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MADNESS Project Nexus Magiturge Guide

Welcome to our MADNESS Project Nexus Magiturge Guide. A guide to playing as Magiturge in Arena […]

Welcome to our MADNESS Project Nexus Magiturge Guide. A guide to playing as Magiturge in Arena Mode (spoilers)…

MADNESS Project Nexus Magiturge Guide

What is Magiturge? And how to get it? The Magiturge is one of the many Origins in Madness Project Nexus’s Arena Mode. The Player must have 3 Imprints to unlock him. Imprints are unlocked each time you “complete” the game, and Magiturge is the hypothetical “end” of the mode.

How to play as Magiturge

To begin playing as Magiturge we start with a special intro cutscene, differing from the previous, with ominous messages in place of flavor text, and a character called “The Gambler” walking into a portal in the wall. Following The Gambler into the wall portal will reveal a secret pocket dimension where him and many of him from different times are willing to sell you magical or exclusive items, but we don’t need to be in there yet. For now just walk into HQ as normal and continue until we reach Pit Stop, we should play on Normal difficulty, unless you’re real brave-like and you wanna play on Tough. Completing this will be difficult, of course, but it will become easier when you earn that sweet reward Boon Token. Using your first Boon Token return to the pocket dimension to see The Gambler, at the top you will see a second tab for magical items, in the weapons category you should buy the True Plastic Wand, the Plastic Wand is fully automatic and requires only a short Dizzy to the player to refill ammunition.

The Plastic Wand can be modified to become stronger with the Crystal Ball next to The Gambler, but I’m no expert on that. Now you can just keep getting Boon Tokens from Normal and Tough mode, buying each armor piece as it becomes available, maybe a Tome or something. I hear Staffs aren’t very good. You’ll want hirelings to take some hits for you in Hard Sell and Nexus Core facility, and I recommend a fire gem on your Wand for Fickle Friends, as Vampires are weak to fire. Another recommendation is wearing the Casual Shoes item, as they reduce your flawed encumberance as Magiturge. The final level Mandatus should be a breeze with your new cool wand.

The “End” (VERY BIG SPOILERS) – MADNESS Project Nexus Magiturge Guide

Upon reaching the final level, The Nowhere, you simply walk towards the light, and defeat a few Cog enemies.However, upon reaching the light, the player will end up in a different spot than the usual medical chair. The player is now on the edge of a cliff with a deranged man, a cannon, and a
big marshmallow. The man explains that what is in front of you is “Marshmellow Rides”.

Going towards the marshmallow will cause reality to keep you on the right track, the right track being the front of the cannon. Upon reaching the cannon The Player must press E to get in the cannon, and the Cannoneer will launch you at the marshmallow. The Glitch effects from The Marshallow begin again, and The Player wakes up back in Doc’s chair, having an existential crisis. And then you go over to the computer, to start it all over again.

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