Minecraft Potions Recipes Brewing (2023)

Discover the secrets of Minecraft potions with our detailed 2023 Brewing guide. Find potion recipes, brewing tips, and more to master the art of alchemy!

Are you looking for something special about potions in Minecraft? Do you need potion recipes, how to make a brew and more? Then you’re in the right place. Our guide will show you all the details you need! Check out our Minecraft Potions Recipes (2023 Brewing) guide, where we detail everything you need to know about potion recipes, primary and secondary potion levels, splash potions, detailed graphics explaining the potion brewing system, and even more!

Minecraft Potions Recipes 2023

In Minecraft, brewing potions can be a powerful tool for various effects, whether it’s healing, invisibility, or strength. To master the art of potion brewing, follow this comprehensive guide on how to brew potions and discover the recipes for both positive and negative effects.

Potion of Weakness

  • Add a Fermented Spider Eye to create a Potion of Weakness +.
  • Further upgrade it with Redstone to achieve a Potion of Strength.

Potion of Strength

  • Elevate the Potion of Strength by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Strength +.
  • Enhance it even more with Glowstone Dust to produce a Potion of Strength II.

Potion of Regeneration

  • Boost your Potion of Regeneration by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Regeneration +.
  • Increase its effect with Glowstone Dust to craft a Potion of Regeneration II.

Potion of Swiftness

  • Make your Potion of Swiftness more potent by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Swiftness +.
  • Take it to the next level with Glowstone Dust to achieve a Potion of Swiftness II.

Potion of Slowness

  • Create a Potion of Slowness by adding Fermented Spider Eye to a Potion of Swiftness or other base potions.
  • Strengthen the effect with Redstone to create a Potion of Slowness +.

Potion of Healing

  • Enhance your Potion of Healing by adding Glowstone Dust to create a Potion of Healing II.

Potion of Harming

  • Increase the potency of your Potion of Harming by adding Fermented Spider Eye or Glowstone Dust.

Potion of Poison

  • Elevate the Potion of Poison by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Poison +.
  • Make it more potent with Glowstone Dust to craft a Potion of Poison II.

Potion of Fire Resistance

  • Extend the duration of your Potion of Fire Resistance by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Fire Resistance +.

Potion of Night Vision

  • Prolong the effect of your Potion of Night Vision by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Night Vision +.

Potion of Invisibility

  • Make your Potion of Invisibility last longer by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Invisibility +.

Potion of Water Breathing

  • Extend the duration of your Potion of Water Breathing by adding Redstone to create a Potion of Water Breathing +.

Potion of Leaping

  • Enhance the Potion of Leaping by adding Glowstone Dust to create a Potion of Leaping II.
  • Make it more potent with Redstone to craft a Potion of Leaping +.


Your journey into potion brewing begins with crafting a brewing stand. To do this, gather 3 stone blocks and a Blaze Rod. Stones are readily available throughout the Minecraft world, but Blaze Rods require you to defeat Blaze enemies, which resemble yellow spiders and appear randomly on the map.

Using the Brewing Stand

Minecraft Brewing Stand 2023
Minecraft Brewing Stand 2023

Once your brewing stand is in place, familiarize yourself with its slots:

  1. Fuel Slot: Add Blaze Powder here to fuel the brewing process, akin to using coal for a furnace.
  2. Primary Ingredient Slot: This is for primary ingredients such as Nether Wart.
  3. Bottle Slots (3, 4, & 5): Use these slots for bottles containing your ingredients.
Brewing Chart
Minecraft Brewing Chart 2023 version.

Potion Recipes and Levels

Potions come in three levels: primary, secondary, and third-type potions, which can be further categorized as positive and negative potions. Let’s explore the recipes.

Primary Potion Recipes

There are five primary potions:

  • Awkward Potion: Crafted with Nether Wart and water bottles, it’s the base for all positive secondary potions and one negative potion.
  • Mundane Potions: Used for brewing Potions of Weakness, made from water bottles and various items like Glistering Melon, Spider eyes, Magma cream, Sugar, Blaze Powder, Ghast Tears, or Redstone Dust. Redstone Dust creates an extended Mundane Potion used for an extended Potion of Weakness.
  • Thick Potions: Brewed with water bottles and glowstone dust.

Secondary Potion Recipes

Positive secondary potions use Awkward Potions as their base:

  • Potion of Healing (Awkward Potion + Glistering Melon)
  • Potion of Fire Resistance (Awkward Potion + Magma Cream)
  • Potion of Regeneration (Awkward Potion + Ghast Tears)
  • Potion of Strength (Awkward Potion + Blaze Powder)
  • Potion of Swiftness (Awkward Potion + Sugar)
  • Potion of Leaping (Awkward Potion + Rabbit’s Foot)
  • Potion of Slow Falling (Awkward Potion + Phantom Membrane)

Negative secondary potions include:

  • Potion of Poison (Awkward Potion + Spider Eye)
  • Potion of Weakness (Thick Potion + Fermented Spider Eyes or Mundane Potion + Fermented Spider Eyes or Extended Mundane Potion + Fermented Spider Eyes)
  • Extended Potion of Weakness (Potion of Weakness + Redstone Dust)
  • Potion of Slowness (Potion of Swiftness + Potion of Leaping + Fermented Spider Eye)
  • Potion of Harming (Potion of Poison + Potion of Healing + Fermented Spider Eye)

Mixed Potion Recipes

These potions have both positive and negative effects:

  • Potion of the Turtle Master (Awkward Potion + Turtle Shell)

How to Upgrade Potions

In the vast world of Minecraft, certain potions may seem rather lackluster until you take the initiative to enhance them further. Consider, for instance, a simple potion of poison – not particularly appealing for direct consumption. Fortunately, there are methods to elevate your potions, transforming them into splash potions (throwable variants), extending their duration, and amplifying their effects.

Splash Potions

In the world of Minecraft, crafting splash potions adds a strategic dimension to your gameplay. These special potions can be thrown to unleash their effects in an area, making them versatile tools for healing, enhancing your abilities, or dealing with mobs. Here’s a guide to creating splash potions and a list of various splash potions available in Minecraft.

Making Splash Potions

To craft a splash potion, you’ll need to combine gunpowder with an existing potion. When thrown, these potions release their effects in a designated area, affecting players or mobs within range. Splash potions are valuable for cooperative play, quick self-buffs, or crowd control.

List of Splash Potions

Discover a wide array of splash potions, each with unique effects and applications:

  1. Splash Water Bottle
  2. Awkward Splash Potion
  3. Thick Splash Potion
  4. Mundane Splash Potion
  5. Uncraftable Splash Potion
  6. Splash Potion of Regeneration
  7. Splash Potion of Swiftness
  8. Splash Potion of Fire Resistance
  9. Splash Potion of Poison
  10. Splash Potion of Healing
  11. Splash Potion of Night Vision
  12. Splash Potion of Weakness
  13. Splash Potion of Strength
  14. Splash Potion of Slowness
  15. Splash Potion of Leaping
  16. Splash Potion of Water Breathing
  17. Splash Potion of Invisibility
  18. Splash Potion of Luck
  19. Splash Potion of Decay
  20. Splash Potion of the Turtle Master
  21. Splash Potion of Slow Falling

Experiment with these potions to uncover their unique advantages and employ them to your advantage in the Minecraft world. Whether you’re exploring, fighting, or cooperating with others, splash potions offer an array of possibilities to enhance your gaming experience.

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