoleum.

After a quick fight, you manage to kill death, hurray ! But now, as death is no longer, you can’t kill anything. Worse, you will notice lots of new enemies “Spectre” popping everywhere and coming to you (other effects include music deterioration and new game over screen). Spectre are pretty annoying, they can swarm you, and can even mana AND exp drain you. However, you can still defend yourself thanks to your brand new weapon “Death Scythe”

Now, you have to pick “Death Scythe”, the weapon Death dropped on death (?) and you need to fill it’s exp bar (wich is a long a tiresome process).
Once you’ve done that upgrade it in the oil pit back at Wing’s Rest and death will be born anew : you’ve experienced what it was to be death.

All and all, once Death has been killed, you will be granted 10 strange coins.

Finally, open the door

Once you’ve gotten all 30 “strange coins”, equip them in your quick item menu and go back to the ” Labyrinth of Ashes” zone. Travel to Abdul’s passage and you’ll notice the door will be free of all its markings. You just need to interact with it in order to complete the quest and unlock your secret ending. Congratulations !

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