Metro Exodus – Difficulty Levels

Metro Exodus Difficulty Levels In Metro Exodus, the creators have prepared as many as 5 levels […]

Metro Exodus Difficulty Levels

In Metro Exodus, the creators have prepared as many as 5 levels of difficulty, which greatly change the perception of the game and adjust the level of challenges for the player. On the following page, you will read how the difficulty levels differ from each other.

Metro Exodus Difficulty Settings Explanation

Metro Exodus has five difficulty settings in total namely Reader, Easy, Normal, Hardcore and Hardcore Ranger.

Reader Difficulty Level

Ideal solution for people who want to quickly and painlessly learn the stories of Artyom and his companions. Combat is very simple and you can find lots of items everywhere. Very, very easy difficulty level.

Easy Difficulty Level

Recommended for people who want to go through the game without stress, but want to have a little more challenge at the same time.

Normal Difficulty Level

Default difficulty level, which gives a lot of emotions and challenges. Reasonable inventory management and careful combat management are required.

Difficult Difficulty Level

A big challenge that will seriously test your skills. Enemies are strong and deal a lot of damage. Ammunition and other resources are very scarce and it is worth to be really careful in any combat situation.

Stalker – Hard Difficulty Level

Setting for the most hardcore players. Difficulties by turning off the crosshair, limiting the HUD, reducing ammunition to a minimum, and increasing the difficulty of combat and the vigilance of enemies. Weapons wear out very quickly and workshops are hard to find. It will be hellishly hard.

The biggest challenge in my opinion while playing Ranger Hardcore in Metro Exodus are the enemies which are now much stronger and smarter. You’ll often find yourself attacked before you can detect the enemies in this difficult. We recommend playing Ranger Hardcore after a playthrough in another difficulty as you understand you way around the game.

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