MK11 Forge Recipes

Master the art of the MK11 Forge with our comprehensive Recipes guide. Learn how to craft powerful tattoos and gain an edge in Mortal Kombat 11!

In Mortal Kombat 11, have you come across a Forge during your exploration and have no idea what to do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The MK11 Forge is a point where you can gain an advantage over your opponents as long as you make the right creations. In our MK11 Forge Recipes guide, we’ve explained forge recipes and provided a lot of information you might need at this point!

MK 11 Forge Recipes Guide

The MK11 Forge in Mortal Kombat 11’s Krypt is a mysterious and potentially costly feature that can significantly enhance your gameplay. In this guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of the MK11 Forge and show you how to craft powerful Konsumables, giving you an edge in modes like Towers of Time and Klassic Towers.

How the MK11 Forge Works

  • Understanding the basics: We’ll explain how the Forge operates and why it’s essential for crafting Konsumables.
  • Slotting and crafting: Discover the process of combining Forge Items to create new, valuable items with different rarities and crafting costs.

Avoid costly mistakes: Learn why crafting with the wrong ingredients can be a risky endeavor, and how to prevent losing valuable resources like Soul Fragments and Hearts.

Forge Items and Costs

  • Forge Item locations: Explore how to find Forge Items in chests throughout the Krypt and by breaking lava rocks in the Central Courtyard.
  • Cost breakdown: Understand the general costs of crafting basic items and the substantial costs required for rare forge creations.

Unlocking the MK11 Forge

  • Accessing the Forge: We provide step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the Forge using the WarHammer of Shao Kahn.

Sample MK11 Forge Recipes

  • Get a glimpse of the recipes you can create, such as the “Amulet of Lost Souls” and “Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana.”

MK11 Forge Recipes

How to find?

  • Recipe sources: Discover where to find MK11 Forge Recipes in chests and how some chests provide the necessary ingredients for crafting.
  • Viewing recipes: Once unlocked, we’ll guide you on how to view recipes in the Kollections tab of the Kustomize options.

To gain access to the Forge in Mortal Kombat 11, you must first unlock it within the game’s Krypt mode.

MK11 Forge Recipes
MK 11 Forge Recipes

Early in your Krypt exploration, you’ll discover a chest containing Shao Kahn’s WarHammer. This powerful tool can be used to dismantle various barriers such as cracked walls and wooden gates.

Head to the open area behind Shang Tsung’s seat and use the WarHammer on the large gong. This action will open the gates leading to the central area of the Krypt, where the Forge is located. You can now interact with the Forge to begin crafting various items.

Below is the comprehensive list of all Mortal Kombat 11 Forge recipes for your reference:

