Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

Mechabellum is an epic auto-battle game set on the newly colonized planet Far Far Away. You are the Commander of an army of robots fighting in massive PvP battles. Customize and level up your units, strategically place them on the battlefield and watch them destroy your enemies. Check out our Mechabellum Tactics & Tips guide for tactics and tips that will make your job easier in this tough challenge!

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

Welcome to our Mechabellum Tactics & Tips guide. This guide will show you aggressive tactics and tips in Mechabellum.

Tactic Number 1 – Steel Division

Steel Division is a simple formation with 3 key units: Steel Balls, Mustangs, Crawlers/Fangs

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

There are 3 things to note about this formation.

1. The units must all be at the frontline in order to get to the enemy as quickly as possible and overrun him directly

2. The Fangs/crawlers are the main focus and take the first and heaviest damage in order to allow rapid advances and at the same time to ensure defensive measures such as destroying enemy shields and intercepting defensive missiles.

3. Mass is required to give the opponent few opportunities to counter effectively

Why Fangs/crawlers?

This is the simplest trash shield that stays permanently on the battlefield without having to invest a lot of money in shields, defense missiles or simply drawing fire on your main units.

There are 2 variants for this.

1. start units without buying another one.

  • Costs nothing but the left and right sides can be attacked by rockets
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

2. 4 low units to defend the sides against rockets.

  • costs 100+
  • one unit slot
  • one medium unit less at the beginning
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

Do not upgrade the crawlers/fangs though. the reason is that these units are destroyed quite quickly. if you level them, your opponent will get exp faster and they are just a simple bait.

Why Steelballs and Mustangs?

The reason is that they are fast and very effective units that in combination can counter just about anything.

Stellballs are the tanks and at the same time the counter for all medium to large ground units.

Mustangs take over all small units, flying units or anything that is far away or they support the steelballs to buy them more time by defending them.

The upgrade before unit rule applies here, since more and more units are added in the course of the game, but the exp are more difficult to achieve.

Possible counters

Since the rock – scissors – paper principle prevails, every tactic can also be attacked, but can also be effectively counteracted.

Suicide rhinos can be defused by emp wasps

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

Meltingpoint can be countered by mass and air units or by Stormcallers

Hackers are most effectively deterred by air units like Phoenix or Overlord

With a flank attack you can easily place mustangs near the towers in the rear area so that they hold everything back by range to buy time or support later in the fight

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

Start-up phase and construction

It’s easiest when playing with supplies 50+ or ​​100+. at the beginning you can use it to buy 2 mustangs or steelballs and the units of spam take effect more quickly

Also, at least one mustang or steelball should be included in the initial loadout so that it is cheaper to set up the formation

speed or huge units booster is also ok while with rhino or sniper start these units are built into the formation or best sold at the beginning to increase the entry fee

Ideally, the initial formation should look like this:

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

in midgame like this:

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

and in the end like this:

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Mechabellum Tactics & Tips

Extensions can best be achieved with Overlord, this creates a good combination with 4 units that the opponent has difficult to smash.

Mechabellum Tactics & Tips
Tactics & Tips

The most important upgrades are:

  • Mustang – range and 50% dmg
  • Steelballs – Armor Enhancement
  • Research Center – Attack and Defense (as soon as possible)
  • Late game – increased range in command center

Everything else is additional and can be added afterwards

Tactic Number 2 – Overlord Trap

Overlord Trap isn’t a specific formation, but rather a key point for the opponent to focus on, making it easier to build counterattacks. ( will come, need time)

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