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Hub How to Guide? How to Rocket Start A Rocket Start is a special boost that […]

Hub How to Guide?

How to Rocket Start

A Rocket Start is a special boost that can only be used at the very start of a race. To make it happen, pull down on the screen once the 2 appears on the on-screen countdown.

After pulling it down, hold it until GO appears on screen. When you see GO, release your finger from the screen a your racer will boost forward with a Rocket Start.

If you release your finger too early, or pull down on the screen too early, your racer will stall leaving you motionless for a few costly seconds.

How to Drift

When you turn in Mario Kart Tour, you can drift if you hold that turn long enough. When your racer begins to turn, continue to hold that turn until you see white smoke appear from behind the tires.

That smoke indicates that you’re drifting which not only makes your turns easier, but prepares your racer to receive a special kind of boost.

How to Perform a Mini-Turbo

To perform a Mini-Turbo in Mario Kart Tour, hold a drift until you see blue sparks appear under your kart. Once you see those sparks, lift your finger off the screen to receive a brief boost known as a Mini-Turbo.

How to Perform a Super Mini-Turbo

A Super Mini-Turbo is the next step in the drift boosting combo. When you’re drifting, you’ll see the white smoke from your kart turn into blue sparks.

Continue to hold this drift until the blue sparks turn orange. Once those orange sparks appear, release your finger from the screen to perform a Super Mini-Turbo boost.

How to Perform an Ultra Mini-Turbo

The Ultra Mini-Turbo is the final stage of the drift boosting combo. If you hold a drift long enough, the orange sparks of the Super Mini-Turbo will turn pinkish-purple.

When those sparks appear, release your finger from the screen and your racer will dart forward with an Ultra Mini-Turbo boost.

How to Perform a Jump Boost

To perform a Jump Boost, ramp your racer off a jump in Mario Kart Tour. It can be a log that pushes you into the air just a bit or an actual ramp that launches you high into the sky.

Regardless of what gets you in the air, when go airborne, your racer will automatically perform a Jump Boost. Your racer will do a trick in the air to indicate that when they land, they’ll receive a Jump Boost.

How to Slipstream

To Slipstream an opponent in Mario Kart Tour, drive behind a driver as close as you can without actually touching them.

When you enter a Slipstream, you’ll see a faint white ring glow around your character and you should notice your racer gain a significant boost of speed.

How to Use Items

To use an item in Mario Kart Tour, you must first get one by driving through an item box. These are the boxes placed throughout a course with a question mark on them.

Depending your kart racer loadout, a pass through an item box will yield to you one, two, or even three items. To use these items, tap the screen.

Check out our Items guide for more information about what each item in does and what they look like in Mario Kart Tour.

How to Throw Items Forward and Backward

Some items, like the Mushroom or the Bullet Bill, do not require a directional input. Others like the green or red shell do allow for an input and that direction is determined by the way you swipe your finger on the screen.

To throw an item forward, swipe up on the screen. To thrown an item backwards, swipe down on the screen.

How to Use Items While Drifting

To use an item while drifting, you need to use a finger that isn’t the finger responsible for the drift. When you’re drifitng, you can throw an item forward or backward by using a different finger to swipe up on the screen (to throw an item forward) or ship down on the screen (to throw an item backward).

How to Get Item Frenzy

Item Frenzy is a rarity that occurs during a race in Mario Kart Tour. It happens when you have three of the same item queued up in your item slots.

The only way to even get three items from a single item box is to use a character that favors the course you’re to race on. After obtaining three of the same item, you’ll enter Item Frenzy.

During Item Frenzy, you can use the item you have as many times as you want so tap the screen as much as possible. You’ll also be invincible for the duration of the Item Frenzy and performing Mini-Turbos will be significantly easier.

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