Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tier List 2023

Welcome to our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tier List 2023 guide. Just started playing Midnight Suns and […]

Welcome to our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tier List 2023 guide. Just started playing Midnight Suns and don’t know which characters to play? We’ve got you covered with our very own Midnight Suns leaderboard, where we rank the best superheroes in the game for you.

Updated on 01.24.2023

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tier List 2023

Here are all the Marvel Suns Super Heroes ranked for the current game meta. Remember that the game has just been released, so any changes and fixes or new characters added in the future will also change this list. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide.

Midnight Suns Tier List

Here are all of the superheroes in Marvel Suns listed for the current meta; however, keep in mind that the game has just recently been published, so any future updates, fixes, or additions of new characters will also affect this list.

TierMidnight Suns Heroes
SSpider-man, Hunter, Iron Man
ACaptain America, Magik, Captain Marvel
BBlade, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine
CGhost Rider, Nico Minoru


Or ‘Why did you put my favourite character in X tier you braindead primate?!’

Note that heroes’ placement in a tier is random – I’m not saying Iron Man is better than Dark Hunter (and he most certainly is not), but they’re both better than Blade. As are all other heroes and most common household pets.

While Midnight Suns isn’t XCOM, or even close to an XCOM game, a few XCOM maxims do apply:

  1. Enemy damage and abilities are irrelevant if they’re dead before they get a turn. As such, the most important requirement for any hero is an abundance of reliable damage, so as to remove as many threats as possible before they get a turn.
  2. The action economy is the be-all and end-all of the game, so anything you can do to screw with it is golden. Cards with Free, Quick, and to a lesser extent Marked, are invaluable assets for any hero.
  3. When you don’t want to ever get hit, defensive abilities become borderline useless. In other words, the best defence is an extremely powerful offence. The eagle-eyed reader may notice this is exactly the same point as #1 – that’s how important it is. On higher difficulties heroes will go down to 2-4 hits regardless of their health pool (unless their name is Hulk), so there’s limited value in heroes that are trying to soak damage rather than remove it.
  4. To be absolutely clear, the Balanced Hunter placement in B tier is for a truly neutral Hunter. A well-balanced Hunter build taking from both Light and Dark options probably belongs in A tier alongside Light Hunter. That wouldn’t have looked as fitting on the tier list, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many playable characters are in Midnight Suns?

  • There are currently 13 superheroes playable in the game, including the game’s main hero, the Hunter.

Which are the best Midnight Suns characters?

  • In the current game meta, we think the best superheroes in the newly released Midnight Suns are Iron Man, Captain America, Hunter and Magik.

Need a tier list for Midnight Suns?

  • While players don’t really need a level list to play and enjoy Midnight Suns, it’s definitely not a bad idea to use a level list if you want to maximize your overall strength and versatility to complete more content and campaign missions with ease. It’s always good to know which are the best characters in Midnight Suns because it allows you to build your deck accordingly.

Final Thoughts

You have now reached the conclusion of our Midnight Suns tier list, in which we ranked every superhero in the game. Whatever your opinion of our rankings, there is no denying that this is a fantastic game and that it will likely gain popularity in 2023.

As a result, we anticipate several updates, bug fixes, additions of new content and expansions, and perhaps even the addition of newer characters to the game. But as always, we’ll do our best to be prepared and update our tier list to take into account the latest changes to the game’s meta.

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