Metro Exodus – Clean Weapons How to?

How to Clean Weapons in Metro Exodus Cleaning Weapons in Metro Exodus requires a visiting one […]

How to Clean Weapons in Metro Exodus

Cleaning Weapons in Metro Exodus requires a visiting one of the many Workbench Locations in the game. This portion of the Walkthrough will help you find your first one(s), explain how to clean weapons, and include the items you need to do so.

Find a Workbench Location

Don’t worry if you haven’t found one yet! One is given to you directly via a story mission in the main Walkthrough. Specifically, during The Volga Chapter’s Get to the Port mission where you are supposed to reach the top of the tower and meet “another traveler stranded in the area.”

His name is Krest and he’ll invite you into his home, offering you his workbench. There are other workbenches spread across the different areas you’ll visit too but don’t feel pressure to find each one because Tokarev will install a workbench directly on the Aurora after your Find Anna / before you meet up with Duke for The Terminal mission.

Have Chemicals to Clean With

The number of Chemicals you need to clean one of your guns ranges from 0 to 20 Chemicals, depending on how dirty the weapon has become.

These Chemicals can be found on bodies, in crates/tins/boxes, hiding in lockers/safe, or in the form of glowing mushrooms. If you’re having a hard time finding this item be sure to follow our Walkthrough which highlights their most convenient locations during the main missions. There are a lot of Chemicals under the building at the port. For how to find them check out the Get to the Port portion of the Walkthrough.

Clean the Guns

When you select one of your Weapons while at a workbench you’ll have way more options than you do when you’re using your backpack on the go.

  • Select the gun you want to clean
  • Select the brush icon
  • Hold down the button to clean (varies by platform but appears next to the word “clean) until the meter is full.

Note: Make sure you’re aware of the cleaning cost (bottom left corner) and how many Chemicals you have (top left corner)

Why Cleaning Your Weapons Matters

  • Too much dirt can eventually completely ruin a weapon
  • Dirty guns have lower accuracy and less power than they would if they were clean.

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