Mind Over Magic Complete Guide

Master the game with our guide, covering species, elemental details, room specifics, and essential room keywords.

Use the information in our guide to master everything in the game, including its species, element details, rooms and room keywords.

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Basic Info Reference for Mind Over Magic

A list of basic info for reference, including faction/species traits, element tasks & combat skills, and default room keywords & their meanings.

Faction / Species Info

There are currently 5 factions (aka species/races) in the game.

  • Humans have 100 base HP and 120 base Mana. They have one additional Death Save.
  • Wolfkin have 80 base HP and 80 base Mana, with +10 Power and +20
  • Speed. They receive no Conviction penalty for sleeping outside or on the floor, and if the only available meals have Conviction penalties, they will instead fetch and eat a raw Dire Rat or Croa.
  • Vivified have 175 base HP and 90 base Mana, with +5 Power. They receive no penalties or bonuses to Conviction from food, and they will eat the lowest quality food available.
  • Raven Cult have 150 base HP and 110 base Mana, with +20 Power and +10 Speed. They have a permanent -15 penalty to Conviction.
  • Shattered have 30 base HP and 100 base Mana, with +15 Power. They start each combat with some armor (I think based on the level of their primary element, but I haven’t tested that yet). They are immune to negative statuses from plants (Mana Drain from Voidshrooms and Sporeshroom Rash, and they cannot be Bound by Trapdoor Vines).

Tasks by Element

Each element has a number of Tasks associated with it. Most tasks require level 1 or higher of the associated element, but some have different requirements (noted like this).

  • Air: Assemble furniture, paint paintings, haul items (no level required)
  • Dark: Create Quilted, apply Wards
  • Earth: Construct floors/walls/stairs/supports/doors/hallways, mine stone & ores, carve statues, repair damaged furniture
  • Fire: Cook meals, destroy marked plants, hunt wildlife and annoyances
  • Lightning: Charge Mana Lanterns, scriven scrolls, perform research, summon Gifted students (level 3 required)
  • Nature: Craft wands, harvest plants, plant seeds & tend crops, chop trees
  • Water: Brew potions, clean messes

Some Refining Beasts require students of particular elements at particular levels for their hatching ritual. These mages must be students, not staff. They need the listed element at the listed level, but it doesn’t have to be their primary element.

  • Weaver Bird: Air 4 student, Fire 4 student
  • Cronebug: Earth 4 student, Nature 3 student, Water 3 student

Combat Skills by Element

This list is not fully complete, as I’ve not gotten to tier 3 wands yet and I missed info from some lower-level skills, but I’ll go ahead and share what I have so far.

Skills are in the order that they are acquired according to the level of the mage’s primary element, with the following format:

Name (Mana Cost) – Description (Status description)


  • Multistrike I (10) – Deal 3+Power damage to target enemy 2 times.
  • Shield of Wind I (30) – Target ally gains Shield 1. (Shield: The next time this Mage would take damage from an attack, prevent it.)
  • Multistrike II (10) – Deal 3+Power damage to target enemy 3 times.
  • Shield of Wind II (30) – Allies in the target row gain Shield 1.
  • Haste I (60) – Target ally gains Hastened for two rounds. (Hastened: Unit acts at the beginning of the round in addition to their normal spot in the turn order.)
  • ?


  • Tentacle Lash I (15) – Deal 10+Power damage to target enemy. +20 damage if caster has Shadow Cloak.
  • Shadow Cloak I (20) – Target ally position gains Shadow Cloak for two rounds. (Shadow Cloak: Unit in this position has a 25% chance to dodge incoming attacks, avoiding all damage but still suffering status effects.)
  • ?


  • Smash I (10) – Deal 5+Power damage to target enemy. +15 damage if caster is at full HP.
  • Earth Armor I (20) – Caster gains 60 Armor and Taunt 2. (Taunt: The next time an enemy can target the unit with an attack, they will do so.)
  • Smash II (10) – Deal 10+Power damage to target enemy. +20 damage if caster is at full HP.
  • Earth Armor II (20) – Caster gains 120 Armor and Taunt 3.
  • Quake (30) – Deal 15+Power damage to the frontmost row of enemies. +30 damage if caster is at full HP.
  • Smash III (10) – Deal 20+Power damage to target enemy. +40 damage if caster is at full HP.
  • ?


  • Fireball I (20) – Deal ?+Power damage to target enemy. ?% chance to cause a Critical Hit for double damage.
  • Vengeance I (40) – Allies in target row gain Retaliate 15 for the duration of the battle. (Retaliate X: When this unit is attacked, the attacker takes X damage.)
  • Fireball II (20) – Deal ?+Power damage to target enemy. ?% chance to cause a Critical Hit for double damage.
  • Fireball III (20) – Deal 30+Power damage to target enemy. 50% chance to cause a Critical Hit for double damage.
  • Flame Lash I (50% current Mana) – Spend X Mana to deal 2X+Power damage to target enemy (X is half the caster’s current Mana).
  • ?


Note: Unlike most combat skills, Lightning skills can hit any enemy, not just the frontmost row.

