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Mafia 2 – How to Become Rich?

Be Rich Start by opening your map (TAB or M). You can see up to seven […]

Be Rich

Start by opening your map (TAB or M).
You can see up to seven different icons you can use to make a good deed.
Remember that all your money that you’ll spend in the shop will be stored automatically in the cash register, so in a weapon shop you can buy some weapons and ammo and then rob the shop.

1) Gas stations.
– Avoid at all costs
– Lowest payout of them all plus you are closing one and only source of petrol around the game

2) Food stores (with exception of Mob places/storyline restaurants)
– Don’t even bother robbing these, low payout and can have mobs in it. (around 20$)

3) Clothes Store
– Avoid when you planning to get a Wanted level, while not being able to hop in safehouse
– Good payout (around 100$ and more) with exception of the big walk/drive-through store next to the big park – around 200$.
– Aim at the vendor with your weapon, rob the cash register then you can go.

4) Bruski’s junkyard
– Average payout (around 400$ per car), literally no risk, but takes a time, no difference in delivered cars.
– You can respawn Bruski’s car.

5) Dock Export
– In most cases same as Bruski’s place, except only the more expensive cars around, harder and way more frustrating, i personally don’t reccomend it.

6) Weapon Shop (with exception of Henry’s and Giuseppe places)
– The riskiest but most profitable of all (around 500$ per robery)
– The more you rob these places, the more cops will spawn nearby, so watch out!
– Stand in front of the guy, pull your gun out, and try to kill him without pressing RMB (aiming at him), or he’ll kill you instantly
– I reccomend to beat up the vendor, exit the shop but don’t stay too away, after they finish looking around, wait for them to go away enough, come back inside and rob the shop. If you think that you’re fast enough, try.

And that’s all. Just remember that once the shop is robbed, it’ll stay like that for a while.
I recommend saving up the game, exiting and then launching again, it ‘should’ reset the stores.

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