Machinarium Walkthrough Guide 100%

This Machinarium Walkthrough guide will help you to complete the game with 100% achievements in the shortest time.

Welcome to our Machinarium walkthrough guide. Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game that is somewhat different than your traditional adventure game. What sets it apart from other adventure games is that the interface is very minimalist compared to most games and it doesn’t have any spoken dialogue whatsoever throughout the game. What is cuter than our little friend ? A little robot looking for his girlfriend. He has to overcome many difficulties and obstacles to find his friend and we are going to help him.

Machinarium Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

This Machinarium guide will help you to complete the game with 100% achievements in the shortest time.

Walkthrough Part 1

  • The game will direct you as to what you need to do to get started
    Click on the tub to knock it out of the way to reveal a small canister of some sort. Click on the canister to collapse it and then click on it again to watch it spring off the junk heap it was sitting on and down to the path below
  • You’ll see a small head sitting on the box behind it. Click on it to see it come to life and connect itself to the canister. It must be that the canister was actually the torso for the robot you’re currently reassembling
  • We’re still missing an arm and a leg to make the robot fully functional
  • You’ll note that the game mentions that you can only click and interact with objects and other characters that are within reach of the robot’s arms. When you move your cursor over the robot’s torso, it changes to an up and down arrow. This allows you to extend and collapse the robot’s body as needed to reach some of the harder to reach objects
  • A sniffer robot can be seen checking things out. When you click on it, it conveys that it wants a particular type of doll. You can see that it’s located on the junk heap above where the robot is currently seated
  • Extend the robot’s body as high as it can go and click on the doll in order for the robot to grab it and store it inside itself and then you’ll learn about the inventory system. Everything the robot picks up is stored inside it and can be seen at the top of the screen
  • Offer the doll to the sniffer robot as it moves near the robot and it’ll agree to bring back the robot’s leg. The robot will reattach its leg and you’ll now be able to move freely around the area. The game will pop up and tell you how to access hints. You’ll only receive one hint per level, and if you’re really stuck, you can play a mini-game to unlock part of the walkthrough. However, with this guide, neither the walkthrough book or hint system should be necessary
  • We’ll now have to locate the robot’s missing arm, which has fallen into the tar pit at the edge of the path. To retrieve it, take the magnet nearby and the wire from the spool. Go into the inventory and click the wire on the magnet to combine them to create a makeshift grappling hook
  • Walk over to the pole at the end of the path and click on it to have the robot bend it slightly and use the hook on the pole. Watch as it swings the hook through the top of the pole and lowers it into the tar pit to retrieve its arm
  • The magnet is still holding onto the arm and as it’s reattached, the robot will swing over to the other side of the path. Walk off to the next screen and the robot will begin its journey to the castle but not before we see another robot following closely behind it
  • As the robot arrives at the castle, it’s kicked out of the way by one of the castle guards. Watch as it pulls on a handle near the guard tower to summon another guard to lower the drawbridge
  • When you extend the robot’s body and pull the handle, the guard will not allow the robot to enter, so that means we’re going to have to disguise the robot to fool the guard
  • Take one the orange cones
    -Remove the other two cones to uncover a small bucket of blue paint that you also need to take.
    -Mix the blue paint in with the tub of white paint.
    -Dip the orange cone into the paint to turn it blue.
    – Climb up the light pole as far as the robot can. Once it can go no further, remove the bar underneath it and stick it into the hole above it. Climb up again and repeat the process. Continue to climb up the pole until the robot is standing on the very last rung.
    – Extend the robot’s body as far as it can go and grab the light bulb. The robot will fall off the ladder in the process.
    – Use the light bulb on the robot to watch as it screws it into the top of its head. Use the cone on it to cover it up and then extend its body in order to pull the handle near the guard tower
  • The guard, thinking the robot is one of them, will be fooled by the disguise and will agree to lower the drawbridge
  • As the robot nears the entrance, however, it slips on the oil slick and falls to the ground below.
    Collapse the robot’s body as you walk over to the nearby water tank so that it can reach the control panel behind it
  • Turn the first dial to 2, the second one to A and then push the red button and watch as a pole is positioned overhead. Walk up the stairs and extend the robot’s body so that it can reach the pole and shimmy across until you reach the yellow wedge. Take the wedge and the robot will fall down to the ground again.Walk back up the stairs and retrieve the hook lying under the lever and use it on the top of the bannister. Walk down to the track and place the wedge on the bottom part of it .Push up on the bottom part of the bannister and watch as it grabs a hold of the lever and pulls on it. A cart will come barreling down the track, hit the wedge, and crash into the water tank.Remove the wheels from the bottom of the cart and place them on the track. Use the robot to sit on the wheels and push on the bannister again to send another cart down the track and watch as it pushes the robot through the door.As the robot enters the new room, it hides in front of the furnace that’s in the middle of the room. It sees a much larger robot climb down from one of the pipes and eat the food that was in the cart before it leaves again. The robot conveys that the larger robot used to bully it when it was younger.Walk to the far right side of the room and grab the key hanging near the door. As you passed by the furnace, you may have spotted a small glowing red button. Push it to open a control box on the right side of the furnace.
  • Examine the control box and move the first lever down, the second one up, and the third one down.Push the red button on the right side of the control box and climb back into the mining cart once you’ve collapsed the robot’s body down to its normal size. Once the crane picks up the robot, quickly jump onto the shelf on the left side of the room.Use the metal key on the panel to open it and now you’ll have to rewire the crane. Switch the wires along the top so that you’ll have the pattern of black and red going across the top.Fall back down into the cart and climb out. As you look at the wiring running across the front of the furnace, you’ll see that it’s frayed and sparking in one spot. Examine the wiring further and cross the wires.Push the button on the control box to get the crane running again and climb into the cart so that it can pick the robot up. Hop off the crane into the pipe that the large robot used to enter the room and you’ll find its hideout.As the robot looks on, he’s spotted by the two larger robots and is dragged out of its hiding spot and tossed into a cell. You’ll see that the robot has a cellmate that is sitting in one corner of the cell.

