Magicraft Author Killer Achievement

Step into Magicraft's world, casting spells for mesmerizing effects. Earn achievements, like the coveted "Author Killer." Dive into our Magicraft Author Killer Achievement guide for details!

Welcome to the world of Magicraft, where you will use various spells to match unimaginable magic effects. There are some achievements that you need to earn as you move forward in this world. One of them is author killer achievement. We have explained it in detail in this Magicraft Author Killer Achievement guide!

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Magicraft Author Killer Achievement

This guide will show you how to achieve the author killer achievement and the fun build to get there.

How do I get to the Secret Boss?

1. Beat the first 3 levels of the game to unlock HARD MODE
2. Beat hard mode and proceed further

How do I Beat the Boss?

Guide to Author Killer Achievement in Magicraft

^ like this pretty much

1. Get a wand with “ON HIT” extra slots
2. Find water stream spell (other fast firing cheap spells might also work)
3. Find a sword spell (unlocks after beating the game)
4. Multishot, mana discount and other things that let you fire faster
5. Spell duration + rotation for the blade makes them clear the entire screen while dealing damage multiple times per blade
6. 2-starring the blade (9 1 level blades) lets you redirect enemy projectiles back while dealing insane damage


doubled cheap water stream -> [ON HIT SLOTS] rotating extra time big blade

Other Things to Consider

1. Utility wands that store/share mana
2. Backup wands for previous bosses (can’t redirect some projectiles), electric field is a really strong alternative for blades
3. Remote wand control
4. Please don’t give this guide a clown award
5. Thanks for reading!

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