Mordhau – Horde Mode Loot Spots & Loot Map

This is a guide made to help out all the new players struggling to find the […]

This is a guide made to help out all the new players struggling to find the loot on horde mode.

Best Loot Spots

I’ve made this guide to help out newcomers find their loot on hordemode.
I know I struggled in the beginning so here you go!

Ohh btw, Taiga and Grad features either caves or basements/dungeons and to keep the imagecount as low as possible, all the loot inside these caves will just be listed and you’ll have to find them yourselves.

P.S I’ll also include a list down at the bottom with all the prices.

Map Legends

Below is a list of all the weapons, armors and shields with their own number or letter.
There will be 3 different icons with different letters/numbers in them and each represent an item.
The icons will be the same for all the maps, colors may change depending on the scenery so they’ll be more visible.


A – Hoe
B – Dagger
C – Wooden Mallet
D – Blacksmith Hammer
E – Short Sword
F – Thowing Knife
G – Throwing Axe
H – Mace
I – Axe
J – Rusty Fork
K – Arming Sword
L – Warhammer
M – Falchion
N – Rapier
O – Scythe
P – Recurve Bow
Q – Fire Bomb
R – Billhook
S – Bastard Sword
T – Crossbow
U – Longsword
V – War Axe
W – Bear Trap
X – Messer
Y – Evening Star
Z – Battle Axe
1 – Executioner’s Sword
2 – Longbow
3 – Pole Axe
4 – Spear
5 – Toolbox
6 – Greatsword
7 – Estoc
8 – Bardiche
9 – Maul
10 – Zweihander
11 – Halberd


A – Light Chest
B – Light Legs
C – Light Helmet
D – Medium Chest
E – Medium Legs
F – Medium Helmet
G – Heavy Chest
H – Heavy Legs
I – Heavy Helmet
J – Targe
K – Heater Shield
L – Kiteshield
M – Pavise Shield
N – Buckler

Bandages & Medkits

Camp Loot Map

Mountain Peak Loot Spots

Grad Loot Spots

Basement/Cellar Items:

Heavy Chest
Evening Star
Pole Axe

Taiga Loot Spots

Weapons inside caves:

  • Zweihander
  • Throwing Axe
  • Halberd
  • Kiteshield

6 thoughts on “Mordhau – Horde Mode Loot Spots & Loot Map”

  1. Instead of just letters and numbers, surely these maps could be significantly improved, by writing full names of the items instead?

  2. On the map “Camp” the weapon Poleaxe is nowhere to be seen, I’ve looked at this guide specifically to find it. However after I’ve spent 15 mins looking for it in-game, I found it.

    The Poleaxe is in the second screenshot, near the element 6 right behind the watch tower from that perspective.

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