  • Bolt I (15) – Deal 12+Power damage to any target enemy.
  • Recharge I (30) – Target ally gains 30 speed (for how long?) and 30 Mana.
  • Bolt II (15) – Deal 25+Power damage to any target.
  • Slowing Strike I (50) – Deal 30+Power damage to any target enemy and inflict Jolted for 2 rounds. (Jolted: Unit has -100 Speed.)
  • Bolt III (15) – Deal 50+Power damage to any target enemy.
  • ?


  • Growth I (14?) – ?+Power damage to target enemy; inflict Thorns on that position for 2? rounds. (Thorns: At the end of the round or when a unit is leaving this position, the unit in this position takes 10 damage.)
  • Surging Strength I (40?) – Target ally gains +20 Power for 2 rounds.
  • Growth II (14) – 15+Power damage to target enemy; inflict Thorns on that position for 3 rounds.
  • Surging Strength II (40) – Allies in target row gain +20 Power for 2 rounds.
  • ?


  • Torrent I (10) – Deal ?+Power damage to target enemy. +? damage if caster is in the back row.
  • Soak I (40) – Deal ?+Power damage to target enemy. Lower their Power and Speed by 10 for 2 turns.
  • Torrent II (10) – Deal 10+Power damage to target enemy. +20 damage if caster is in the back row.
  • Soak II (40) – Deal 30+Power damage to target enemy. Lower their Power and Speed by 15 for 2 turns.
  • Consecrating Drops I (60) – Allies in target row gain 30 armor and lose Sadness/Fearful/Restless.
  • ?

Room Keywords

These Keywords are required to build various rooms. I’ve listed the rooms that use each keyword, but note that this is randomized on Relentless difficulty (can be toggled manually for custom difficulties).


No adjacent room below, and none of the floor is Foundation. This can be achieved by supporting the floor with support pillars (indoor or outdoor), or by building the room hanging off the side of a supported wall.

  • Bedchamber
  • House Commons
  • Hydrolaboratory
  • Mage’s Hermitage
  • Private Quarters


All of the floor is Foundation. Note: This means you can’t build any floor higher up in the room, either!

  • Atelier
  • Auditorium
  • Geomancer’s Hall
  • Great Hall
  • Scullery
  • Sculpture Studio
  • Woodcuttery


No path to another room. This means you must wall off or destroy the entrance after your mage enters, and then let them out again if/when need be.

  • Mage’s Hermitage


The room is taller than it is wide.

  • Arboretum
  • Bedchamber
  • Dining Room
  • Fine Kitchen
  • Great Hall
  • Hospital Ward
  • Kitchen
  • Mage’s Hermitage
  • Mess Hall
  • Painting Studio
  • Private Dining Room
  • Salle a Manger
  • Workshop


The room has only one entrance (via Hallway, Door, Stair, Spiral Stair, or Ladder).

  • Austere Bedroom
  • Bedchamber
  • Bedroom
  • Common Room
  • Conservatory
  • Dormitory
  • Hospital Ward
  • House Commons
  • Infirmary
  • Lightning Observatory
  • Mage’s Tower
  • Mage’s Study
  • Private Dining Room
  • Private Quarters
  • Salle a Manger


One outer wall of the room is at least three blocks taller than the other outer wall.

  • Conservatory
  • Mage’s Hermitage
  • Mage’s Study
  • Pyromancer’s Infernum


No adjacent room to the left, right, or above. This can be achieved by isolating it on its own foundation, or by ensuring the adjacent areas are not fully enclosed to become rooms, or the adjacent areas have roofs inside them so they are not counted as rooms, or make your walls two blocks thick so the adjacent rooms aren’t counted as adjacent.

  • Common Room
  • House Commons
  • Mage’s Tower
  • Salle a Manger
  • Windy Pinnacle

Room Keyword Requirements

Again, these keyword requirements are randomized when selecting the relevant option in custom difficulty or when playing on Relentless. However, here are the keywords required by each room type by default.


  • Austere Bedroom: Private
  • Bedchamber: Elevated, Lofted, Private
  • Bedroom: Private
  • Dormitory: Private
  • Private Quarters: Elevated, Private


  • Advanced Classroom: none
  • Arboretum: Lofted
  • Basic Classroom: none
  • Geomancer’s Hall: Grounded
  • Hydrolaboratory: Elevated
  • Intermediate Classroom: none
  • Lair of Dark Arts: none
  • Lightning Observatory: Private
  • Pyromancer’s Infernum: Skewed
  • Windy Pinnacle: Towered

Dining Rooms

  • Dining Room: Lofted
  • Mess Hall: Lofted
  • Private Dining Room: Lofted, Private
  • Salle a Manger: Lofted, Private, Towered

Medical Rooms

  • Hospital Ward: Lofted, Private
  • Infirmary: Private

Rec Rooms

  • Common Room: Private, Towered
  • Conservatory: Private, Skewed
  • House Commons: Elevated, Private, Towered

Ritual Rooms

  • Assembly Hall: none
  • Auditorium: Grounded, not Private
  • Great Hall: Grounded, Lofted, not Private


  • Atelier: Grounded
  • Fine Kitchen: Lofted
  • Kitchen: Lofted
  • Mage’s Hermitage: Elevated, Isolated, Lofted, Skewed
  • Mage’s Study: Private, Skewed
  • Mage’s Tower: Private, Towered
  • Painting Studio: Lofted
  • Scullery: Grounded
  • Sculpture Studio: Grounded
  • Woodcuttery: Grounded
  • Workshop: Lofted
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