Walkthrough Part 2

  • Take a piece of toilet paper from the roll on the left side of the room as well as the clump of wet grass from the valve on the right side of the room. Dry out the grass using the light bulb near the ceiling and then combine it with the toilet paper to make a cigarette.Give the cigarette to the robot’s cellmate and you’ll end up removing its arm in the process. You may have noticed a small mouse hole in the wall to the left. Shrink down and click on it to see that it leads into the cell next to the robots.Use the cellmate’s arm on the pair of robots in the next cell and then click on the top hole in their cell to find a third cell containing nothing but a cabinet. Use the arm to grab the cabinet and shake it until the broom falls off the top of it.Once the broom is in the robot’s possession, remove the valve from the pipe on the wall and combine it with the broom to create a sewer key. Use the key to remove the manhole cover in the middle of the room and drop down into the sewers.Follow the sewers to the right until you see a lone manhole cover in the floor above. Use the key to remove it and you’ll find yourself underneath a table with a large robot shooting metal pellets at the far wall.Grab the chair when it tips back to knock the robot over and grab the pellets from the plate before it rights itself. Once it walks over to the wall to retrieve some of the pellets it shot off, grab the key from it and use the pellets that you have on the floor under the panel to scatter them across the floor.If you still have some time, climb out of the hole and use the robot’s key on the left slot to free the pair of robots from their cell. As they walk up the stairs, the larger robot will chase them but not before slipping on the metal pellets. If you took too much time, tip the chair over again and take the robot’s pellets so that it’ll get up to retrieve some more and finish up where you left off.
  • Enter the cell block area and walk over to the panel on the far wall.Use the left button until the 7 changes to a 4 and use the right button to change the combination so that it ends up reading 4:45. Push the red button to open the cell with the cabinet . In order to open the cabinet, you’ll have to rotate the circles until all of the green dots are in the middle.The puzzle is a little tricky, and I can’t provide a solution since it’s randomized. All that it requires is a little logical thinking and some patience. Once the cabinet is unlocked, you’ll receive a gun. Leave the cell and enter the middle one. Extend the robot’s body so that it can reach the plunger that’s stuck to the ceiling.
  • With the plunger in the robot’s possession, leave the cell block and head up the stairs and through the door. Walk up the second set of stairs and look through the telescope to see the large robots rigging a bomb up to the tower in order to blow it up.
  • Leave the building through the door near the telescope after pressing the switch near it. Once outside, walk around the crates to the right and push them to the left until you enter the next screen. Once the crates are positioned under the magnet near the stairs, walk up the stairs and inspect the controls near the female robot.
  • The idea here is to position the arrows so that you have the up arrows at the top and the down arrows at the bottom, leaving the one in the middle empty. The solution is as follows, numbering each spot 1-7 from the top. If at any time you make a mistake, press the red button on the right to reset the puzzle. ( 5 to 4 – 3 to 5 – 2 to 3 – 4 to 2 – 6 to 4 – 7 to 6 – 5 to 7 – 3 to 5 – 1 to 3 – 2 to 1 – 4 to 2 – 6 to 4 – 5 to 6 – 3 to 5 – 4 to 3 ) Once the arrows are in their correct positions, pull the lever on the left and the magnet will lift up one of the crates. Push the crate that was left over back to the right until it hits the concrete pylon.
  • You’ll want to reach the control room above the crate and in order to get up there, hop on top of the concrete pylon and then climb on top of the crate. However, before doing so, combine the plunger with the gun as it’ll come in handy momentarily. Extend the robot’s body so that it can reach the ladder and you’ll then be in the control room.
  • What you’ll need to do is to move the floating oil can into a position where it can attract the dog hiding behind some stuff on the right side of the screen. Push the button on the right side until it reaches the 4 o’clock position, which will be a notch below the actual button and push the top button on the bottom. The oil tank should then move into position, which means you can now push the oil button to squirt some oil onto the walkway. You’ll want to squirt enough to give yourself enough time to climb all the way down to the ground before the dog is able to lick up all the oil.

