Mafia 2 – How to Drift?

How to Drift in Mafia 2?

The very bare bones of drifting.

The first step to actually drifting is to obtain a car. This can be done by either stealing one or using the starter car (assuming you haven’t totaled it) Begin driving and get up to somwhere around 40-50 MPH. After getting to that speed, activate the hand brake by pressing spacebar. Turn in any direction as you use the handbrake. With some practice you should be able to take turns at a much higher speed.

Advanced Techniques

One advanced technique is the U-turn. To preform this move, simply hold a drift longer than usual. With the right timing you’ll turn around completly. Make sure you have enough room to make the turn or you’ll just end up slamming into a wall.The second technique is the multi-drift. To multi-drift simply dirft twice in opposite directions. this is usefull for escaping cops and making those winding turns fast.

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