Monster Prom Beautiful Glitch Mods Walkthrough

Go through ridiculous and funny situations in Monster’s Ball, raise your stats and seduce one of your classmates. Are you looking for a walkthrough guide to the 5 mod Beautiful Glitch made for Monster Prom? Then you’re in the right place. You can find details in this Monster Prom Beautiful Glitch Mods Walkthrough guide!

This is the guide Sunshining_Nights it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Monster Prom Beautiful Glitch Mods Walkthrough

You have 3 weeks to make an appointment for the Monster Prom! This Monster Prom Beautiful Glitch Mods Walkthrough guide is an example of the 5 mods Beautiful Glitch made for Monster Prom.

Rivals/Lovers of Aether (Forsburn)

Rivals/Lovers of Aether (Forsburn):

  • Buy Poetry Competition Tickets ($2)
  • Event 1: Charming / Fun
  • Event 2: Smart / Bold
  • Event 3: Creative / Smart
  • Go to prom ALONE

Social Monsters / Internet Famous! (Slimeantha & Vanity)

Social Monsters / Internet Famous! (Slimeantha & Vanity):

  • Buy How to be a Social Media Sensation ($5)
  • Event 1: Creative / Bold
  • Event 2: Bold / Fun
  • Event 3: Fun / Bold
  • Go to prom ALONE

The Look-See

I believe this is simply a mod that allows you to use the Look-See as a character for CREATING mods as I hadn’t been able to find a way to trigger any events and from what I interpreted from Beautiful Glitch’s comment on the mod.

However, you can use this mod as a quick way to get the achievement ‘Mod-alicious!’ (Create your own custom character in the Modtool!) by following the below steps:
Modtool -> Create Mods -> Create New Mod -> Codename (it doesn’t matter what’s put here) -> Character Editor -> Import -> Look-See. If it doesn’t trigger go back until you can click/select Look-See and you can see the Sprite, Outfit (Casual), and Mood (Default).

You don’t necessarily need to post this mod to get the achievement. I’d personally recommend against doing so if possible just to avoid confusing others and taking up space on the workshop. You can delete the mod by just going back until you see the Codename you gave this throw away mod and there should be a little garbage button to the right of it.

Tickets to Heaven (Raphael)

Tickets to Heaven (Raphael)

  • Buy Tickets to Heaven ($5)
  • Event 1: Charm / Bold
  • Event 2: Creative / Smart
  • Event 3: Money / Fun
  • Go to prom ALONE

Flask Fellowship (Mina)

Flask Fellowship (Mina):

  • Buy Bottled Emperors Soul ($5)
  • Event 1: Smart / Creative
  • Event 2: Smart / Fun
  • Event 3: Bold / Creative
  • Go to prom ALONE

Extra Notes

Extra Notes:

I used the Second Term DLC and I hadn’t test it on just the base game

I went to prom alone every time except for once on Tickets to Heaven (gone with Polly). I’m unsure if this means the mods override every other ending or if since Polly was in the ending it was able to continue on.

Tickets to Heaven and Flask Fellowship’s descriptions talk about having 4/3 characters; but it’s actually just the new character + 3/2 new sprites for the character’s involved (Polly, Vera, & Damien / Polly & Damien). Just thought this should be mentioned.

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