Walkthrough Part 3

  • Once you’re back down on the ground, use the gun on the dog and the robot will reel it in. Take the dog to the female robot and she’ll give up her umbrella. Use the umbrella on the falling water to walk through it and into the next screen.
  • Walk up the stairs and enter the oil bar to the right. Grab the fly tape hanging off the shelf and then pull up a chair at the table to play a game of tic-tac-toe with the robot. You’ll need to get five in a row and it’ll require some strategic thinking. Since you never know where the robot is going to place its piece, I can’t give you a solution to this puzzle either.
  • Once you’ve won the game, the other robot will get mad and scatter some bolts all over the room. Pick up the five bolts and then leave the bar. Use the fly tape to gather some flies from the rancid looking pool near the bar and then re-enter the establishment. Use the flies on the bartender to distract it and while it’s busy shooing off flies, grab the oil can and the robot will drag it out to the musicians to beat on. As the drummer beats on the oil can, a female robot will poke its head out from the window above and throw down an empty flower pot. Give the bolts to the saxophonist and it’ll play its saxophone, which causes the female robot to throw down a not-so-empty flower pot. Gather up the plant and then head up the stairs near the bar.
  • Continue to follow the staircase up until you reach the town square and then follow the next staircase leading up near the robot. Walk over to the lamp post and open the control panel near its base. When you click on the piece in the upper right corner, it’ll fall out and land on the ground.
  • Before the robot has a chance to get to it, an owl swoops down and steals it away. You’ll notice that as you walk across the bridge, the owl will hop onto the wire and begin mimicking the robot’s movements. While the owl is perched on the wire, begin alternating between stretching and shrinking the robot until the owl cuts the wire and falls onto the bridge. The owl will cough up the missing piece for the control panel, allowing the robot to take it into its possession.
  • Retrieve the end of the cut wire and the robot will tie it to the guard rail. Climb up the ladder that the worker robot is standing on so that the robot will climb on top of it. Unplug the power cord from the wall and then the worker will suddenly turn around to try to fix it, sending the robot tumbling in the process.
  • Pull down on the red cord and while the worker is distracted trying to untangle it, open up the control panel on the lamp post again and rearrange the tiles in order to restore power. The solution will look like this :
    Machinarium 100%

