Metro 2033 Redux – Spartan or Survival

Spartan or Survival Which Should you Play? You can play each game in “Survival Mode” or […]

Spartan or Survival

Which Should you Play?

You can play each game in “Survival Mode” or “Spartan Mode.” Survival Mode is supposedly more akin to 2033’s survival-horror style pacing, while Spartan Mode emulates Last Light’s run-n-gun action by making the player more durable and doling out more ammo. Each game can be played in either mode, so I played 2033 Redux in Spartan Mode and Last Light Redux in Survival Mode just to see what happened.

The distinction between Survival and Spartan is primarily related to the availability of resources (ammo, med kits, filters). It is not really about stealth or run and gun – you can do either in either mode(although arguably is “easier” to run and gun in Spartan owing to the resources issue). What is Survival in Redux is more what the original Metro 2033 was like. Having said that, the game engine/mechanic is not (that is the one used in the original Metro Last Light).

You can spray bullets, mod your weaps as you like and explore the map on Spartan. On Survival(Hardcore ranger) you have to make every bullet count and youre lucky if you have nuff armygrade bullets to buy a few magasines or a cpl of filters, (wich btw only gives 1-2min breathingtime.. not 5 as useual).. you wont have much to spare for weaponmods..
Due to the low amount of bullets etc, its strongly adviced you stealth as much as possible on topsettings and only engage combat if you have to. And aimed shooting is your friend. go for the head. 1 shot, 1 kill(unless bossfight)

If you go with Spartan…

Each level has more ammunition compared to the Survival and you have a better chance of getting MGRs [Military Grade Rounds (Money Currency)]. These MGRs will be useful in exchanging/selling/buying weapons at shops, putting mods on your weapons, supplies, and ammunition.

Even if you go to this mode, I suggest you conserve your ammo. There will be periods in the game where you will have to go out on a long time without restocking your ammo and weapons unless you discover a body along the way. It’s easier if you are fighting against human enemies since you can loot off of their bodies. However, fighting mutant creatures is going to be a bit more harder.

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  1. People have been saying its a best game and so challenged? I am new, Give me some Hints to play with more fun.

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