Amulet of Lost SoulsNecromantic Runestone and Outworld Steel
Amulet of Shinnok SoulsEnsorcelled Demon’s Heart, Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon, and Ensorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls
Ancestral KatanaElement of Order and Handful of Flux
Ash of VrbadaDragon Flame and Suspended OshTekk Sunlight
Ball of Coagulated BloodCoagulated Vampire Blood and Crystalline Shard
Black Dragon Butterfly KnifeObsidian Shard, Outworld Steel, and Circuitry Bundle
Blacked SickleCoagulated Vampire Blood, Krystalline Shard, and Synthetic Fiber
Bloodied SaiCoagulated Vampire Blood and Krypt Spider Silk
Bloodied TonfaHandful of Flux and Tygorr Hide
Boom of the Tiger (Jax Briggs Gear)Jax’s Cigar Box, Carbon Film Resistor, and Circuitry Bundle
Bottled RageBottled Thunder, Distilled Tarkatan Rage, and Dragon Flame
Broken QuiverSerpent Scales and Lost Soul Essence
Chaotian Era Chao (Geras Gear)Dregs of the Hourglass, Element of Order, and Stabilized Chaos
Charged Cyber CoreCharged Capacitors, Power Core, and Frayed Wiring
Charged Knuckle DusterCircuitry Bundle, Copper Plating, and Bottled Thunder
Crown of The Fallen PrinceEssence of Edenian Magic and Lost Soul Essence
Cyber CommunicatorCircuitry Bundle and Motherboard
Cyber SnareCopper Plating and Frayed Wiring
Darkling Weevils (D’Vorah Gear)Grotesque Mutated Larva, Ground Bone Dust, and Zaterran Venom Sac
Dragon Stalker (Kano Gear)Disabled Cybernetic Heart, Frayed Wiring, and Synthetic Fiber
Eager Partner (Kung Lao Gear)Element of Order, Elder God’s Spark, and Ill Fitting Dull Bladed Hat
Electric Field Generator2 Charged Capacitors and Outworld Steel
Electrified TakuhatsugasaBottled Thunder, Charged Capacitors, and Synthetic Fibers
Eternal SandBottled Thunder and 2 Elder God’s Spark
Ethereal ArmorElement of Order, Essence of Edenian Magic, and Copper Plating
Fists of Cold SteelEssence of Frost and Krypt Spider Silk
Flash GrenadeCarbon Film Resistor and Copper Plating
Force BallSerpent Scales and Suspended OshTekk Sunlight
Frost Core FragmentPowered Core and Circuitry Bundle
Gourd of the Eight ImmortalsCopper Plating and Elder God’s Spark
Homing MissileFrayed Wiring and Miniature Explosive Charge
Hunter Killer (Sonya Blade Gear)Antique Training Manual, Circuitry Bundle, and Frayed Wiring
Intimidator (Shao Kahn Gear)Dragon King Heart, Netherrealm Magma, and Meteorite Dust
Katana of the Revenant (Scorpion Gear)Fractured Katana, Dragon Flame, and Leather Strips
Kuai Liang’s Frosty Arsenal (Sub-Zero Gear)Cracked Lin Kuai Bombshell, Black Powder, and Unbroken Fuse
Kuai’s MedallionCopper Plating, Kytinn Spittle, and Leather Strips
Kunai of Hisso (Scorpion Gear)Taven’s Sword, Necromantic Runestone, and Netherrealm Magma
Kytinn PheromonesCoagulated Vampire Blood, Cordite, and Kytinn Spittle
Left Hot Shottie (Jacqui Briggs Gear)Busted Black Market Gauntlet, Motherboard, and Charged Capacitators
Licensed to Fight (Johnny Cage Gear)Krypt Spider Silk, Gold Ore, and Remnants of a Broken Trophy
Lightning ResistanceCharged Capacitors, Outworld Steel, and Bottled Thunder
Liquid Nitrogen Filled ExplosivesCordite and Miniature Explosive Charge
Lit ShadesGold Ore, Circuitry Bundle, and Krystalline Shard
Liu Kang’s HeadbandDragon Flame, Element of Order, and Copper Plating
Maelstrom Bringer (Raiden Gear)Magically Sealed Amulet, Elder God’s Spark, and Bottled Thunder
Meteorite CoreMeteorite Dust and Outworld Steel
Mistress of Bojutsu (Jade Gear)Mileena’s Veil, Krypt Spider Silk, and Essence of Edenian Magic
Napalm MissilesCircuitry Bundle and Miniature Explosive Charge
Necromancer’s RuneNecromantic Runestone and Ground Bone Dust
Netherstone of MagnusDragon Flame, Black Powder, and Krystalline Shard
Nitara’s GemstoneCoagulated Vampire Blood, Cordite, and Element of Order
Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana (Kotal Kahn Gear)Splintered Machuathitl, Stabilized Chaos, and Outworld Steel
Oni Scrotebag (Kollector Gear)Torn Sack, Tygorr Hide, and Krypt Spider Silk
Outworld Warrior Extract (Skarlet Gear)Empty Shattered Vial, Coagulated Vampire Blood, and Ground Bone Dust
MK11 Forge Recipes

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