Walkthrough Part 4

  • You will have to make sure to put the missing piece in the upper left corner in order to solve the puzzle. Climb up the ladder again and this time attempt to grab the cat. The cat will escape the robot’s grasp and jump onto the guard rail, only to be electrocuted in the effort to run away. Cut the power to the electrical wire by moving a piece out of position using the lamp post’s control panel. The cat will fall over stunned, leaving the robot to pick it up. Return to the musicians near the bar and use the cat on the didgeridoo. The cat will flush out whatever was inside, allowing the musician to play its instrument once again. The female robot will throw down the radio in protest, causing it to break. Take the broken radio and return to the town square. Take the crank from the ledge in front of the fountain and use it on the hole in the wall under the large clock.
  • Turn the crank until the middle clock points to the ~ and the outer clock points to the VII. The bell will ring and the robot sitting outside will enter the building. Look at the note behind where it was sitting and set the clock according to the note to cause the robot to come down from the balcony in the opposite building. After the robot enters the clock tower, walk up the stairs to the balcony where it was originally situated and nab the speaker hanging nearby. Afterwards, talk to the old robot in the wheelchair to realize that it needs to be re-lubricated. It wants you to retrieve some oil to loosen its joints and will give you an oil lamp to contain the oil.Return to the musicians again and leave through the door to the left of them to realize that it’s the guard’s entrance. Capture some drips of oil using the lamp and then give it to the old robot. Apparently what the robot got wasn’t good enough, so now it wants the oil from sunflower seeds. Take the lamp back and open up the manhole near the old robot and jump down.
  • Walk over to the drawer under where the large wrench is sleeping and flip through the pages of the book until you uncover a red wrench. Take it and then walk over to the pipes. Grab the iron hook that’s hanging on the pipes and walk down the small set of steps and head over to the drain. Use the hook to retrieve another red wrench and return to the pipes. Put the wrenches in the following locations to stop the water from flowing. Combine the speaker with the broken radio and then plug it into the wall behind the drawer. The robot will tune the radio and once the music begins playing, the large wrench will wake up. Talk to it and it’ll agree to let the robot use it to remove the cap from the bottom of the tank.
  • Once the cap is removed, the water will flow down into the bar and drown the gangster robots. Head back up to the town square and then jump down into the empty fountain. Turn the valve and the robot will climb through the pipe. Jump down onto the elevator and push the button to head down a floor. The elevator will come to a halt outside a window and when the robot peers inside, it realizes that it’s found its lost love. It turns out that the gangsters kidnapped it and forced it to work in the kitchen. Control will temporarily transfer over to the other robot. Open the cabinet and retrieve the ear of corn. Remove the boiling pot from the hot plate and set it on the floor for now. Put the corn on the hot plate and it’ll pop up through the vent and force a hook to come out.Take the hook and use it on the window to give it to the other robot. Climb on top of the boiling pot and use the hook to open the vent on the frozen air conditioner. Use it again on the frozen pipes and then put the boiling pot back on the hot plate.
  • Put the frozen pipes inside of the pot and you’ll end up getting a rubber hose. Connect the hose to the oil dispenser and the robot will fill up the oil tank on the elevator. Pull the red handle near the window to get the elevator running again, but you’ll need to reset the controls in order to get it moving again.

Walkthrough Part 5

  • What’ll you need to do is swap the positions of the red and black levers so that the black ones are on the bottom while the red ones are on the top. Follow this solution to get them in the right spot:
    1. Move the black lever at the upper left down to the right. It should now be on the right side of the control panel.Move the other black lever down to the bottom. It should now be on the very bottom of the control panel.Move the lower left red lever up to the top. It should now be on the very top of the control panel.Move the other red lever up to the left. It should now be on the left side of the control panel.Move the left red lever up to the right. It should now be at the upper right corner of the panel.Move the top red lever down to the right. It should now be at the lower right corner of the panel.Move the bottom black lever up to the top to put it at the upper left corner of the control panel.Move the other black lever down to the left to put it at the lower left corner of the control panel.Move the lower left black lever up to the top.Move the upper left black lever down to the right.Move the upper right red lever down to the bottom.Move the lower right red lever up to the left.Move the left red lever up to the upper right.Move the bottom red lever up to the upper left.Move the top black lever down to the lower right.Move the right black lever down to the lower left.
  • The levers should now be in the correct positions and another lever should have popped into view. Pull the new lever up and the elevator will head up and stop in front of a large industrial fan. Wake it up and answer its questions incorrectly until its motor goes shooting out of it and enter the greenhouse by way of the blown fan.

