Mr. Prepper – How Optimised is your Base?

Mr. Prepper How Optimised is your Base?

Welcome to our Mr. Prepper How Optimised is your Base guide! We have prepared all the details for you. We will update it again, follow us! If you wish to reduce time wasting, logistic time and processes, here I show my layout!


Better a picture than words!

Best of luck folks!

Mr. Prepper How Optimised is your Base


  • Energy: Refill Fuel to Gasoline Machine converter, the rest of the process is automated.
  • Water: One tank takes water from machines and buckets automatically, the other tank takes the water to the plants. Your 1 job is to transfer the water from one tank to the other every couple of months.
  • Cooking: Cook next to your plants.
  • Smelting & Crafting: Next to each other.
  • Sleep: Obviously in the bunker!


  • Floor -1 : Bedroom ( Selling items / Hunting / Weapons & Equipment).
  • Floor -2: Farming Area (Seeds) / Kitchen (Ingredients) / Crafting Hall ( Crafting Items).
  • Floor -3: Storage Floor ( Books, Letters, Decorations, Mischellanous).
  • Floor -3 is unnecesary completely, bucket water is enough to sustain your plants and storage is “to get obsolete things away from running operations”

Hope you enjoyed! Any recommendations?


1) Unnecessary three purple lights – there should be no space between greenhouse, and planters put together.
2) With greenhouse upgrade two water buckets only will definitely NOT suffice. Two water machines is too much, 2x bucket and 1x machine in upgraded room is balanced for 3x greenhouse and 2x planter with upgrade.
3) Manufacturing upgrade – put all prod in one room (oil, workbench, forge).
4) Cold upgrade fits in 2×1 room with freezer, cooking and a storage.
5) Too much diesel generators. I had three diesel and five steam when I finished the game (wood became abundant very fast), and actually three was too much anyway.

My layout was:
-1: 2x (freezer and cooking room)
-2: 4x-4x-4x (greenhouse – production – diesel power)
-3: 4x-2x-4x (steam power – water machine- storage)

Actually -2 prod could be 2-3 instead 4, -2 diesel could be 2, and -3 storage was useless. All upgrades You receive enough for 2x rooms (except food). I’ve wasted resources not knowing this beforehand.

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