Mind Over Magic Mage’s Hermitage

If you need tips to perform the Mage’s hermitage, you can use our guide. You will […]

If you need tips to perform the Mage’s hermitage, you can use our guide. You will easily ensure that the Mage’s Hermitage is in your tower.

This is the guide 大树 it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Mind Over Magic Mage’s Hermitage

We have described in this guide an easy way to ensure that Mage’s Hermitage is added to your tower without too much hassle.

Mage’s Hermitage

While this game is about designing efficient rooms to allow you to explore and build, I was planning a natural development plan for researching. Accidentally discovered a way to allow a natural transition from Mage’s Study to Mage’s Hermitage.

Trick is to build off a wall and have the access from stairs from another diagnal from bottom left/right.

It will come with Elevated, Towered, Lofted, Skewed and Private.

You naturally start as a workshop with +25%

Once you put in bookshelf, it turns into Mage’s Study as 100% (DONT FORGET TO PUT A DUMMY DOOR LEADING OFF THE TOWER.)

Once you unlock Scrivener’s Desk, it turns into Mage’s Tower as 200%. (In my first playthrough, I always like to put Skewed room on side and found it hard to change to Towered and this solves the problem.)

Lastly, once Roof Decoration and Large bookshelves are introduced, you have yourself sweet 400% boost without the need to relocate entire room to another spot of the tower or building off a new plot of land.

Easy Mage's Hermitage

Note that without arch support, wall supports length of 4 as floor, enough to put in Research station + bookshelves.

Easy Mage's Hermitage

With introduction of Arch support, you can add 1 more block for more space and more after a subsequent research.

Easy Mage's Hermitage

My connecting room turned out to be a Kitchen with easy roof for Chimney and not to worry about having multiple entry points.

Croa Management

As progress into mid-game. Croas are coming to eat my plants and spectral croas are destroying everything.

I used to scroll across maps to find them, double click to select all and destroy or hunt, until I found I can mange this more efficiently via the resource tab.

Easy Mage's Hermitage

I would recommend only expand a few categories that you would like to Monitor.

You can click on Croa Nest and it will circulate through all nests around the map and pressing “del” on keyboard to get rid of them whenever these numbers pop up.

Now I can just sit back and watch the minions to do whatever they need to do and not to worry about these birds.

By the way, Scarecroa doesn’t seem to be an effective solution. It sends Croa back to nest, and they just turn into Spectral Croa and destroy your Scarecroa. Killing is the utmost solution.

At this point, I have a designated “staff” high in Fire and Nature who sleeps during the day and be on duty to hunt, destroy, tend and harvest during time other staff members are sleeping, eating, having fun or teaching.

Easy Mage's Hermitage
Written by 大树

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