Mordhau – The Grand Medical Guide

The Grand Medical Guide The Medic Bag Ah, the medic bag. Your tool of the trade. […]

The Grand Medical Guide

The Medic Bag

Ah, the medic bag. Your tool of the trade. This is your ONLY item to aid the wounded, and thereby it shall be the only item you will carry as a Medical Professional! You may carry up to 3 medic bags at once, which cost 2 points per bag. This will leave you with 10 more points to spend.

The medic bag can be dropped on the ground, for anyone to fully heal their pitiful wounds, but please mind that the medic bag only persists for just 2 minutes. The medic bag also only contains 4 charges. These charges can be used by EVERYONE. Even the enemy! So be wary where you place them. An icon shows above the medic bag if you are below 100 health, this icon shows itself within 5 meters.


These bandages are for those in quick need of medical aid, but are too greedy to share it with others. Bandages only cost 1 point and have 2 charges, but can only be used by the user. It takes around 1.5 seconds to apply, and heals the user for 50 health. If you are not afoot on the frontlines, you do not need this! It is a waste of space!

Ammo Boxes

Where do I get more medic bags, I hear you ask..? You can get them from the conveniently placed ammo boxes on the battlefield. The ammo boxes fully recharge your medic bags, fire bombs, bandages, throwables, and arrows. These ammo boxes recharge after 30 seconds of using one. Using an ammo box locks every other box as well, so trying to get more from other boxes (within 30 seconds of using one) is utterly pointless.

The Tools of the Medical Professional

As a Medical Professional your primary goal is to evade any battle and aid your bretheren with your soothing packets of joy and pleasure. To make this easier there are a few perks that may help you:

  • (1 point) Cat: Reduces fall damage by 50%. (Allows for easier navigation on the battlefield.)
  • (1 point) Fireproof: Reduces fire damage by 80%. (You can just run through fire towards your medical-attention-needing friends.)
  • (1 point) Friendly: 50% damage reduction to received and dealt team damage. (Your team likes to wide-swing while you stand near them… don’t be a victim… You’re here to help.)

And a few optional points:

  • (4 points) Dodge: Jumping backwards or sideways will perform a dodge instead of a jump.
  • (2 points) Brawler: Increases fist damage.

The combination of Dodge and Brawler makes you a swift fisticuffs damage machine against foolish enemies that stand in your way, while maintaining your total of 3 medic bags! How dare they stand in your way! Sock ’em up!

For armour: you do not need this… But you do need a good shirt! Wear something decent. You’ve studied the medical profession for years, you do not want to look like some mud-eating peasant, do you?! You need to stay light on your feet, so armour only slows you down.

Walking the Battlefield

Enemies on the battlefield will pose a great threat to your well-being, and to your teammates especially. To survive the close encounters with the enemy, you will need to know where your teammates are, and where the enemies aren’t. This requires a bit of map-knowledge of where the enemies spawn and what paths they take. An easy way is to enter spectator mode and fly around, following the battle as a witnessing eye of the Gods. Pay close attention of flanking enemies and the paths they take, as these will get you the most! Also keep a look out for ammo crate locations, as these are your checkpoints for additional medic bags.

Now you know how to navigate relatively savely between the rock and metal of your surroundings, you’ll need to know where your aid is needed. The easiest way is to view the “Friendly Markers” option in the Settings menu (scroll all the way down), and set it to “Teammates” (defaulted to “friends”). You can also press “H” in-game, but this will reset once you exit the game. These cross-markers will show above your teammates, allowing you to see where most of your allies are located.

Baring the knowledge of the battle grounds, and the location of your allies, you’ll need to head to the ‘fighting line’ (where both the enemy and your allies are fighting). You need to deposit your medic bag 3 to 5 meters behind your friendly lines, with each around 7 meters apart. This allows your wounded teammates to see the bag easily (the 5 meter icon range) and heal up safely (outside of friendly sword-swinging range). Keep in mind that these bags only stay there for 2 minutes maximum. So check up on each fighting line if there are multiple. You can maintain 3 fighting lines with 3 bags each (12 total charges per line). So remember which bags you placed first!

You will walk into a stray enemy every time you do your rounds, guaranteed. These flankers always seek out an easy kill, and you will always be a walking buffet for them on these flanking routes. If you can run, run towards alert allies (not behind your allies! You don’t want to lure the enemy to more snacks!). If you have no other option, don’t be afraid to give them a good rattling before your imminent demise! Do not worry though, you will just respawn with more medic bags.

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