Mordhau – Keybinds, Controls and Graphics

Keybinds and Controls Mordhau’s default control scheme aka “240 system” isn’t great coming from chivalry or […]

Keybinds and Controls

Mordhau’s default control scheme aka “240 system” isn’t great coming from chivalry or as a new player, it’s quite unintuitive IMO.

In order to disable the 240 control scheme:
Go to “controls” – > uncheck all tickboxes

Under keybinds change the following:

  • Feint – Q
  • Right mouse button – Parry
  • Right strike – left mouse button
  • Fire – Left mouse button (make sure this is bound or you cant spawn don’t overwrite above)
  • Left upper strike – Thumb mouse button if you have one
  • Left lower strike – Thumb mouse button if you have one
  • Flip attack side – Left Alt

Binding console key

  • Go to Mordhau’s client location
  • <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau\Engine\Config\* and open the **BaseInput.ini**
  • Cntrl + F and look for +ConsoleKeys=Tilde
  • Change “Tilde” to a different key, for example “J” or otherwise unbound key, and save the file
  • Restart Mordhau.


Depending on FPS you may want to tweak you graphics settings. Personally, I play on mostly low settings to achieve maximum FPS – especially in Frontlines.

Under the “Game” tab:

  • Head bob – 0
  • Ragdoll limit – Lower is better. I use 3
  • Ragdoll stay time – Lower is better. I use 3

Under the “Video” tab:

Anything with [IMPORTANT] has a big impact on FPS or visibility

DISABLE V-SYNC – Even if you have a 60Hz Monitor you should always be aiming for 120fps

  • Resolution Scale – Adjust this based on FPS. If you are getting enough FPS you can turn this up to 1.1 or 1.2 for a sharper picture. Leave on 1 if not getting consistant frames or on Frontlines
  • Frame rate limit – 120 if on a 60Hz monitor, 143 on a 144hz monitor. Lower based on framerate (if you’re getting 54 FPS max then make it 50 for example)
  • Field of View – 101
  • Antia-aliasing – FXAA or Off (especially if using higher than 1 screenscale) [IMPORTANT]
  • Texture quality – Adjust based on GPU VRAM size (6gb+ = Ultra) (4gb = High) etc.
  • Effects – Low
  • Shadow Quality – Low (Medium is fine, again I use for FPS)
  • Indirect Shadows – Off
  • View Distance – Low
  • Post process – Low [IMPORTANT]
  • Foliage Density – Low [IMPORTANT]
  • Character Qaulity – Low
  • Character Cloth – No Cloth [IMPORTANT]
  • Ragdoll Qaulity – Low [IMPORTANT]
  • Screenspace Reflections – Off [IMPORTANT]
  • Motion Blur – Off [IMPORTANT]
  • Bloom – Off [IMPORTANT]
  • Ambient Occlusion – Off [IMPORTANT]
  • Lens Flares – Off [IMPORTANT]

Still Getting Low FPS

Removing Shadows

Make sure you have followed the above graphics settings to your liking before doing the bellow as you cannot update graphics setting in-game after this..

  • press windows key + R -> type %appdata% -> press OK
  • Exit /Roaming then into /AppData -> go to Local/Mordhau/Saved/Config/WindowsClient/ open GameUserSettings.ini
  • CNTRL + F and look for sg.ShadowQuality=1 change to sg.ShadowQuality=0
  • Save, go to .ini file -> right click -> properties -> set to “Read Only”

Using this method will not work with Mordhau open, make sure it is closed with the desired graphics settings already saved.

Set Mordhau to higher CPU priority

This can be done via Task Manager, however the change is not permanent and will revert on restarting PC. Instead you can make a shortcut and assign that high priority, use this to launch Mordhau and it will assign high priority every-time .

  • Right click desktop, create shortcut
  • Paste cmd.exe /c start “Process Monitor” /High “{Drive letter}\Program >
  • Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau.exe” or wherever your Mordhau.exe is located.


  • Under manage 3d settings -> program settings -> add mordhau,
  • Set virtually pre-rendered frames to 2 or 3 (higher = more FPS but also more input lag)
  • Power management mode – Prefer maximum performance
  • Set Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to Single display performance mode
  • Texture Quality – Performance
  • V-Sync – Off
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off
  • Enable Threaded Optimisation
  • Make sure drivers are up to date


  • Open Console
  • type r.MipMapLodBias 4 (0-100, 10 being worst looking but best FPS)
  • type r.skeletalmeshlodbias 100 (0-100, 100 being worst looking but best FPS)

There’s also this guide in Russian for .ini edits to help with FPS. View the page on google chrome and it translates well enough.

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  1. Zakkary Moessinger

    Only thing noticeably wrong is the fps, if you have a 59 hz monitor cap your frames at 60 . having 120 frames on a 60 hz monitor literally does nothing

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