Walkthrough Part 6

  • Grab the stick hiding in the potted plant behind the ray gun and then use the control panel on the right wall. The object is to turn all the lights green. You can follow the solution provided in this screenshot :
    Machinarium 100%
  • The black spots on the grid mark the starting point for each solution. Starting with the first button at the bottom of the panel, follow the arrows as indicated until all the lights are green and then move onto the next button. Once all six buttons are green, walk up the stairs and use the stick on the plant to remove a magnifying glass that you should use on the butterfly that you may have noticed flying around the room. Move the ray gun down to the empty pot and place the plant inside of it. Walk back over to the control panel and push the large green button to cause the plant to grow and then walk over to it and remove the seeds.
  • Walk over to the door on the left wall and check out the control panel. You’ll want to push the buttons to correspond to the design you saw on the butterfly in order to unlock the door. Place the sunflower seeds into the hopper of the machine near the door and place the oil lamp under the spigot. Walk back up the stairs and pump the handle up and down until you see the oil coming out of the spigot. Retrieve the oil lamp and walk over to the guard. Slide down the pole near it to return to the floor below. Jump off the pole and head up the stairs to the town square. Give the oil to the old robot and it’ll loosen up its joints. It’ll remove its wrapping and give you a ticket in return. Pick up the wrapping before heading up the stairs to where you found the cat.
  • Insert the ticket into the slot near the door that’s located on the other side of the bridge and enter the game room. On the far end of the room is a power generator, and you need to hop on and do some pedaling to power up each of the game machines. Pedal the generator until the bulb above the first machine turns on and then climb off. Operate the machine to play a game of Space Invaders. Play the game until you reach 1000 points and you’ll be rewarded with a coin. Grab the coin from the basket on the side of the machine and then walk back over to the generator. Pull the lever down to switch it to 2 and then power up the second machine.
  • The second machine requires some more logical thinking, with the goal being to put the small red box inside the larger one to unlock the next level. There are five levels in all, but because trying to describe the solution will be a bit difficult, try to follow this screenshot to get you through each level.
    Machinarium 100%
  • Once you’ve made it through all five levels, you’ll be rewarded with a second coin. Grab it and then try to power up the third machine. You’ll soon realize that it’s broken, so leave the game room for now.
  • Return to the town square and walk up the stairs near the old man. Insert the coins into the vending machine to receive a couple of batteries. Use the ribbon that you picked up earlier with the batteries and then head down the stairs in the lower left corner. Stretch the robot and climb up the pipe to return to where the guard was standing. Give the guard the batteries and he’ll thank the robot by moving out of the way allowing it access to the door behind the guard.

Walkthrough Part 7

  • Grab some soil from the plant and scatter it across the floor. When the sweeper robot comes out to sweep it up, pick up the sweeper and the robot will dump out its contents. Pick up the small bulb and then walk over to the control panel on the left wall. Put the bulb in the upper right corner and now you’ll have to click on the bulbs to form a star.
    1. Click on the lower left bulbClick on the top bulbClick on the lower right bulbClick on the upper left bulbClick on the upper right bulb
  • You can see what it should look like by looking at this picture :
    Machinarium 100%
  • The elevator will change floors so that when you leave, you’ll be in a downstairs area. Walk over to the left side of the room and pull the lever down to see that it controls the sweeper. Pull the lever down until the sweeper goes into the bathroom and follow it inside. Climb on top of the sweeper and grab the scissors from the shelf after stretching out the robot. Leave the restroom and push the lever up until the sweeper stops under the small chandelier. Walk over to the right side of the room near the bathroom door and use the electrical panel to turn off the power. Climb on top of the sweeper again and use the scissors to cut the chandelier.
  • Send the sweeper into the restroom again and follow it inside. Tie one end of the chandelier to the sweeper and the other to the toilet. Return to the lever once again and summon the sweeper out of the restroom. It’ll end up ripping the toilet from the floor and when you re-enter the restroom, you’ll see the damage that it has caused. Grab the toilet paper and the robot will jump down through the hole to discover the location of the bomb. Click on the top of the bomb to get the robot to swing over to it. When you open the control panel, you’ll see that you have about five minutes before the bomb explodes and that time is ticking away rather quickly.
  • Look at the inside of the door to see how everything is supposed to be arranged. Remove the fuses and starting with A, follow wire #1 from the top to where it’s connected at the bottom and put the fuse in its correct spot. Do the same with the other four fuses and if the bomb hasn’t exploded when the timer hits zero, then you’ll know that you’ve solved the puzzle correctly. Close the door on the panel and climb back up the toilet paper. Leave the restroom and head upstairs. You’ll see a robot plugged in that is acting like it’s all strung out on something. Walk over to the left wall and push the red button on the cabinet and you’ll have to solve another puzzle.

Walkthrough Part 8

  • The goal here is to arrange the beads so that the green ones end up in the green field. The puzzle is a little tricky, but it’s not at all difficult. It’ll be a little rough to try to explain the solution, but here’s what the puzzle looks like when you start and how it should look when you finish :
    Machinarium 100%Machinarium 100%Machinarium 100%
  • Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the middle portion will open up to reveal an extension cord. Take it and use it to plug into the robot’s brain. You’ll now have to defeat 33 of the red viruses that the robot has been infected with, but you’ll need to find the key to unlock the gun that’ll enable you to defeat them. To find the key, head right past the screen where you find the gun and then down in the next screen after that. Head left from there and continue on until you find the key.
  • Return to the gun and unlock the door. Pick up the gun and start blasting away! Once you’ve defeated all 33 viruses, the king will be restored back to its normal self. The robot conveys that it wants to free its love, and the king will tell it how to operate the elevator in order to reach her and it’ll then give you the other missing bulb that belongs to the elevator control panel.
  • Use the elevator and put the bulb in its rightful place. In order to match the design the king told the robot, follow these instructions :
    Machinarium 100%
  • Push the lower left bulbPush the top bulbPush the lower right bulbPush the left bulbPush the upper right bulbPush the bottom bulbPush the upper left bulbPush the right bulbLastly, push the lower left bulb
  • The elevator will drop the robot off in a hollowed out space beneath the oil bar. You can see the bar, then the room with the drowned gangsters, and the kitchen where the robot’s lover is being held captive. Pick up the sledgehammer near the right side of the pipe and use it to smash the porthole that contains the key. Grab the key and then return to the elevator. Use the key to open the lockbox on the right wall and grab the can of freezing spray. Exit the elevator and use the freeze spray on the large lock that’s holding the trap door shut under the flooded room. Use the sledgehammer to smash it and watch as the water and gangsters get sent down into the drain. The robot will climb the ladder and rescue its lover and they’ll return to the king. Walk over to the radio with the orange screen on the left side of the room and set the left dial to 7 and the right dial to 108. Memorize the music that it makes and then leave the room through the door to the right of the king is seated.
  • Walk around the left side of the tower and check out the control panel. In order to reveal the hidden ladder that leads to the top, you’ll need to play the music that you heard on the radio.

Walkthrough Part 9 (Final Part)

  • Push the keys in this order to recreate the sound, numbering them left to right from 1 to 5 :

    1 —> 4 —> 2 —> 3 —> 5 —> 2 —> 3

  • Before the rungs recede back into the wall, have the robot’s lover turn the handle it’s standing next to in order to lock the ladder in place. Climb up the ladder and the robotic pair will climb up into the ship and fly off into the distance as the game comes to an end.
    Machinarium 100%

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